The facts show JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and others have “secret” agreements with my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN to help him conceal community property worth MILLIONS

The facts show JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and others have “secret” agreements with my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN to help him conceal community property worth MILLIONS and other interests along with keeping my children alienated from me their loving Mother who is known for her good values. Then when a statute of limitations runs, per said agreements, they will receive MY concealed community property and in the meantime my ex-husband tries to financially and emotionally devastate ME with their assistance.

***What a deal, pay others to help you financially and emotionally devastate your REASONABLE ex-wife who refused to “obey” your corrupt demands and got away from you. Unfortunately, this has become an epidemic problem which I am trying to expose and resolve.

These are the many layers of parental alienation and why many are so very corrupt and evil to HELP alienate loving Children of all ages from their loving Mother for a PROFIT. The following is not legal advice just facts.

The facts show that I, the loving Mother who was the full time caregiver had beautiful relationships with all of my three Children who thrived and made many accomplishments but; our relationships abruptly ended around the time of divorce and they all refuse to reasonably have a civil discussion to even understand what the reason for the sudden alienation is. Well, here is the story why…

First, To all my Children, I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND and know that none of this is your fault, your father is very, very psychologically sick as many facts show and he has emotionally abused me and also you as the facts also clearly show.
Please, just keep doing honest and good things, help each other and make wise choices and we will all benefit in many ways from all of this.

Now, here are the facts of all these agreements:

Judge Claudia Silbar swore she had a meeting without inviting me but with my ex-husband MARK HASSMAN ONLY and our two “boys” as Judge Silbar called them. Judge Claudia Silbar swore on April 2, 2014; “I know the Court spoke to and met two of their boys…I spoke to them, hoping I can get them to reunite with their MOTHER, but they had no interest at the time.”

It is quite telling how Family Law Judge Claudia Silbar refused to state if she asked the boys WHY they “had no interest” because then she would have found out they made an agreement with their father, MARK F. HASSMAN that if they agreed to alienate me, their loving Mother who raised them from their life, after the statute of limitations runs; he will give them a LOT OF MONEY. If they had refused to make this agreement with him he told them he would not provide for their financial needs and they will have to SURVIVE ON THEIR OWN.

***It is so horrible and cruel but this is what the facts show and also alienating parents like my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN are known to have characteristics of NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDERS and/or SOCIOPATHIC PERSONALITY DISORDERS. []

They refuse to reasonably do what is in the Children’s best interest which is to encourage the Children of all ages to have independent relationships with both of their divorced parents. They also have been shown to lack empathy and use people like they are their “property,” disregarding the law. []

The transcript shows Judge Claudia Silbar claims the boys rejected her guidance and advice even though she is an experienced Judge along with their beloved father’s advice who both were encouraging them to reunite with their loving MOTHER.
*** Really now, do you reasonably believe that two boys would ARGUE with a Judge and refuse to try to reunite with their loving Mother?
It is not reasonable that the two boys, who had beautiful relationships with their loving, kind and caring MOTHER, which abruptly ended around the time of the divorce, rejected the advice of a Judge along with their father’s.

What is even more unreasonable is that Judge Claudia Silbar did not try to understand WHY “they had no interest” in reuniting with their loving MOTHER and if their reason(s) was rational or based on lies or because they have an AGREEMENT with their father MARK F. HASSMAN, that if they alienate their MOTHER, from their life, after the statute of limitations runs, he will give them a lot of money.

It is also very unreasonable that Judge Claudia Silbar who recommended that the two boys reunite with their loving MOTHER, did not order the two boys and their loving Mother to have reunification therapy with a therapist who keeps the sessions private and is also held accountable for progress and results.

The reason Judge Claudia Silbar did not REASONABLY order the loving Mother and the two boys to have reunification therapy with a therapist who keeps the sessions private and is also held accountable for progress and results is because she knows the SECRET AGREEMENTS the two boys have with their father will be revealed where they have agreed to alienate their loving Mother so at the end of the statute of limitations period, they will receive a lot of money.
The money they and others who made these “secret agreement” will receive is from the concealed assets and income from the community estate which my ex-husband controlled and was legally obligated to disclose and distribute to me during the divorce process but didn’t.

Instead, as the facts appear to show; my very, very sick and cruel ex-husband made agreements with JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR, RABBI DAVID WOLPE/SINAI TEMPLE in LOS ANGELES and PASTOR RICK WARREN/ SADDLEBACK CHURCH in Southern California through 501(c)(3) or other similar “charitable” agreements, a Boarding High School; Law Firms, Joint Venture Partners, an Accounting Firm and others including but not limited to his own Mother ELAINE ADELBERG and his own children, our children. Pure evil.

In-camera meetings held without notifying all the parties as JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR did when she meet with my boys and my ex-husband only; to my understanding is a violation of Proposition 59 of the California Constitution.
Furthermore, JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR would not have wanted to exclude me from the meeting if she was TRUTHFULLY serious about helping my boys and myself reunite because that is not reasonable.

It is also not reasonable that JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR did not find out WHY the boys are not interested in reuniting and it is also not reasonable that she did not order therapy with a therapist who will keep the sessions private and is held accountable for progress?
The wonderful and wise Judge I clerked for did all of these things and helped many Children of all ages and their alienated Mother reunite.
Early in the divorce JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR did order therapy with a therapist who turned out to be a hired gun of the court as he did not keep the sessions private and did not follow protocol and was not held accountable for progress as the facts show. His name is Alan Lieberman so beware.

When I was a judicial clerk, I kept a list of all the doctors and therapists who wrote UNTRUTHFUL REPORTS a parent or corrupt judge requested; thus I am quite familiar with this disgraceful, shameful racket which is so very detrimental to the well being of precious Children of all ages; like my youngest son who had to go through all of this.

MARK F. HASSMAN, my ex-husband is a Financial Executive who has negotiated multi-million dollar agreements, took an Executive Program entitled “How to Influence Others” and has learned to become a skilled negotiator. Therefore, he could certainly, especially with the encouragement, experience and stature of experienced Family Law JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR; explain and convince my very smart and reasonable two “boys” that it is in their best interest to begin talking and reuniting with their Mother if both he and JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR really wanted to as she claims they tried at this in-camera meeting.

So, JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR, why not have a meeting in open court and invite not just my two boys but my daughter too and invite me too this time. Just order everyone to come.

My Daughter can ride her motorcycle over since her father; MARK F. HASSMAN will not give her money to buy a car because she has to wait until some statute of limitations runs before she gets money. He has to keep her on the hook to keep lying to me and others in the meantime.
Why not ask her about this?

Have this meeting in open court this time and not in-camera and with me, who is a party not at the exclusion of me and then we can all ask them about these agreements. We can also ask them about why they abruptly ended their relationship with me around the time of the divorce and they can tell you others who have these agreements too.

***We can invite and ask the police and Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church because the police called me to ask me why I was emailing Pastor Rick Warren and I were emailing each other because my ex-husband had an agreement with him.
They refused to tell me about the agreement but said he was not allowed to communicate with me.
Since this post is getting long I will post Pastor Rick Warren’s emails he sent to me tomorrow and talk more about this then.

I wanted to mention some other sources of income due to a discharge of indebtedness that I did not mention in yesterday’s post:
Let’s not forget the discharge of indebtedness of $55,000 to my ex-husband’s mother ELAINE ADELBERG which my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN swore under oath that the Newport Beach Family Law Firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM by “mistake” left off this personal loan to his Mother for $55,000 several times from several of his I&Es but he; a CPA and Chief Financial Officer didn’t catch it and signed said Declarations “under the penalty of perjury.” More PERJURY? More SUBORDINATION OF PERJURY?

This $55,000 is also income since it is a discharge of indebtedness and can be used to pay my spousal support.
Plus, he paid this $55,000 personal loan when he swore he was “insolvent,” so where did the $55,000 come from?

-Some concealed Companies in Pennsylvania, Delaware and California?
His $150,000 of tax refunds he intentionally delayed until after the divorce (he is a CPA and acts like one when he feels like it). He had these delayed tax refunds deposited directly into his bank account without giving me my interest so these delayed tax refunds of about $150,000 are also a source of income.

-Did the $55,000 he used to pay off his personal loan to his mother while “insolvent” come from the $60,085 “cancellation of indebtedness” due to more delayed tactics but this time from the Limited Liability Corporation Moote Pointe Properties? To refresh your memory, JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR, this is the Company that my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN said it was a “mistake” that it was left off the stipulated judgment (as a CPA he didn’t catch that one and neither did the Family Law Firms SEASTROM & SEASTROM and the LAW OFFICES OF ALAN SHIFMAN; really???).

Anyway, my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN sent me that despicable email where the joint venture partners were copied in; showing ALL OF THEM trying to EXTORT from me $112,500 even though I did not have an interest in this LLC per the legal documents because it was left off by a “mistake” as my ex-husband swore under oath.

It is QUITE TELLING that my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN, the Joint Venture Partners, the Law Firms or you, JUDGE SILBAR have NOT tried to rectify this mistake by giving me this asset and also my ex-husband has not amended his 2010 tax return to give me my community property interest in said $60,085 due to a “Cancellation of Indebtedness of Income” from Moote Pointe Properties, LLC which is a community asset and he said was a “mistake” it was omitted from the stipulated judgment.
Really as you know, since it was intentionally concealed, I am entitled to the entire $60,085 without any offsets plus interest since 2010 as I am sure you know along with the $150,000 delayed tax refunds.

Furthermore, Judge Claudia Silbar you know or should know how to accurately read and understand Income and Expense Declarations. Thus, your statement from the April 2, 2014 hearing you made regarding my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN was inaccurate and incorrect and just involves basic math.
You stated: “He’s fortunate he’s remarried and his wife’s earning over $xxxxx a month. That’s why he’s presently at the time surviving.”

Judge Claudia Silbar if you had taken about 15 seconds and looked at his I & E dated January 14, 2014 you would have realize that with the COBRA premium est. $1,700/per month MARK F. HASSMAN must have other sources of income to make up for his approximate $5,700 monthly deficit besides his new wife’s income.

***Judge Claudia Silbar, are you really that incompetent that you do not know how to read and interpret I&Es and apply the law objectively or are you trying to assist MARK F. HASSMAN in concealing assets and income that belong to me so when a statute of limitations runs you and others who are assisting him, including my own Children who have been forced, can keep these concealed assets and income which belong to ME per some agreement you have with him?

Many are reasonably and objectively seeing a pattern of your behaviors and others in your court that shows circumvention, not adherence and enforcement of the laws. Don’t you agree?

So why not have this hearing where you order my boys along with my daughter to come so we can ask them about these “secret” agreements they have with their father my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN which is why they have alienated me from their life?

Having this hearing in open court is very REASONABLE so we can resolve the parental alienation issue and show why many have willingly cooperated with my ex-husband in concealing MY assets and income so they can claim them for THEMSELVES when some statute of limitations runs?
Then I can receive these concealed assets and income as I should have at the time of the divorce and we can rectify the fraudulent and invalid stipulated judgment and complete the dissolution of marriage in accordance with the laws.

I know the Judge I clerked for would do this and he was greatly admired and very well respected by Judges, Professionals, Parties and Alienated Children who he helped reunite with their loving Mother.
Why not follow his lead, JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR?

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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