The famous, acclaimed author Fyodor Dostoyevsky of Crime and Punishment and many other novels has written with support most of the following ideas which are very relevant to EXPLAINING HOW THOSE SPONSORING THE TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION BEHAVE and WHY. Will they change?

To begin, Dostoyevsky explains that: “Only at the height of stupidity” will a person NOT WANT WHAT IS REASONABLE, RATIONAL AND COMPASSIONATE and shamefully NOT HAVE ANY REMORSE for behaving this way. They claim they have a RIGHT or are ENTITLED to behave without being reasonable, rational and compassionate even though this contradicts our soundest conclusions.
Then Dostoyevsky goes on to explain that if such a person is not stupid then he is “monstrously ungrateful.” In other words, these people at the “height of stupidity” or “monstrously ungrateful” try to rationalize or justify their behavior saying they have a DARK SIDE so they are not to blame. In reality, they ARE to blame because they have freewill to learn new thoughts and habits to change their dark side. Plus, thinking in terms of having a DARK SIDE is commonly the beginning of a mental breakdown and emotional degradation.
Dostoyevsky explains that these people, although they disapprove of their DARK SIDE are fearful of changing it so they TRY TO JUSTIFY IT.
First, they try to convince themselves that everyone is the same so it is not worth learning to change. So, they rehearse with fear what they plan to say to others so they won’t look like the liar, sloth, scoundrel and the petty two-faced person they truly are. They have no peace of mind, self-respect or happiness and sometimes they commit suicide to take themselves out of their misery so they can stop acting or pretending and stop living a life of lies and self-torture while they harm others too.

Second, they go on INVENTING A PRETEND LIFE OF LIES while thinking they are above the laws. This is exactly what my “ex-husband” MARK HASSMAN has done because he pretends to be re-married when he and all the judges, lawyers and others know he is not legally divorced as the divorce judgment proves on its face.

Third, these liars, sloths, scoundrels and the petty two-faced people have very nasty personalities and have many deep rooted, unresolved problems which often prove to be fatal. Refusing to acknowledge and then resolve their deep rooted problems often CAUSES THEIR OWN DESTRUCTION. Specifically, they can’t even believe their own lies and they resent the world especially those who are happy, reasonable and compassionate and know how to love and have respect for themselves and others and their worthy accomplishments; not made-up ones.

Dostoyevsky explains that for years these people at the “height of stupidity” or “monstrously ungrateful” will remember some insult with made-up details so they can TORMENT THEMSELVES and CREATE A REASON TO BE ANGRY AND TO SEEK REVENGE. They live a life inventing things which never happened and they refuse to face the truth.
Consequently, they have to find AN OBJECT OF THEIR ANGER OR MAKE ONE UP. This is why they create, sponsor and REFUSE TO END the TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION. They think they won’t know how to behave if they: 1) Aren’t angry; 2) Aren’t fighting and; 3) Aren’t BLAMING SOMEONE FOR THEIR PROBLEMS or BLAMING THEIR DARK SIDE.

Dostoyevsky explains that these people whom he refers to as liars, sloths, scoundrels and being petty and two-faced; disapprove of their DARK SIDE and are fearful of changing it, BUT their audience for whom they are performing are sick of listening to their lies and putting up with them being spiteful, not compassionate. These liars, sloths, scoundrels and petty two-faced people do not care because they want their audience, especially if it is their family, to FEEL THEIR (SELF- CREATED, MADE-UP) PAIN. Anyone in their audience who refuses to be sympathetic to them; they will try to harm. This is why those who create, sponsor and REFUSE TO END the TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION have no remorse for the loving, law-abiding Mother (or Father) and the alienated children; THEY REFUSE TO FEEL THEIR (SELF- CREATED, MADE-UP)PAIN.

In addition, Dostoyevsky explains that these people have NO SELF-RESPECT because they try to find PLEASURE IN THEIR OWN SHAMEFUL ACTS and DEGRADATION. He describes them as fools and cowards who like to create pain for others. Thus, be grateful to have them out of your life and if you haven’t yet, get them out of your life.

I find it very helpful in understanding these people the following which Dostoyevsky explains. He says that OBSTINACY and SELF-WILL mean more to them than any advantage, benefit or best interest. Thus, they act AGAINST their own best interest and therefore, want what is BAD for them. For example, they know it would be good for them personally, professionally and also for society and humanity to show their good values and character by ENDING the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation. However, they refuse because they think they can continue to profit from this terror and the STOLEN money will bring them happiness, peace, freedom and love. Like Dostoyevsky says, these liars, sloths, scoundrels and petty two-faced people are at the “height of stupidity” or “monstrously ungrateful” especially since they continue to try to rationalize or justify their behavior instead of changing it.
Why be part of a conspiracy, cult, gang or collective group who thinks and behaves this way? Dostoyevsky explains that these people distort the truth and harm those who refuse to go along with the distortion and find PLEASURE IN HARMING OTHERS.
Also, FREEWILL DOES NOT EXIST FOR THEM because they have sold their mind to the conspiracy, cult or gang and must do as they are ordered. Dostoyevsky reasonably questions; “What is a man without freewill? Accordingly, going along with SPONSORING THE TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION is not the smartest or easiest way to for a person to obtain things desired but it is the easiest way to self-destruction, shame and a nervous breakdown. Why carry out something which is bad for you and will cause you pain?

Dostoyevsky explains throughout many of his novels that a person’s thoughts are BOTH his conscious and unconscious ones and these liars, sloths, scoundrels and petty two-faced people have many deep rooted, unresolved problems. He also explains that when one uses his freewill so it clashes with reason, this is a result of his misbehavior which he is trying to justify. They have a PASSION FOR DESTRUCTION which arises from his fears of being unable to attain his goals in a legal and moral manner. Thus, these liars, sloths, scoundrels and petty two-faced people decide they must collectively devise a scheme of destruction, to destroy people so they can control them which will make it easier to attain their goals. This is again why they create, sponsor and refuse to end the TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION; even though they are NOT AS HAPPY as they thought they would be with the STOLEN MONEY.
However, they REFUSE: 1) to ADMIT THAT THEIR DESTRUCTION WAS MISGUIDED; 2) that reasonably and rationally they should REPAIR THE DESTRUCTION they have caused others; 3) LEARN NEW THOUGHTS AND HABITS so they will not create this destruction again.4)They don’t know what they will do with themselves if they don’t fight and don’t blame others for their problems. So they remain hopeless SO expect them to self-destruct because they refuse to make reasonable changes to their thoughts and behaviors.

Dostoyevsky also discusses the million dollar question: Can you even get people like this to change? Dostoyevsky explains that usually they won’t be satisfied with a compromise because they believe they have to fight until they destroy those who act with reason and rationality. In other words, destruction must win at all costs. Dostoyevsky goes on to explain that these liars, sloths, scoundrels and petty two-faced people PRIDE THEMSELVES WITH THEIR INTELLECT BUT THEIR HEART IS CLOUDED WITH DEPRAVITY. Without a pure heart there cannot be full and correct understanding including empathy and compassion. These people are AFRAID OF THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. They also do not learn from their sufferings and those of others and refuse to respect a Democratic System of Truth, Family, Love, Equal Rights, Freedom and Justice. To them revenge is justice even though they are the ones breaking the law and committing immoral acts. They think they are above the law and the laws do not apply to them.

Thus far, not one of them has made a PUBLIC CONFESSION to save himself/herself from destruction. Again, Dostoyevsky accurately describes them as at the “height of stupidity” or “monstrously ungrateful” who try to justify their behavior saying they have a dark side so they are not to blame OR someone else is to blame. They are never wrong. He also accurately describes them as fearing other people because they may discover the truth. Thus, these liars, sloths, scoundrels and petty two-faced people remain aloof so people feel intimidated to approach them so the truth is more likely to stay hidden.

Dostoyevsky explains that many of these people are VAIN and make such demands on themselves that they despise themselves to the point of hatred and are afraid to live life with freedom and reason because they are really cowards and slaves. They sidestep their difficulties with lies and often go mad because they think they are superior and entitled to things others are not. They also think THEIR DREAMS, which hide their stupidity and ungrateful behavior, are real and they make them their reality. This also drives them mad.
They refuse to face reality, acknowledge their deep rooted problems, and obtain the help needed to resolve them so that they become a happy person with peace of mind and with love in their heart.

Accordingly, Parental Alienation will end; it just depends on whether the laws in America and Israel will hold these liars, sloths, scoundrels and petty two-faced people accountable or whether they will self-destruct.

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,

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