The following is one of the most compelling acts showing how EVIL all of those are who are colluding with JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR, along with this judge herself.

Evil is that which is morally reprehensible, sinful, wicked, arising from actual or imputed bad character or conduct; causing harm and repulsion. It is outrageous conduct so extreme that it goes beyond all possible BOUNDS OF DECENCY.

Some of those colluding with JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR by enforcing Parental Alienation and a fraudulent, illegal Divorce Contract so they can profit and use and abuse the loving, law-abiding Mother and her Children include crooked law firms; religious organizations and leaders; her court-appointed therapist; private, nonprofit schools; Bank of America; executives; my crooked husband MARK [F] HASSMAN, his crooked mistress and others including crooked JUDGE ELIZABETH WHITE and PHIL SEASTROM and MALCOLM R. COLE, personally who are both crooked attorneys.

This evidence is included in my documents filed with the court this week for my hearings on September 16 and September 23. 
To give a little basic divorce background which many people know; when you get divorced in California; each spouse must file what is called a PRELIMINARY Declaration of Disclosure which states all the assets you as an individual and a couple own or may possibly own; their values and the percentage of ownership.

Then each spouse and/or their attorney get together and come to an agreement and establish the net worth (value) of the Community Estate; its 50/50 division and carry out its 50/50 distribution. This is all part of the California Family Law Code sections 2102-2120 and other laws including the US Constitution.

Then each spouse and/or their attorney files a FINAL Declaration of Disclosure showing that an agreement was reached as explained above pursuant to the law and shows exactly, very clearly this community estate net worth, its division and distribution. This is very reasonable and logical because now the community estate does not exist anymore and the marriage contract can be dissolved.

Well, my husband and his slick law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM and PHILIP G. SEASTROM, personally filed BOTH, yes BOTH my husband’s PRELIMINARY and FINAL Declarations of Disclosure BEFORE I even hired a law firm and then once I did; the crooked LAW OFFICES OF ALAN SHIFMAN, when right along with this corruption and so did the LAW OFFICE OF HARRIS GONZALEZ and trust attorney DALE KIKEN and many others mentioned above and others too.

Also, remember, I was very sick at the time trying to cope with the Parental Alienation as many documents show. Nice, honest, moral professional men and women, don’t you think… those you want to have in your life so they can cheat, use and abuse you too???
Be one of these predator’s next victim. This is how they profit by finding their next vulnerable Mother/Wife and crooked father/husband. This is evil because it is BEYOND THE BOUNDS OF DECENCY and REPREHENSIBLE.

STILL TO THIS DAY, not one will come forth and try to rectify my Divorce Contract and help end the Parental Alienation and rescind an outstanding illegal restraining order against me too. Evil at its best.

Attached is a copy of the divorce contract showing this illegal filing of the Preliminary and Final Declarations of Disclosure which JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR reviewed, signed and filed knowing it was fraudulent and illegal.

Also, as part of my exhibits filed with my documents, I have a copy of the retainer check I used to hire the crooked LAW OFFICES OF ALAN SHIFMAN dated 6-8-09 which was AFTER crooked law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM and PHILIP G. SEASTROM, personally filed my husband’s Final Declaration of Disclosure on 5-27-09. 
IPSO FACTO, let the facts speak for themselves and they clearly are.

Also, I had a lot of fun today adding the ladybugs I purchased to my beautiful Benjamin Garden named after my wise and compassionate Grandfather Ben. The ladybugs are destroying all the aphids (bugs) which are trying to destroy my flowers; just like I am destroying the evil and corrupt ways of many in the Establishment by being very strong and proudly bringing forth the truth so millions of us can obtain JUSTICE and bring LOVE, KINDNESS, CIVILITY and HONESTY back into our society. We are getting rid of those evil beings peacefully using the facts and the legal system.

If not I, then who?

Be the leader in your community for others to follow too by being strong and standing up to this evil by spreading the truth. They will destroy themselves with some time; just watch.

As always none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences including facts about those in the Establishment.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienatiopage of n Solutions, Founder;

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