The following will explain why evil predators are so evil and must be eliminated from your life if you want to live in the World of Love with honesty, compassion, self-confidence, happiness, peace of mind, reason and objectivity.

First, an evil predator is a person who preys on others by taking advantage of them for their own selfish and also often immoral and unlawful purposes.

Second, an evil predator will only be nice to you if you ALLOW THEM to take advantage of you for their own selfish, immoral and unlawful purposes. They pretend to be nice to you while deceiving and harming you, until you no longer serve a purpose for them which is when they will alienate you and try to destroy you too.
Once you reasonably and objectively stand up for your rights with great pride and self-esteem; evil predators will no longer be nice to you and will be very mean and try to harm you.

Here are some examples:

MY PARENTS AND SISTER have alienated me from their life since 1985 because I refused to ALLOW THEM to illegally use my social security number with a fraudulent grantor trust to evade taxes and have more disposable income since I was at a lower tax bracket. Even though my case helped abolish this form of abuse by eliminating the kiddie trust tax law which has promoted public policy and social justice; my mother (my father has since died) and my sister continue to alienate me because I “spoiled” their tax scheme. How dare I do this since they think they are “entitled” to violate the law and use and abuse me. Many of my other relatives think this way too.

MY ADULT DAUGHTER has alienated me from her life for 10 years now due to the Parental Alienation. In addition, she gave me an ultimatum that unless I take down my website and facebook page she will never talk to me again. Unless I do what she unreasonably wants; she will have nothing to do with me. WHAT KIND OF RELATIONSHIP IS THIS WHERE SHE HAS NO RESPECT FOR MY FREEDOM AND ALSO MY FEELINGS? So, anytime I do something my adult daughter doesn’t like, she will threaten to eliminate me from her life. She doesn’t care about my wellbeing or feelings or my freedom and independence.

MY ELDEST SON who I called since being alienated by him for 10 years just hung up on me, refusing to reasonably be kind and explain his actions for the past 10 years and also why he STILL alienates me, a loving, law-abiding Woman and Mother. 
Apparently, he doesn’t like that I am exercising my First Amendment right to address my grievances in court so I can receive the millions of dollars stolen from me at the time of divorce which appear to have “disappeared” while under the control of my still legal husband MARK HASSMAN, who is a Harvard business school graduate, certified public accountant and very successful chief financial officer. It appears that my eldest Son just wants to KEEP all the money and assets he helped steal from me, never caring about my wellbeing or feelings or legal rights.

MY YOUNGEST SON, also an adult, is the one who the photos above show how he was abused by my STILL LEGAL, evil, idiot husband MARK HASSMAN and others. They forced my youngest son AS A MINOR to sleep outside on a bare mattress, near a sewage pump, electric wires and other hazards and I could not end this abuse because I was illegally denied custody. 
Either my youngest adult Son is afraid to contact me or also wants to KEEP all the money and assets he helped steal from me, never caring about my wellbeing or feelings. Time will tell but as an adult, he is responsible for his choices and actions. To not even contact his loving, law-abiding Mother for 10 years, especially knowing I have been trying to obtain his current contact information…


Judges, Law Firms, Religious Organizations, Schools, the court-appointed Therapist, of course my still legal evil, idiot husband, his mistress and others too only care about their own wellbeing. 
For example, my still legal husband MARK HASSMAN and all the others mentioned above were only nice to me when I ALLOWED THEM to take advantage of me BEFORE I was healthy enough to figure out the truth regarding the Parental Alienation and my fraudulent, invalid and illegal divorce judgment. 
Once I figured out the truth and started to reasonably try to obtain my legal rights so I can become legally divorced; these evil predators then wanted to silence me and destroy me too. This is what Evil Predators do…you either have to become their slave or robot by thinking what they tell you to think and doing what they tell you to do thereby giving up your independent mind; or they will try to discredit your good character and try to destroy you financially.


It is also not promoting social justice and public policy for the general welfare of our society which many claim they do. Many nonprofit organizations receive nonprofit tax status for LYING TO THE GOVERNMENT since they promote Parental Alienation, money laundering, brainwashing, fraudulent divorce judgments, selling the alienated children into Slavery, and other crimes associated with this terror. 
The facts prove they are evil predators who abuse, terrorize, torture and betray innocent Women, Mothers and Alienated Children. Their leaders and members are filled with HATE, not love or reason; this includes so-called religious nonprofits.

What makes them remain evil predators is that they think they are “entitled” to harm others for their own benefits. 
ALSO, they cannot accept defeat or admit that they are wrong.
Instead, they TRY TO GET EVEN USING UNLAWFUL ACTS OF VIOLENCE like obstruction of justice which includes lying, threatening witnesses, providing false evidence and concealing material evidence and other criminal and immoral acts and acts of hate, violence and abuse. 
All their stolen money and positions of power in society will never solve their obsessions of greed, control, abuse, unhappiness and lack of peace of mind. They have to admit the truth, compensate those they have harmed and LEARN honest, moral and reasonable behaviors which they REFUSE TO DO.

I am so grateful I understand these evil predators and also understand that peacefully fighting for Equal Rights, Truth, Justice, Freedom, Democracy, Love and Family is very Reasonable and Worthwhile. These are the values we are Restoring with OUR REVOLUTION to end Parental Alienation, money laundering, brainwashing, fraudulent divorce judgments, selling the alienated children into Slavery, and other crimes associated with this terror.

***Remember, you can never please evil predators unless you become evil yourself like them as they demand so you stop thinking and feeling and just Obey.

Attached is a song about evil predators (both men and women) who are very lonely because they do not have love in their heart and only use and abuse others. When you NO LONGER SERVE A PURPOSE FOR THEM, they will get rid of you, like the trash. This is what so many in my life have done and I am so glad I understand love, know how to love and care about people and worthwhile causes and live in the WORLD OF LOVE with others like me.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).



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