The Forces of Reason and Love will Prevail, over the Force of Arms and Acts of Immorality

Those who promote Parental Alienation will, as history has shown, have deplorable legacies and reputations like those who promoted Slavery, the Jim Crow Laws, prohibited Women from having the right to Vote and other decisions throughout history which make reasonable people shudder.

Any reasonable person would shudder from seeing the problems caused by the destruction of the Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son bond (and also father) and especially seeing the secret acts of those carrying out this destruction at the time of divorce. 
Children of all ages and their loving Mother are lied to, deceived, cheated and manipulated by their father/ ex-husband, Rabbis, Pastors, Judges, Law Firms, Executives, Therapists and others on their “team” who are PAID TO LIE, DECEIVE and cause this ABUSE.

I have the facts to prove all this and I will. The documents and trails of money clearly shows this horrific abuse, corruption and evil that has been SECRETLY going on in the United States for decades among those who try to make others THINK they can be trusted. 
It is pure evil. []

***They are the worst scum who ever walked the face of the Earth.

Thomas Jefferson and philosophers like Immanuel Kant valued and taught others the importance of reason, equality and freedom of thought and expression for All and created laws based on these Democratic principles.
Kant introduced the “Democratic Peace Theory” showing that nations and people who practice Democracy are more likely to COLLABORATE and ENRICH one another and not go to war. 
Thus, he showed how Democracies produce societies of MORAL INDIVIDUALS and ORGANIZATIONS with MORAL POLICIES.
Kant showed how Slavery was inspired by entitled, power crazy, unreasonable and immoral individuals who did not practice democracy. In the end it was the FORCE OF REASON that prevailed over the FORCE OF ARMS.

Moral issues like abolishing Slavery, abolishing the Jim Crow Laws so black and white children and adults can drink from the same water fountain and attend school together learning from each other; giving not depriving Women of the right to vote; all these moral issues and many others gradually moved from being unacceptable to not only being acceptable but being legalized and moral.

Reasonable people would shudder to think of having a slave or having “separate but equal” laws and denying the women the right to vote.
***What do you think is happening with Parental Alienation? 

Any reasonable person knows it is horrible beyond words to take Children, Teens and Young Adults away from their Mother at the time of divorce and take the Mother’s property, retirement and savings with lies, schemes and manipulations while being paid or profiting in other ways.

When the judge and jury see the facts of my case, which includes many documents and photos that speak for themselves; there will be no question that Parental Alienation is horrible beyond words and those who create it and help perpetuate it are sick, evil people like those who promoted slavery and still promote the slave trade and those who burned women at the stake and treated black people as slaves.

As history has shown, with UNDERSTANDING, as my case will show since it presents the various components of Parental Alienation; will then come reason and legislation to enforce our rights so loving Parents and their Children, Teens and Young Adults will no longer suffer from Parental Alienation and those who try to create and perpetuate it will be seriously held accountable. 
This is how you change people’s THINKING which first comes with education and understanding. This is why it is paramount to NOT remain silence and spread the TRUTH about Parental Alienation. Post articles, blogs and other information and encourage those you know to read them and talk about them.

Not only is this reasonable but it is rational and moral. This is Democracy as Kant explained in the “Democratic Peace Theory.” This is how change becomes sustainable and PART OF SOCIETY and how we make our world a better place for all.

Only Individuals and Organizations who carryout reasonable acts and have reasonable policies and practices to help all members of society, which include Mothers and their Children, Teens and Young Adults; are WORTHY of respect, dignity and an outstanding legacy and reputation.

As the TRUTH about Parental Alienation continues to unfold; especially since in my case I have over 6 years of evidence and I am so grateful my strength and skills have come back to me. It is only a MATTER OF TIME before my ex-husband and all those who are part of his “team” are seen and held accountable for their sick, evil and immoral acts. Reasonable people will hold them accountable for what they have done not only to me and my Children but; to millions like us.

Reason and Morality always wins in the end, as history has shown; even against the Hitler types; like the Jews have become in 70 years since the emancipation of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp along with others on their “team.”

Reason leads Humanity towards Truth, Justice and Freedom for all; not bullying, lying, cheating and deceiving. So spread the TRUTH about Parental Alienation and do not remain Silent.

Those who do not try to heal the world and try to harm it beware; God is not on your side and neither is reason or morality. It is only a matter of time until you fall and your FAKE IMAGE is destroyed, along with your legacy. This is what happens to those who use their free will to destroy and not enrich others in positive ways and refuse to get help if they cannot stop their abuse and power crazy acts.

Ending Parental Alienation is reasonable and moral as any sane person knows.

As always, none of this is advise of any kind; it is based on my knowledge and experience.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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