The hearing today and what is involved in enforcing your legal rights.

The hearing today went very well as it was 13 to one, me against 13 attorneys, 10 who appeared and 3 who made telephone appearances. Judge Elizabeth White let Judge Silbar and her court-appointed therapist who falls under her immunity umbrella off the hook at this time.

The Judge instructed me to clearly identify facts, dates, events and the law and clearly show how each defendant violated the law. Then we have another hearing on November 17, 2015 and Judge White will determine if enough facts have been presented to hold each defendant liable. Then the case proceeds with each cause of action.

Judge White is not concerned with more allegations filed by the defendants in other courts but from her comments I believe I also must file matters in other courts now.

All 13 defendants try to shame and accuse me of being “unhappy” with the divorce judgment thereby intentionally inflicting more emotional distress upon me and trying to deprive me of more of my LEGAL RIGHTS. So, the facts will shows otherwise I am confident.

But, an anti-slapp statute violation was made by the very slick law firm Seastrom & Seastrom so just this law firm and I have our own separate hearing on October 16, 2015 before Judge White. This statute involves free speech and other civil rights so I can now move this case to Federal court if I need to in order to enforce MY legal rights and those of MILLIONS of other divorced women who have been treated the same way by law firms, therapists, religious organizations, a judge, the new spouse and others. They want to SILENCE the woman’s voice and take our rights away. So what else is new?

The lawyer in the famous Bradwell case says that a woman is an equal and has an existence outside of her marriage. There are equal rights for all.

I believe the law firm Seastrom hopes that I will be unprepared and just be able to claim I am harassing them (predators often try to claim THEY are the victims). They want to somehow claim I am violating their free speech and other rights so they think they have a right to silence me and have me pay their legal fees because they accuse my lawsuit as being “baseless.”  I have to say nothing and be nothing according to them. (Blind Obedience)

Well, we shall see.

Seastrom is trying to “help” the community by getting rid of me and my TRUTHFUL FACTS.  They want to pre-empt me from putting the truth on the record so they can continue to run their schemes and acts of corruption. So, they have inflicted more intentional infliction of emotional distress upon me with this slapp motion, but Seastrom is going to try to make me seem like the predator and pay for their legal fees. Really?

They are trying to show that I am exploiting them and depriving them of their free speech so they are going to “slap me down.”

As always they are trying to show I am crazy, worthless and just plain rotten. Well, I guess these lawyers are going to be forced to read the law and apply it to the facts. Should be a new experience for them since they will have to stop with false allegations and trying to hide the truth with slick motions like this slapp one. But, they have now made my case a FEDERAL CASE, as I understand it.

This is what you have to do when you fight for justice. The corrupt people and organizations just lie, cheat and find new ways to be corrupt because they REFUSE TO BE REASONABLE by changing their abusive and corrupt ways, rectifying the harms they caused and adopting a lawful and reasonable business model which PROMOTES JUSTICE FOR ALL.

Obviously no one has forced them to promote justice for all thus far.

***Well, I am here to STOP this corruption in our legal system which is promoting fraudulent divorce judgments and parental alienation as the FACTS of my lawsuit clearly shows more and more EACH DAY.

If not I, then who?

As always none of this is legal or other advice, it is based upon my knowledge and experience.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

  • Coming soon, later today, a new post about how it appears the mastermind, the man behind the curtain, Phil Seastrom of Seastrom & Seastrom has LED himself and all the others I have sued off the cliff with his FACTS. They are too delusional to realize yet, which is quite typical of abusers and terrorists. ALSO, a serious note to my Children with many FACTS. Stay tune.
    Parental Alienation Solutions Thanks Werethe Cai. This is all part of this horrible, horrible system which many think is a game but is ruining the lives of millions of loving Mothers and their Children of all ages. They are NOT REASONABLE but TERRORISTS under the mask of professionals.



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