The horrors of Parental Alienation: Here are many facts I sent to Watson Wyatt now called Towers Watson, a prestigious investment company and employer of my 28 year old son STEPHEN HASSMAN. Towers Watson provides financial advice and I provided my facts so that I could not be implicated in my son’s criminal, illegal and immoral financial schemes I have PROOF OF by keeping these facts a secret.

These are very serious crimes which my 28 year old son can go to JAIL for especially if he doesn’t REPENT and keeps committing them because in America JUSTICE must apply to ALL of us.

My 28 year old son STEPHEN HASSMAN is a college and business school graduate and also an actuary who is very adept in math, finance and related subjects. 
Towers Watson, formerly Watson Wyatt, manages the cost and effectiveness of employee benefit programs; develops attraction, retention and reward strategies; advises pension plan sponsors and other institutions on optimal investment strategies; provides strategic and financial advice to insurance and financial service companies; and delivers related technology, outsourcing and data services. 
My son STEPHEN HASSMAN who is a 28 year old adult now has been IMPLICATED in the Parental Alienation, Grand Theft, Money Laundering and Tax Fraud because he willingly and intentionally has CHOSEN for several YEARS to PROMOTE these well-documented criminal, illegal and immoral activities.

In other words, HE HAS YET to REPENT and DISASSOCIATE HIMSELF BY reasonably communicating the truth to me, the police, a sheriff, his employer or another authority who has a duty to protect against CRIMES of HARASSMENT and ABUSE which include Parental Alienation, Grand Theft (of my money and assets), Money Laundering, Tax Fraud schemes which include a STUDENT LOAN FRAUD SCHEME and associated crimes.

MY 28 year old SON STEPHEN HASSMAN along with crooked and immoral judges; lawyers; religious leaders; religious organizations; other nonprofit organizations; their board members and members; nonprofit schools; the court-appointed therapist; executives; and other crooked and evil organizations and individuals including my (still legal) husband MARK HASSMAN and his mistress MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKEY(who pretends to be his wife and files joint tax returns and has together with my still legal husband, stolen my delayed tax refunds of thousands of dollars and millions of dollars of other assets I should have received at the time of divorce);
have all been maliciously insisting for the past 10 years that they are innocent despite overwhelming proof that they are not. You can just follow the money trail, which I and professionals have done. Remember, one can be held liable for nonfeasance as well as malfeasance.

However, all those listed above CANNOT REFUTE the conclusive evidence in legal documents signed under penalty of perjury including but not limited to:
1. Tax returns 
2. Trust documents
3. Personal declarations
4. Income and expense declarations
5. Pension plans
6. Bank documents
7. Land records
8. The invalid and fraudulent divorce judgment
9. AND many other documents, many signed under penalty of perjury.
Perjury is a very serious criminal offense where jail time is awarded for those who commit this crime, especially REPEATEDLY and as EDUCATED PROFESSIONALS as my facts prove has occurred.

Along with our laws in the UNITED STATES, the TORAH also states that we are forbidden to deprive someone of anything that is rightfully his or hers.[Numbers, Parashas Nasso] The most effective gift is one that someone has EARNED through his OWN toil and labor; not what he has STOLEN from the toil and labor of another. We are NOT TO BE BLINDED BY GREED as any reasonable person knows.

In addition, a person enhances his or her character and soul and learns the meaning of LOVE by REPENTING and CHANGING his or her evil and destructive ways and COMPENSATING those he or she has harmed. [Genesis, Parashas Vayishlach; Teshuva]

*******Can you image how HATEFUL a person my son STEPHEN HASSMAN has become to NOT EVEN CARE about the financial and emotional devastation he has caused his loving, law-abiding Mother AND about his criminal and immoral activity he, himself has committed and the evil, criminal person he has become?*********

My 28 year old son STEPHEN HASSMAN used to be a very reasonable and caring person with a lot of empathy when I was “an integral part of his positive upbringing” as his father, my still legal husband wrote. I was part of his life as his loving, law-abiding Mother until he was 18 years old which is when the very well-documented Parental Alienation began and my son STEPHEN HASSMAN suddenly, without any reasonable or rational basis, alienated me from his life. This is very characteristic of alienated children; however, now STEPHEN HASSMAN IS A 28 YEAR OLD ADULT and must be HELD RESPONSIBLE for HIS OWN CHOICES AND ACTIONS as any REASONABLE person knows and our LAWS MANDATE. The TORAH also requires this because once every boy and every girl come of age, all commandments are equally binding on everyone.[Exodus, Parashas Bo]

When I was part of my son STEPHEN HASSMAN’S life as his loving, law-abiding Mother who was “an integral part of his positive upbringing” as my still legal husband wrote; STEPHEN regularly tutored fellow students in mathematical subjects and also with personal problems. He even had a “fan club” comprised of those who were grateful for his willingness to spend his time to help them in POSITIVE, WORTHWHILE ways. This clearly shows STEPHEN learned MY LESSONS of giving people hope, self-esteem and confidence which he again proved one Valentine’s Day by sending many of those in his “fan club” a rose with a thoughtful note. My youngest son MICHAEL HASSMAN, now 24 years old, used to idolize his older brother STEPHEN. 

However, now my eldest son STEPHEN has obviously become a heartless predator promoting Parental Alienation, Tax Fraud and the Grand Theft and Money Laundering of his OWN MOTHER’S property and other assets worth many millions of dollars. AS STEPHEN KNOWS, these illegal, criminal and immoral acts are clearly not how I, his loving, law-abiding Mother, encouraged him to use his GIFTED MATH CAPABILITIES and also not what he KNOWS HIMSELF he should be using them for.
***As William Shakespeare would say: So the question is to be or not to be convinced by Stephen Hassman’s testimony? Do you think my son STEPHEN HASSMAN will be able to convince GOD and also a jury of his peers that HE DID NOT UNDERSTAND and DID NOT WILLINGLY promote Parental Alienation, Tax Fraud, Grand Theft and Money Laundering of HIS OWN MOTHER’S property and other stolen and concealed assets worth many millions of dollars AND that he will have CREDIBILITY if he tries?

Ipso, facto…Let the facts speak for themselves as the wise, honest and compassionate judge I clerked for taught me named JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS.
This wise, honest and compassionate judge I had the honor of clerking for, for many years; JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS, whom STEPHEN met many times, taught me that JUSTICE MUST APPLY TO ALL OF US. 
***In other words, we cannot ENABLE young adults or anyone else for that matter, who repeatedly use their education, special skills and experiences to become and also REMAIN a MENACE TO SOCIETY, thereby destroying Humanity and Democracy.

We, as honest, caring, reasonable and responsible adults have a RESPONSIBILITY to use OUR OWN education, special skills and experiences to help them CHANGE their destructive and dysfunctional ways. ***Sometimes, very wise and compassionate JUDGE SFEKAS had to send young adults and others TO JAIL before they WILLINGLY agreed to change their destructive and dysfunctional ways.

JUDGE SFEKAS took his position as a judge very seriously and helped many who had veered off the road of honesty and love FIND THEIR WAY BACK. He followed up with many of the parties, who were VERY FORTUNATE to be assigned to his court, to hold them accountable for implementing the orders he made so that they would BECOME AND REMAIN outstanding members of society and SET THE EXAMPLE for others to follow. 

JUDGE SKEKAS believed, as many other wise and honest judges also believe, that they are the right arm or a partner with GOD because God works through them to help make our World a better place for all other honest, loving, reasonable and compassionate people. Judaism believes this too as it is written in the Torah in Leviticus, Parashas Vayikra.
     However, my facts prove that very regretfully many Jewish judges do not follow this reasonable belief and instead try to harm innocent, law-abiding, loving Mothers suffering from Parental Alienation including but not limited to Jewish United States Supreme Court Justice RUTH BADER GINSBURG, JUDGE DEBRA KATZ WEINTRAUB and many others throughout history including but not limited to JUDGE LOUIS BRANDEIS.

Why do you think Parental Alienation has existed for decades as many facts prove?

Continuing, Judge Sfekas also instructed those who came before him in his court of law to never be concerned with revenge because as history and also his own personal experiences have proven; God will punish others “MEASURE FOR MEASURE.”
JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS understood that SOMETIMES there may be mitigating circumstances when a young adult may receive leniency, instead of the harsh punishment to which they, according to the law, could have been sentenced, BUT ONLY IF they agree to change their evil, destructive and dysfunctional ways and DO which he held them accountable for doing.

So the question is to be or not to be COURAGEOUS, COMPASSIONATE, REASONABLE and FOCUS YOUR MIND or to ENABLE with your own free will those in the evil, crooked conspiracy to TAKE YOU DOWN WITH THEM and DESTROY your happiness, self-esteem and life as you continue to live as an angry, heartless, hateful, evil predator yourself?

All of us have the free will to CHOOSE the values and habits we want to adopt and live our life by. This very important CHOICE will determine whether we will become an honest, loving, proud, kind, and compassionate member of society or an angry, unhappy menace and predator filled with shame, anger, grief, hate and greed which no amount of money and power can cure.

As I have stated before, the U.S. Constitution and State Constitutions PROTECT the companionship of Mothers and Fathers and their Children, ESPECIALLY LOVING, LAW-ABIDING ONES like me and millions of others like me suffering from Parental Alienation.

My husband and his mistress have made many false allegations accusing me of violating invalid RESTRAINING ORDERS which never should have been issued in the first place. They are commonly used as a SCHEME in Parental Alienation situations to make the loving, law-abiding Mother (or Father) seem like a felon so they can continue to keep her alienated from the children and try to have her declared a felon so they can then keep the millions of dollars of assets, income and other property they stole from her.
In my case, even attorney and law firm founder PHILIP G. SEASTROM admitted on his PERSONAL declaration signed August 4, 2015 that requesting and having RESTRAINING ORDERS granted against me, a loving, law-abiding Woman and Mother was part of his law firm’s “formulated litigation strategy.”

Thus, for all of MY THREE ADULT CHILDREN, including my 28 year old son STEPHEN HASSMAN, I request that YOU PLEASE: 1) Be reasonable and; 2) Have COURAGE to do what is right as I taught you and I show you TOO as an example of how I lead MY LIFE. Also remember, ALWAYS do what is right EVEN WHEN no one is looking; 3) Contact me so we can resolve this Parental Alienation after ten years now since this is very reasonable since I am the loving, law-abiding Mother and Woman I have always been.

This is the HORROR of the DOMESTIC TERRORISM and TORTURE called PARENTAL ALIENATION which has become an epidemic problem in the United States.

Thus, I along with many of you, fervently and proudly promote OUR REVOLUTION to END the domestic terrorism called Parental Alienation and RESTORE LOVE and FAMILY to HUMANITY. 
I am very grateful my health has returned enough so I can peacefully fight for the legal rights of millions of us suffering from Parental Alienation and to end this terror, torture and evil for future generations.
I AM a Jew WHO ACTS like a Jew and Jews are required to use our skills and resources to make our world a better place and this is what I am doing and will continue to do for the rest of my life. 
The history of mankind is the story of the eternal struggle of good and evil. At times when there is an enormous potential for a breakthrough of good, like succeeding in OUR REVOLUTION to END PARENTAL ALIENATION, the forces of evil will fight back furiously, so EXPECT THIS. 
However, know that they will never succeed because GOD IS BY OUR SIDE. Evil Predators and Terrorists live in constant suspense not knowing if they are to become even more bereaved than they already have been. This is the product of their shame, guilt, anger and hate and refusal to repent and change.
Thus, have a great day knowing truth, love, justice and equal rights for all are prevailing and GOD IS BY OUR SIDE promoting OUR REVOLUTION to end the domestic terrorism and torture of Parental Alienation as any reasonable person should realize.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).

Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).



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