The Importance of Defining Your Values and Why Divorce to Alienating Parents is a Business Decision

If you let others define you; you don’t own your mind, heart and soul. This is control.
You can either choose to allow yourself to be controlled or choose to Set Your Boundaries.
When a person does not treat you in a respectful way; set your boundaries by asking them to treat you respectfully. If they still refuse; then you should eliminate them from your life or you will just be ALLOWING YOURSELF to be treated with disrespect.
Not only is this demeaning but it is also abusive and will take away your confidence and self-esteem. It will also usually lead to more abuse and make you sick.
Being disrespectful and demeaning is what sick, abusive alienating parents and those who aid them do. They also try to make you financially dependent upon them because this gives them more control over you.
Remember, alienating parents and those who aid them love to control and manipulate. This is all they enjoy in life.
They don’t know how to love, have fun or relax. Their fun is making people miserable which is why many psychologists and others have shown alienating parents and those who aid them have narcissistic and sociopathic tendencies.

***If a spouse does not do what they demand and also has different opinions and ideas; they get rid of that one and find one that will better suit their needs.
For instance; if a spouse wants to hide the community property and income, he or she may marry a Born Again Christian or another very religious person who already uses 501(3) agreements or Vow of Poverty agreements because then they don’t have to “sell” the idea or convince them to do this.
This marriage will last until that spouse becomes USELESS.
Then the alienating parent will just get rid of that one too and find the next one to suit their needs.

Alienating parents and those who aid them can’t love. They can only use people so this is what they do instead of trying to learn to make positive changes and learning to treat people with respect and not use and abuse them.
So, just expect this and don’t get involved with people like this. They will only used you too because this is what they do and won’t learn new behaviors.

Remember don’t let others define you; express your own good values and stick to them. Don’t let anyone convince you to become mean, disrespectful or corrupt. You know better so be strong and set your boundaries so you can be proud of yourself and have peace of mind, not shame.
If not I, then who?
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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