The importance of FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM which includes the Freedom to have a LEGAL divorce

On this Memorial Day we are reminded of the importance of FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM which includes the freedom to have a LEGAL divorce where the community assets are divided 50/50 and spousal support is calculated legally.

A LEGAL DIVORCE OCCURS WHEN the spouse who controlled the community estate and the marital finances accurately and completely discloses ALL the property and income each spouse HAS or MAY HAVE ANY interest in and this includes SEPARATE PROPERTY like any inheritance or any individual investments he or she made or any lottery winnings etc. This is reasonable and fair which is what the law mandates.

THEN once all these assets are disclosed; each spouse, (along with the law firm they hired if they have legal counsel) together determines:
1) the value or the NET WORTH of the community estate;
2) its 50/50 division;
3) AND then carries out the 50/50 distribution as agreed.
4) The entire community estate must be COMPLETELY DISPOSED OF.

The spouse who handled the community estate and marital finances is PROHIBITED from hiding or concealing assets and INSTEAD SECRETLY working with corrupt law firms, a corrupt judge, a corrupt trust administrator, a corrupt 401k defined contribution administrator, corrupt joint venture partners and others to INTENTIONALLY CONCEAL community property and even separate property by “entrusting” it to a corrupt “religious” organization or “not-for-profit” school or other “not-for-profit” organization. 
Then when the spouse has put these “not-for-profit” organizations on notice they illegally have her community property which she did not consent to; they ABUSE AND HARASS HER and ALSO HER CHILDREN. They try to make her look like she is “crazy.” This is the scheme which has been going on for decades.

It is common sense to understand that it is illegal to SECRETLY HIDE property and sources of income because specifically, the law demands that the entire community estate must be DISTRIBUTED 50/50 between the spouses at the time of the divorce and completely DISPOSED OF so the community estate no longer exists.
This is what California laws, codes and cases REQUIRE for a divorce or the dissolution of a marriage contract to occur and also what consistent and compatible Federal laws require so there is Due Process and fairness. This is also common sense and reasonable.

My family home was never even disclosed and neither was its disposal along with MANY other assets. 
As just one example companies in Pennsylvania, Delaware and California acquired during my marriage were concealed which my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN was listed as a corporate officer which a private investigator found. The law firms did not conduct their due diligence because they should have disclosed them. So…
Last year when my divorce was supposed to already be completed; the private investigator presented this evidence to corrupt Judge Claudia Silbar.
Judge Claudia Silbar ignored the concealment of these companies along with the law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM and the THE LAW OFFICE OF HARRIS GONZALEZ.

But it gets worse…my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN filed a FALSE REPORT against the private investigator with the licensing bureau and private investigator had to defend his license and my ex-husband’s complaint was dismissed. 
As I understand filing the false report is ABUSE OF PROCESS by my ex-husband. 
***But, liars,cheaters and corrupt people just lie, harass and initiate violence; they are not reasonable. They try to DESTROY ANYONE WHO TRIES TO EXPOSE THE TRUTH, like my ex-husband tried to destroy the livelihood of this private investigator for his HONEST testimony.

My ex-husband and all those who have agreed to COLLUDE with him to deprive me of receiving my 50 percent community property interest in my community estate which is believed to have a net worth of over FIFTEEN MILLION DOLLARS ($15,000,000); have been harassing me and trying to make me emotionally distressed, tortured and oppressed and financially destitute since around the time of the divorce in 2008 and since then so they can all PROFIT FROM MY DIVORCE and I sued all of them in the Superior Court of Los Angeles County case ‪#‎BC580980‬.

I will not give up my fight for FREEDOM because if I do, I will be giving up my values and become part of the corruption which I will never do. So, if I die fighting this battle, so what. At least I will continue to have PEACE that I have good values and character. As my wonderful and wise Grandfather Ben taught me; without your good values and character you have NOTHING.

I hope this answers some of the questions I have received while picketing in front of SINAI TEMPLE and also understand why I am so dedicated, as several women praised me for; in fighting for freedom to have the RIGHT TO HAVE A LEGAL DIVORCE.

I and all women in the US have a RIGHT to have a legal divorce and not become financially and emotionally destitute due to acts of corruption, abuse and torture including many acts of destroying the mother/daughter and mother/son bond called Parental Alienation; by Jewish and other “religious” and “not-for-profit” organizations who claim to be “helping” when they are abusing innocent mothers, their children and others.

I will fight for this freedom so women can have a legal divorce.
If not I, then who?

If I die in the process, just look at my stipulated judgment and all the other facts of my complaint filed in case #BC580980 in the Superior Court of Los Angeles County and continue this WORTHY FIGHT FOR FREEDOM. Women are entitled to freedom.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, just based on my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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