The Importance of Getting Delusional People out of Your Life so they do not Harm YOU

When you are in an enriching, positive environment and not with DELUSIONAL people; it makes such a difference in your attitude and perspectives as a joke below will explain.

I was talking to some friends of mine and they both told me that they could see things were going well by my positive energy level.
They know all about the parental alienation, my fraudulent divorce and applaud me for taking control of these important issues; presenting them initially on
DR. PHIL and then moving forward in other arenas.

Many people I know in Los Angeles are very well informed, caring advocates trying to bring about positive changes in one way or another.
They are also very collaborative and do not always have to lead but also feel comfortable following the ideas of others and adding their skills to a project or conversation; not looking for some payback but pleased to be helpful.

I love being with many writers from Hollywood especially the comedy writers. They are so sharp and have such a quick wit that you feel like you are on a comedy show. They have funny one liners when someone just says something. They are amazing so it is no wonder they are Hollywood comedy writers. So here is a line from one of the late night shows recently:

*** “Success will not bring you Happiness; but Happiness will bring you Success.”
Here’s the punch line: The Harvard grad realized this about Success when he was visiting his Mother and saw this saying on one of her needlepoint throw pillows. (I think that is funny).
My “insolvent” Harvard grad ex-husband Mark F. Hassman has not realized this about success and happiness yet; maybe because of his negative environment and a few other things. So the joke is not about him. But…

Maybe if you need help with something like walking your dog or driving someone around; think of my ex-husband Mark F. Hassman because he is “insolvent” as he stated many times in court on April 2, 2014 and June 11, 2014 and on several Declarations filed with the court.
My “INSOLVENT” EX-HUSBAND MARK F. HASSMAN drives around in his paid off Lexus SUV; has a Lexus sedan HE pays over $700/month for his new Born Again Christian wife; and also has another car; so he can do all kinds of errands with all of his vehicles. You can have a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Harvard grad errand boy or dog walker.

However, I WOULD NOT TRUST MY “INSOLVENT” HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL GRAD, EX-HUSBAND MARK F. HASSMAN WITH MONEY even though he is a CPA, a CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER and FINANCIAL ADVISOR because he swore on documents and in court that he has over $12,000 in monthly expenses and has concealed many community assets worth millions of dollars from the community estate, like a Company. He just calmly said on June 11, 2014 that concealing this Company from the divorce proceedings was a “mistake.” I guess concealing many other community assets too was also a “mistake.”

However, even though many of these millions of dollars worth of “concealed” community assets were discussed in court on April 2, 2014 and June 11, 2014; my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN; STILL REFUSES TO give me my interest in the millions of dollars of community assets he concealed AND SO DO OTHERS WHO HELPED AND CONTINUE TO HELP HIM CONCEAL THESE COMMUNITY ASSETS. So, don’t trust him with your money or your assets. Learn from my mistake since I trusted him.

My “insolvent” Harvard grad ex-husband Mark F. Hassman controlled the community estate during our 23year marriage since I trusted him because he is a CPA, Chief Financial Officer and Harvard grad.
***So don’t YOU trust my “insolvent” Harvard grad ex-husband Mark F. Hassman. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE.

For my “insolvent” Harvard grad, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN to swear under oath he is “insolvent” when he is paying MONTHLY expenses of $12,000(unverified, is probably more); travels, has a paid off Lexus SUV; and has what many would consider a lot of luxury expenses; shows he is very DELUSIONAL to think he is “insolvent.”
But he does.
Someone thinks they should have a NEW MADMEN SERIES starring my “INSOLVENT” EX-HUSBAND and also RABBI DAVID WOLPE and OTHER JEWS for making “agreements” with my ex-husband; refusing to stop hacking my computer and refusing to help REUNITE me and millions of loving Mothers like me reunite with their children of all ages and INSTEAD, banning me from going to the Temple where he officiates; SINAI TEMPLE in LOS ANGELES for some mysterious reason.
RABBI DAVID WOLPE and many OTHER JEWISH LEADERS and JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS have refused to tell me for 2 years now what I did that I was banned from going to pray and other events and activities.

DR PHIL even questioned this.

To claim they are “religious” and treat me as they have and also continue to refuse to help reunite millions of loving Mothers and their Children of all ages and help continue the parental alienation as they have been doing since the 1970’s shows they are all DELUSIONAL too. [Stephen Fried, bestselling author].

Think RABBI DAVID WOLPE and many OTHER JEWISH LEADERS and JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS have some of my concealed community assets worth millions with their 501(c)(3) agreements?
Do they think to conceal my assets from me is being “religious” too?

RABBI DAVID WOLPE and many OTHER JEWISH LEADERS and JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS sound more like ISIS who as we know harms many Women and Children of all ages.

But these JEWS think they are “religious.” This shows they are very DELUSIONAL.

So if you are in a negative, demeaning, disrespectful environment, with DELUSIONAL people; please try to surround yourself with kind, caring, honest, positive and interesting people so you will become Happy, have Fun and do many Worthwhile things and not be Delusional.

You will feel great and probably find some new interests and hobbies too. For example; a friend of mine is a fitness trainer I have trained with. He wrote a fabulous ebook with many great workout programs.
There are even workout programs for those who travel which you can do in a hotel room.
He also has some nutrition suggestions like substituting green tea for coffee. I have been drinking this delicious green tea with raspberry and it really does give me more energy for my workouts. There are workouts for those who want to lose weight and for those who want to tone their body so they have more muscle definition; and many other fitness programs too.

I wrote a testimonial for him and I am one of the models for some of the exercises. I never thought I would be a model for an exercise ebook.

Well, my friends are honest too and don’t just tell people things they want to hear and of course they do not try to tell people things to manipulate their mind. I would not have friends like that.

Based on their suggestions and many compliments I have received; I have decided to keep my hair longer than it has been in awhile. My daughter has beautiful long hair but mine is not nearly that long or beautiful but I still receive compliments.

So maybe this week, try to do something you enjoy and see the fun and interesting people you meet in that environment. Take CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE and eliminate the DELUSIONAL people from your life; which is being reasonable.

In Los Angeles, there are so many fun and interesting things to do so the hard part is deciding which one to do.

***Have fun making yourself the best person you can be.

On a personal note: To My Children:
I hope your realize you are not to blame for the divorce in any way. Just keep doing good things.

FOR MY OLDEST SON, I just received your linkedin message so as you suggested I added you to my circle and I hope that helps you. I added you to honestly help you.
I hope you are not cooperating with your father and also others like Rabbi David Wolpe to defame my character on line. You know better than that since I raised you with good values. So choose the type of person YOU want to be and do what is moral and just. Stand up to them and be proud, not intimidated.

FOR ALL OF YOU: If any of you want to see facts just let me know as long as you are respectful and honest because I do not want my seizures to return.
So, why have all of you refused to contact me since the divorce? Just be honest as I know you are and no ultimatums.
Love always, Mom

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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