The Jewish New Year has started off great for me in Israel as this email explains. However, when I tried to send it to thank RABBI MITCHELL WOHLBERG of Beth Tfiloh synagogue my address was blocked so anyone reading this, please just send it from me. I used these following two email addresses:;

Here is the email:
Toda and L’Shana Tova Rabbi Wohlberg,

Rosh Hashanah just ended here in Israel so I wanted to email you to thank you for sending me your original letter with your signature and the specific wording that I “was born to a Jewish mother.” I received it right before Rosh Hashanah began and I am very grateful since this is exactly what the State of Israel is requiring as part of my documents for making the mitzvah of Aliyah. Thank you very much and it was a great way to start the New Year here in Israel.

I also want to wish you and your family a wonderful New Year filled with love, happiness and important accomplishments.

Also Rabbi Wohlberg, I hope YOU and I can begin a NEW CHAPTER.

YOU CAN LEAD THE WAY with the help of other Rabbis and other Jewish Leaders by making telephone calls and/or sending emails to help REUNITE alienated Jewish Children with their alienated Jewish Mother or Father; by having sermons; by publishing articles; by having classes, by sponsoring forums and other educational events to END the TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION which is an EPIDEMIC PROBLEM throughout JEWISH communities in America and also in Israel.

Then maybe next year, millions of Jewish Children and their Jewish Parents in America and Israel who are now alienated from each other will celebrate together the Jewish High Holidays and have a year filled with love and happiness like your family and will make important accomplishments together as they used to do before the Parental Alienation began. Being instrumental in Ending Parental Alienation would be fulfilling the sacred commandment of Tikkun Olam too Rabbi Wohlberg because ending this terror would definitely “heal the world.”

In addition…

Pursuant to Parashas Tazria in Leviticus: Human aspiration MUST RISE HIGHER THAN the elimination of the negative; it must strive for positive achievement which is achieved by atonement for the past and dedication for a future by using your skills and influence to make the positive happen.

Further, SPONSORING PARENTAL ALIENATION is an INTENTIONAL act of TERROR and is deemed a SIN IN JUDAISM since Judaism promotes Love, Family, Freedom and Equal Rights, not the destruction of these sacred values. Pursuant to Parashas Vayikra in Leviticus: sins committed INTENTIONALLY can only be rectified through: 1) Repentance and; 2) a Change of the attitudes that made it possible for the transgressor to flout GOD’S will. This is how the sinners reconcile with GOD for their intentional sins.

According to the Torah specifically Parashas Mishpatim in Exodus, it is DEMANDED that people not sin but ALSO that they do not do anything which can encourage or imply approval of dishonesty in others. THUS, it is DEMANDED that RABBIS and OTHER JEWISH LEADERS use their education, skills, experiences, influence and resources to fervently END the TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION and NOT REMAIN SILENT because SILENCE IMPLIES APPROVAL. In addition, Holocaust survivor and acclaimed author and political activist Elie Wiesel said that remaining silent helps the terrorist, not those being terrorized and abused. [Please see his quotes I have attached].

So, Rabbi Wohlberg, thank you again for your original letter and I hope you agree to BEGIN THIS NEW CHAPTER WITH ME. Please feel free to email me for any information or questions and if you want to send me anything I can give you a different address which should be better than the Post Office Box.

L’Shanah Tova,
Sara Hassman [End of Email]

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,

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