The “Kiddie Tax” is why Parental Alienation was created and is STILL perpetuated by sick and evil fathers and those helping him

The “Kiddie Tax” is why Parental Alienation was created and is STILL perpetuated by my husband MARK F. HASSMAN and those he has paid off in some way to help him as thousands of horrible fathers like him have done and continue to do.

My husband MARK F. HASSMAN (we are still married because our divorce is fraudulent and invalid) is a Certified Public Accountant and also a Chief Financial Officer and learned the lessons of fraudulently using the “Kiddie Trust Laws” from my parents, sister and their attorney when I sued them in 1985. They unlawfully used my social security number so they could profit by paying less taxes and having more disposal income.

Since that time, my lawsuit along with others helped change the “Kiddie TRUST Laws” so parents could no longer use their children’s social security number to evade taxes and have more disposal income like my parents did to me. This involved the use of a TRUST.

Well, my husband MARK F. HASSMAN used his accounting and financial education and experience to profit by USING OUR CHILDREN to profit from the “Kiddie Tax” which REQUIRES Parental Alienation, as I will so regretfully explain.

In 1986 Congress enacted the “Kiddie Tax” to prevent parents from putting assets in their children’s names to reap tax saving, as children often have lower tax rates than their parents.

Accordingly, a child’s “unearned” investment income, such as dividends, interest and capital gains above $2,100 in 2015, is taxed at the parents’ rate. Thus, if my husband’s capital gains are taxable at 23.8% so are my children’s even if their tax rate would otherwise be zero. 
To complicate the matter, my husband along with the joint venture partners used our joint venture investments in these Limited Liability Corporations (LLC), as tax returns show, to ILLEGALLY move the losses and capital gains from one LLC to another to maximize the capital gains for each partner and even declaring bankruptcy in one LLC, defrauding the bank and me also.

Accounting and Financial maneuvering is my husband’s expertise as his education, licenses and experience show along with his TAX RETURNS since our separation including those with his new wife. (he is a polygamist, since I am not legally divorced from him yet). Think he is headed for jail?
Well, it gets worse for him and his new wife who has signed many tax returns. She so maliciously and ignorantly stated in a document she signed under the penalty of perjury that even if everything I have said is true, my legal complaint has some technicalities so I will not succeed. Really??? Think she is headed to jail too?

Originally the “Kiddie Tax” applied to children under the age of 14 but the law was changed to cover children under 18 and those who are OLDER, INCLUDING FULL-TIME STUDENTS UP TO THE AGE OF 24 IF THE FATHER CAN CLAIM THE CHILDREN AS DEPENDENTS ON HIS TAX RETURN. (IRS form 8615).

So MY Children expect your father, step-mother, lawyers, judges, rabbis, pastor, business executives, joint venture partners, schools, the court-appointed therapist and others to try to ENCOURAGE YOU from reuniting with me until you are 25 years old because then they can no longer profit from using you to benefit from the “Kiddie Tax.” This is why the fraudulent restraining orders against me are still in place because your father had to make sure he had TOTAL CONTROL of you so he could claim you as a dependent on his tax returns.

This is where the PARENTAL ALIENATION was REQUIRED. As tax returns show along with forensic accounting; your father financially planned for the divorce. In doing so, he also created the Parental Alienation because this was the ONLY WAY he would be able to claim you as a dependent on his tax returns. If we both had custody as originally planned; he could not use you to benefit from this “Kiddie Tax.”

It is so sick and evil which is exactly what your father is as the facts show. Those who are helping him profit from this parental alienation are also so very sick and evil. SEE THE FACTS; just look at the tax returns for starters.

***Why hasn’t your father encouraged you to file your own tax returns as adults should do? He is using you and benefiting from this “Kiddie Tax.”

But your father has done other horrible things to evade taxes. He claims he is “insolvent”, and there are many definitions, for instance, Donald Trump is insolvent. This is relevant because the kiddie tax treats the family as one unit.

Since in our situation there are 3 children to whom the capital gains and other tax benefits can be levied, all of your investment income is taxed at your father’s tax rate. So, since he “donated” his income to SINAI TEMPLE and SADDLEBACK CHURCH through their 501c3and other “charitable agreements;” he is fraudulently at a lower tax rate.

This slick and fraudulent maneuver has enabled your father to claim he has no income to pay my spousal support which JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR, without documents showing your father’s net worth; illegally reduced my support to zero.

I am sure your father is not sharing all of his investment information with you so he does not show you how he is using you. He refused to explain financial information to me when I questioned and refused to sign student loans. This is when he decided he needed to divorce me so he could PROFIT. What a guy.

You also know he is running a student loan fraud scheme. Please know, this is not the man I married. He changed and now is only concerned with money and no longer cares about love, respect, compassion or other worthy values. He has totally lost his morals and only cares about money. He obviously thinks money will buy him happiness but certainly does not look happy.

So, your father will try to delay the court case and continue the parental alienation until all of you have become 25 years old. Then he no longer will have a need for you and will abandon you unless he finds another way to use you. Sickening and unconscionable but this is what the tax returns and other facts show. He does not love you because if he did, he would never have treated you this way.

On another note, I received in the mail today a “baseless” motion from the law firm NEMECEK & COLE who represents SEASTROM & SEASTROM who signed the fraudulent divorce judgment on behalf of my husband MARK F. HASSMAN, their client and also did other unlawful acts as my law suit in Los Angeles Superior Court case ‪#‎BC580980‬ clearly explains.

First, Judge Elizabeth White’s court clerk told me that the only scheduled hearing was on January 15, 2016.

Second, NEMECEK & COLE has been served with my response to their demurrer and other responsive documents along with my court of appeal documents. So, once again, please stop trying to make up evidence since I have filed and served an opposition to your motion.

It will be interesting to see if Judge White grants NEMECEK & COLE’s motion agreeing that I owe attorney fees of over $30,000; for their fraudulent acts and more malicious prosecution and abuse of process. Keep it coming as the truth becomes clearer and clearer. As I have always said, truth will prevail.
I am thrilled that more and more of the facts are being exposed on tax returns and other documents signed under the penalty of perjury by many defendants.

So why not abolish the restraining orders since I have been a law-abiding citizen my entire life? Tax benefits are more important.

***Why not help me and my three Children reunite…tax benefits are more important???

What about giving me my community property interest worth many millions?

Do SHELL CORPORATIONS own my interests? How about off shore companies?

Are you supporting terrorist organizations too?

I highly recommend all defendants come forward with the truth so you can mitigate your sanctions and other penalties.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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