The major conspiracy promoting Parental Alienation may also involve Banks and Financial Institutions

Why I have inadvertently discovered a major conspiracy between religious organizations, a judge, law firms, executives, joint venture partners, a court appointed therapist, a non-profit school, relatives and others which now may include Banks and Financial Institutions.

My discovery of this conspiracy was driven by my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN trying to illegally profit from our divorce. This conspiracy is also what is driving:
1) the high divorce rate;
2) the increase in situations of parental alienation;
3) the refusal of religious organizations and schools to diligently address issues of divorce including parental alienation;
4) and the refusal of religious organizations, schools and therapists to diligently help reunite loving, law-abiding Mothers who have been alienated by their children of all ages at the time of the divorce.[]

Since I filed my lawsuit in the Superior Court of Los Angeles County on May 5, 2015 ‪#‎BC580980‬; the defendants still do not want to face the very clear fact that the value of the community estate was never established and therefore my divorce is invalid, unlawful and incomplete.

As expected, the defendants just continue to lie, cheat, deceive, mislead, delay and so far have refused to be REASONABLE because this is how liars, cheaters, corrupt and immoral people behave as history and many well respected experts and authors have proven. They refuse to ACKNOWLEDGE and CHANGE their corrupt ways because they think they are so powerful and invincible and don’t need to, just like Hitler thought.

I finally was able to discover this conspiracy after years of corrupt and immoral behaviors when I finally had the strength to go through my divorce file and try to figure out what had transpired. 
It all began with RABBI DAVID WOLPE of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles. The attached photo is the visitor’s pass I received on November 5, 2009 upon entering Sinai Temple for my therapy appointment with RABBI DAVID WOLPE to discuss parental alienation and the role of a Jewish Mother in that horrible, abusive situation.

Now, 6 years of evidence has been compiled since 2009. However, RABBI DAVID WOLPE and many others at Sinai Temple in Los Angeles have refused to help me, a loving and law-abiding Mother reunite with my Children and also refuse to discuss, write about, give sermons and have educational programs on the harms of parental alienation.

As any person with with sound mind knows, this behavior of RABBI DAVID WOLPE and others at Sinai Temple is not reasonable, especially for a religious organization. Further, they have “forbidden” me from coming to Sinai Temple for public and private events since 2012 and have refused to tell me why. HOWARD LESNER, the Executive Director of Sinai Temple has also refused to tell me why I have been “forbidden” BUT also told me I am not the only one. Many other Jewish organizations and leaders have also refused to help me figure out this “mystery” AND reasonably resolve it.

PASTOR RICK WARREN of SADDLEBACK CHURCH (Saddleback Valley Community Church) has also refused to help me reunite with my children and he even had a son who committed suicide and should understand the pain a parent suffers due to parental alienation. Again, UNREASONABLE and certainly not caring or compassionate.

CATE SCHOOL of Santa Barbara County, a not-for-profit college preparatory boarding high school also refused to help me reunite with my children who attended the school and also refused to tell me why they allowed my minor Son to live in a dorm room without a bed and forced him to sleep outside on a bare mattress without any covers as the photos I have previously posted show. Again, UNREASONABLE and certainly not caring or compassionate.

***So the question is WHY??? As my complaint shows in BC580980, these organizations and their leaders have a conflict of interest because they have made “charitable” agreements, loans, assignments and/or entrustments to SECRETLY dispose of community assets and other interests which belong to me which I never received at the time of the divorce or thereafter.

As my complaint and exhibits show, not only was the VALUE of the community estate not established; the DISPOSAL of many assets worth millions of dollars was also concealed.

As a person with a sound mind knows; millions of dollars of assets just did not disappear especially since my ex-husband who controlled the community estate is a Certified Public Accountant, received his MBA from Harvard Business School and has been a Chief Financial Officer and Financial Consultant for over 25 years.

Further, any person with a sound mind knows that a religious organization and a not-for-profit school must TRANSFER their contributions, loans, assignments and entrustments to a safe and secure bank or financial institution. Thus, these non-profit organizations are NOT the safekeepers of my community property that was secretly and without my consent transferred to them in some “charitable” fashion.

***After WWII, banks were involved in hiding and then helping religious organizations and others steal the money and property of those who died in the Holocaust; not just the Swiss Banks but banks all over Europe and other parts of the world.

It appears banks AGAIN are involved in hiding and also helping religious organizations and others steal the community property of women like me whose community property was secretly loaned, assigned or entrusted to religious and other non-profit organizations at the time of divorce.

Bank of America is one of the largest US multinational banks and financial institutions. It will be interesting to see as my lawsuit continues, if they are involved in this conspiracy.

What have I stumbled upon all because I REASONABLY wanted RABBI DAVID WOLPE to help me reunite with my children who were suddenly alienated from me at the time of the divorce?
*** Any loving, law-abiding parent would reach out for this help and not just ignore parental alienation and go on with their life. As experts and Hitler have proven, loving Mothers and their Children need each other to lead a healthy and more productive life.

If those involved in this conspiracy, as my 721 page complaint clearly explains with exhibits, try to harm me even more; please know that once the disposal of my community property is established; if it has been deposited in banks and other financial institutions throughout the United States (you know my case is not the only one either); there is Diversity Jurisdiction

What diversity jurisdiction means is my case can be removed to FEDERAL COURT and heard there. I have this right to remove it and also it is regarded in a positive light for many reasons including economies of scale. Thus, I wanted this information out in public if something should happen to me and someone else picks up this worthy cause of making our world a better place by ending the unlawful use of “charitable” agreements which will end the incentive to profit from divorce using acts of Parental Alienation.

As always, none of this information is legal or any other advice, just based on my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

Wanted to mention, if the religious organizations, other non-profits and others continue to lie, cheat and mislead by hiding community assets and other interests I should have received in off shore accounts or foreign accounts; it is my understanding (not legal advice) that letters rogatory can be used to have them disclosed. Think they will become reasonable and face the facts or keep trying to hide the assets and the truth? As always, time will tell but I am prepared since I have truth and love on my side and I also believe God too.

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