The Movie “Collateral” with Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx and how it Relates to Parental Alienation

The Movie “Collateral” with Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx involving a sociopath; Money being too hard to pass up; a person being Manipulated into being used and THEN held hostage Believing he must do corrupt acts when he really does NOT have to;
THEN the hostage gets upset with all the corruption and realizes he does NOT have to remain a hostage.
He takes control of the situation in a REASONABLE, civil manner and stops the sociopath thereby ending the corruption… how all of this relates to Parental Alienation which millions of us are facing and also some of my past experiences with sociopaths. Experts have shown corrupt people are often sociopaths who demand you either obey them or they TRY TO make you believe they will destroy you and you are powerless against them. (they do not understand love or empathy and believe people are “their” property to be used and abused and that the laws do not apply to them because they are “entitled.” They are psychologically and emotionally sick as many experts have proven).
Psychologists and other experts have determined many alienating parents and those who help them destroy the the bond between a Loving Mother (father) and her Children of all ages are often sociopaths.

When I sued my parents, their lawyer, my sister and others who had involvement in my fraudulent grantor trust; they tried to hold me hostage by TRYING TO make me think that I was part of the corruption because I had signed some of the tax returns.
However, they KNEW I did not have an understanding of all the corruption that had been carried out.

The same is true with Parental Alienation because many alienating parents TRY TO make the Children of all ages believe they must obey them or they will be harmed; like those photos of my Son living outside on a bare mattress on the cement without any covers that I have posted.
My Son did not want to alienate me so this is what happened.
Often they USE the Children to commit illegal acts and then try to make the children BELIEVE THEIR LIES that if they don’t obey them; they will go to jail. This is how they INTIMIDATE the Children and others to obeying them.

***These are all LIES because the Children are just hostages and slaves and are being manipulated, threatened and coerced; even ADULT CHILDREN because they are not acting with their own free will. THIS IS THE MANIPULATION AND BRAINWASHING.
For example: My daughter thought for a few years until I found out and straightened out her very incorrect thought that I was not proud of her for being accepted to a college when I was but explained that a responsible adult must also be concerned with how tuition will be paid and not just buy things.
She thought I did not love her as much as her step-mother who was proud but irresponsibly did not concern herself with the responsibility of the tuition. I explained this important lesson to my Daughter… but Who do you think planted this VERY EVIL thought in my wonderful Daughter’s mind and why?
To keep us alienated!!!
Certainly not to encourage a TRUTHFUL Mother/Daughter relationship.
Truth and love always prevail !!! Remember, alienating parents and those who aid them are LIARS, CHEATERS and MANIPULATORS.

Family Law Judge Claudia Silbar stated at one of the hearings before her that she had met with my “two boys” with my ex-husband trying to help them want to reunite with me.
THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE just some information I was told:
I was told that it is against the law for a judge to have private meeting without informing both parties. I was never informed of a private meeting with my “boys,” my ex-husband and Judge Claudia Silbar. Plus, I asked for a transcript of this meeting and never received one. Also, the wonderful Judge I clerked for, for many years always made sure both parties knew of meetings he held in his chambers especially those he had with Children of all ages which would include my “boys.” Second, I know my “boys” are reasonable and there is a lot of evidence on public records and elsewhere showing our close, healthy Mother/Son companionship which abruptly ended around the time of divorce.
There is also a lot of evidence on public records and elsewhere showing my good values and character as a person and loving Mother too.

There is also a lot of evidence on public records and elsewhere showing my ex-husband’s pattern of making false and misleading allegations and showing a pattern of violating the laws and legal processes with regards to me and others too.

Also, my “boys” as Judge Claudia Silbar referred to them on public records; I know are reasonable and smart.

Thus, if Judge Claudia Silbar along with my ex-husband; who is a professional negotiator having negotiated multi-million dollar agreements throughout his career; would have explained to my “boys” the importance of reuniting with me, their loving Mother who is known for her good values and character as the evidence shows; I KNOW my “boys” would have agreed…My reasonable “boys” would not argue with a Judge and their father.

I do not believe Judge Claudia Silbar who stated on the record that neither of my “boys” was INTERESTED in “reuniting”.
The only reason they would not be interested is if they were being THREATENED or have been TOLD LIES and believe I am a person I am not.
I know my actions have clearly shown I am a person with very good values and character and also a loving Mother.
Plus, a reasonable person, especially a reasonable judge, like the one I clerked for; would want to understand why the “boys” have no interest in reunification and would have tried to resolve it. This is REASONABLE. I have not spent any quality time with any of my children since the divorce and for several years my ex-husband took over their cell phone numbers and email accounts so I thought I was writing emails to them and leaving voice mail messages for them.
When I told some friends of mine about this; they were HORRIFIED.

Furthermore, my “boys” as well as my daughter who I also had a nice companionship with until it abruptly ended around the time of the divorce; if they TRUTHFULLY thought I was a problem to them; they are all ADULTS NOW and would have filed for their OWN restraining orders.

I was told it is very typical of an alienating father (mother) and the step-mother (father) to get restraining orders so the loving Mother cannot attend graduations and other celebrations because the alienating father and the step-mother are there. THE CHILDREN ARE CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE.
They are like a hostage because they WANT the loving Mother to attend their graduation and other celebrations but are afraid to discuss this with their alienating father.
So they go along which is UNDERSTANDABLE. This is why parental alienation is emotional torture and a form of abuse.

Then the father may get the children to do illegal things like agree to sign student loans knowing there are millions of dollars being concealed so they legally do not qualify.

The Children, EVEN ADULT CHILDREN will NOT be liable because they are being forced and do not understand all the other parts of the corruption; and have not been involved in those plans like planning to hide millions of dollars with various organizations and other methods.
Again, my parents and others TRIED TO MAKE ME THINK I had done something corrupt by signing fraudulent tax returns when I had no idea of all the things that went on. None of this is legal advice!!!
Currently, I have an invalid divorce and it is UNREASONABLE to believe I could have consented to the invalid judgment especially since I had legal counsel guiding me who signed the judgment, my ex-husband signed it; the law firm he hired to guide him signed it and Judge Claudia Silbar signed it and reviewed it too.

As Dostoyevsky wrote in “Crime and Punishment;” corrupt people will destroy themselves and this is what I have seen time and time again. This is the “Chain of Fools” I keep referring to which I have seen so many times in my life.

The law firm guiding me through the divorce process, the Newport Beach law firm guiding my ex-husband, Judge Claudia Silbar, Trust and Estate Law firms; Religious Organizations; Joint Venture Partners; the Plan Administrator for various Company retirement plans, a California Boarding School, my ex-husband’s own Mother who accepted $55,000 from my ex-husband AFTER he swore he was “insolvent” and others all know there have been millions of dollars of concealed and unadjudicated assets and therefore our divorce is invalid because it violates the law; all assets must be disclosed, discussed, agreed upon and distributed equally.

They also know my ex-husband swore he is “insolvent.”

Thus, the approximate $15 million dollars of income we earned during our 23 year marriage has just “disappeared” IN ADDITION TO all the investments, retirement accounts, savings, Trusts and other assets my ex-husband has repeatedly REFUSED to account for; even though he is a CPA, Chief Financial Officer, Financial Consultant and graduated from Harvard Business School and just returned from his reunion; he still swears he is insolvent. The law firms and Judge Claudia Silbar have also repeatedly refused to order that he account for all the concealed and unadjudicated assets. Judge Claudia Silbar granted my ex-husband’s support modification request to eliminate my support which was argued by his Newport Beach Law Firm. (They argued my support should be eliminated because my ex-husband is insolvent but agreed to represent him and prepare documents for him- how is he paying their expensive bills?).

As the testimony from the April 2, 2014 hearing shows Judge Claudia Silbar eliminated my spousal support entirely based on my ex-husband’s “credibility” and only looking at his “current” income; not any other sources of income or other required factors and also refused to adjudicate the concealed and unadjudicated assets which were again brought to her attention on June 11, 2014 where Fraud Upon the Court was discussed.
In addition, I filed a Notice of Motion and Motion to Adjudicate Omitted Assets and Set Aside the Judgment due to Fraud Upon the Court. A letter between the law firms representing me and my ex-husband where my ex-husband was copied-in discussed “unadjudicated and concealed assets” and “punitive damages” which is all discussed on public records and was an exhibit too in said Notice of Motion.

Thus, I know the law and the truth are on my side as I did when I sued my parents and their lawyer and others who went along and benefited from my fraudulent grantor trust.

It would be unreasonable and against freedom and democracy if I would just walk away from my millions which is also how my Children are being controlled. They have lost their FREEDOM in many ways and so have I.
***Plus, if I do not stand up to those who defy the law; I will promote living in a lawless society which is not what America stands for.

We stand for freedom and equal rights for ALL so when I am presented with a challenge in life that involves freedom and equal rights; it is reasonable for me to use my education and skills to address it; not to ignore it and forget about my rights and the rights of others and try to go on with my life forgetting about my children, freedom thereby losing my self-esteem.

I COULD NEVER FORGET ABOUT MY CHILDREN which is at the ROOT of my invalid divorce. I refused to forget about my freedom and equal rights when I was a young adult so now; I will especially not forget about my freedom and equal rights since it is all connected to the parental alienation and I am an advocate for my wonderful Children and millions like them.
If not I, then who?
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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