The Royal Baby and Parental Alienation

All the wonderful excitement about the Royal Baby shows how important children are to a parent and how sacred the parent/child bond is.

Stevie Wonder wrote the song, “Isn’t She Lovely”, when his daughter was born.

 To some parental alienation must seem impossible but this is happening to millions of children in the US. Let me explain:

·        This change in feelings and behavior is due to the brainwashing of children by the alienating parent (as Dr. Phil so accurately describes on his video on our website, along with other references on our background page);

 Although millions of alienated children are even now young adults, they are still afraid to contact their alienated parent, due to repercussions their alienating parent has made them believe since the parental alienation strategies began. If you read some of the comments sent in at the end of each blog, you will just be heartbroken.

 In addition, many alienating parents refuse to encourage and strongly prohibit the children to engage in reunification therapy with a reputable, honest therapist to understand why their attitudes and feelings all of a sudden changed.

A common strategy is to agree to therapy with a therapist who does not practice SAFE HAVEN THERAPY. This means that the sessions are not kept confidential so the child does not feel “safe” in expressing his or her true feelings. There is no freedom of expression, thought or liberty. Then this corrupt or controversial therapist tells the alienating parent the discussions and the child then becomes a mouth piece for the alienating parent. When the therapy fails, the alienating parent blames it on the loving, kind, unsuspecting alienated parent and says no wonder therapy failed because this parent is unfit, delusional, crazy or other false allegations. As this was truthfully just another one of the set  of planned parental alienation strategies commonly used.

Also, many therapists engage in parental alienation reunification therapy who are unqualified and as Jayne A. Major, PhD has said, requires extensive knowledge and training.

 §  As many slave owners did to their slaves, the alienating parent is keeping the children physically strong but mentally weak, ignorant and dependent on him or her. This is not how loving parents treat their children.

In addition, alienating parents continue to use ploys to defame the character and cause other harms to the alienated/targeted parent.

 §  Alienating parents refuse to leave the alienated parent alone and move on with their own life (even if they were the ones who wanted the divorce and did not want to try to reconcile any differences). As Les Linet MD has said, they try to destroy the alienated parent which also makes the children feel they need to listen to this parent and hence they allow themselves to continue to be controlled out of fear.

INDOCTRINATION- after a while these children become so indoctrinated, like many in the Middle East with regard to the citizens of their neighboring countries.  They automatically hate their loving parent (or citizens of their neighboring country) because they were taught that this is NECESSARY  to show support to their alienating parent (or ruling party). Otherwise, they are viewed as traitors, and many face consequences.

Sound familiar?

 ·        As Dr. Amy Baker explains on her video on our website, millions of children have Parental Alienation Syndrome.

One of the most sacred things to a loving parent is their children as the Royal Baby celebrations illustrate is quite common. Most loving, caring parents have such a strong bond with their children, which starts at birth as Prince William and Princess Kate are beautifully showing.

·        However, as Les Linet, MD has said, the alienating parent only uses the children as objects and cannot love. He or she is not a bad person, but is a sick person who needs help.

 ·        Furthermore, many alienating parents understand how sacred and important the parent/child bond is to a loving parent. As therapy, books, and videos by many experts explain, when you don’t do something a narcissist wants, and they can no longer control you, they will try to destroy you.

               Consequently, many alienated parents become the scapegoat and reason for all of the alienating parent’s woes and financial problems; it was not at all due to some poor investments, the economy, or anything they did…no it was entirely the fault of the alienating parent as the children and others are brainwashed into believing; a typical behavior of an alienating parent. This is how the alienating parent protects his or her EGO.

Please, Alienated Parents; know that you are not alone and we often have tears in our eyes when reading your comments sent to us. We understand and there are so many of you out there.

Furthermore, we are so distraught over those who Aid and Abet these alienating parents.

·        As responsible, caring adults in our society, these people should be helping millions of innocent, brainwashed children REUNITE with their loving, caring alienated parent and REPAIR the sacred parent/child bond.

Please continue to support our diligent efforts to reform the laws encouraging parental alienation.

·    To fulfill our mission we are trying to gather the financial support for lobbying efforts in Washington, DC. Any help you or others you know can provide would be very helpful and greatly appreciated.

Very sincerely yours,

Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions;





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