The Solutions are to Use Reason Instead of Many Forms of Violence

As I watched the peaceful, playful little duckling family again this weekend; I couldn’t help but think of how millions around this world unnecessarily create problems harming innocent women and children like this mother duck and her ducklings.

I also couldn’t help but think of how these terrorists have destroyed peaceful homes and the beautiful surroundings millions of us had before the terrorist in our family started with his (her) acts of emotional torture and lies common in parental alienation situations.

Maybe these terrorists in our own families and those in Israel and all over the world will be forced to figure out more positive philosophies to live by as their daily lives becomes more unstable.

Maybe these terrorists will realize that people need to be loved, appreciated, respected, and productive and create something to feel self esteem and reach their potential.

Maybe they will realize this is the solution instead of continuing to order people around, forcing them to go on welfare, accept student loans and charitable benefits so they develop shame because they think they are not capable of earning their own income.
This is not their fault because so many governments and leaders are not focused on working together in this global world to create jobs so the majority of humanity can own a home one day and have a loving, truthful partner.
This was the American dream and was actually realized by millions after WWII. The majority did not live with debt or think it was acceptable to have affairs and not value their partner and their relationship.
People used reason not violence to resolve their issues and did not put innocent children in the middle like those who have created and perpetuate Parental Alienation do.
People VALUED their children and women since millions perished during the Holocaust.
***They worked together to create a new and better life from all the ruins.

Maybe alienating parents and other terrorists will realize it is better for society as a whole if people are able to once again like after WWII, own their own cars, homes and other assets instead of giving them handouts so they can control them. By giving handouts people become slaves to the government or their alienating parent; not free to think and do what they choose. If they owned their own cars, homes etc.; they would learn to think for themselves and not be afraid to express their thoughts and learn new things.

***Freedom starts with an ability to create something, like a stable, honest career where you do not cheat and deceive others like many on Wall Street and elsewhere seem to continue to do.
They have lost their pride and sense of self esteem and self worth. ***They have become barbaric, preying on the innocent and vulnerable, just like a sick father (mother) has done to his own children in a parental alienation situation. Pure evil and horrible, beyond words.
Maybe if many governments can allow people to have opportunities to own property; leaders and others will stop thinking women and children and others are their property, human shields and instead will help them develop self esteem and become productive people. This is reasonable.

However many religions and their leaders’ interpretation of the religion seems to be the root of many wars today.
When everyone does not have equal rights what happens is that some people believe they “deserve” to have more than another just because of their birthright or ancestry. This thought process is not reasonable but is a form of violence; entitlement and superiority.

Also, when leaders and other people are not judged by their TRUTHFUL accomplishments, and are instead judged by their “image” while their corrupt acts are purposely hidden; we have violent and corrupt leadership and society.
Alienating parents create this situation for their children; that they are wonderful but their loving parent is terrible while hiding their own violent and corrupt ways.
Many countries at war do the same with regards to their enemy instead of trying to be reasonable and working together to resolve their problems without violence.

***But, if only one side wants to be reasonable while the other wants to remain violent; we have the DESTABILIZATION which is going on all over this world; including in millions of divorced homes with a sick, evil alienating parent and precious, suffering alienated children.

Once people, including children, are allowed to associate with those they choose like a loving Mother (Father); have jobs, work and be able to save money to purchase what they want and do the things they want; then we will have peace, use reason to resolve our issues, have hope for the future and find more love throughout this world.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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