The “Soviet Psyche” has been adopted by those who promote Parental Alienation and other Corrupt and Immoral acts

Many interesting and very positive developments for those who support justice for all; not those who have the “Soviet Psyche” and think they are Stalin or part of the KGB who ultimately destroyed themselves.

If you are not familiar with this period in history, it is a fascinating time and clearly reveals the “Soviet Psyche.” Unfortunately, judges, lawyers, executives, Jewish leaders, Jewish Organizations, Pastor Rick Warren and his Saddleback Church, Cate School, court-appointed therapist Alan Liberman, my ex-husband Mark F. Hassman , his current wife and others I have sued have clearly adopted this “Soviet Psyche” as the FACTS show.

Very sadly, it also clearly appears that my three Children have all adopted this “Soviet Psyche” too because for over seven years now; they have refused to contact me; even to have a civil discussion or to let me know how they are doing; even though many documents show we had a beautiful companionship until the time of the divorce. This is when the FACTS show the Parental Alienation began.

Basically, people who have a “Soviet Psyche” have no feelings for others and use people to satisfy their needs not caring about their feelings and wellbeing. They just do as they are told no matter if it is illegal or immoral and call this “politics” and the religious leaders also call this “religious.” If you do not jump on their bandwagon and become part of their group needing to adapt this “Soviet Psyche” YOURSELF; they will destroy or kill you.

They have been trying to destroy me for over seven years now but I keep getting stronger and stronger as they keep destroying THEMSELVES, just like Stalin and the KGB.

Now, they could still kill me but if they do; they will be immediate suspects since my FACTS are all part of many public records now in several courts as I keep fighting for my legal rights to have a legal divorce, fraudulent restraining orders rescinded, legal spousal support and other legal rights that I have been deprived of as documents on their FACE clearly show. On their FACE means you can read the document and it shows the agreement is fraudulent and shows collusion by those I have sued. You do not need much if any interpretation.

Those I have sued clearly are very psychologically, mentally and emotionally sick to carry out and CONTINUE to carry out these acts against loving, law-abiding Mothers and their Children of all ages; just like Stalin and the KGB did.

Here is a new development; the law office of Paul Damien Kramer filed a motion to move the status conference scheduled for November 17, 2015 to January 15, 2016 which is three days after my bogus criminal jury trial involving how I “impersonated” Pastor Rick Warren and violated some civil restraining order issued against me by Judge Claudia Sibar without any legal or rational basis.  Somehow by “impersonating” Pastor Rick Warren, this was communicating with my ex-husband and upsetting him which is a violation of the civil restraining order.

Well bring it on; this is clearly so ridiculous and a waste of taxpayers’ money but shows the great length those who have the “Soviet Psyche” will go to, to try to destroy someone. I guess my ex-husband who made these bogus allegations thought I would emotionally and physically fall apart but he was wrong AGAIN. Think this lawsuit will help make him and all the others I have sued keep falling more and more apart THEMSELVES? Well, we shall see.

Think they will try to kill me for opposing them because I refuse to adopt their “Soviet Psyche” and become part of their corruption? Instead, I have clearly chosen to bring out the truth using CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE by using the law to bring forth justice. You know they will not admit the truth of their corrupt ways of using Parental Alienation and acts of fraud to Profit from Divorce by stealing the Mother’s property from the divorce. ***This is not the “Soviet Psyche.”

Also, commonly, after a status conference hearing, parties to a lawsuit must pay more money to their attorneys to now go forward with the trial. Obvious, Marji Knitter and her husband MJ Kitter and Moote Companies, LLC who Marji Knitter is President; do not want to pay their law firm The law office of Paul Damien Kramer more money. They want to keep concealing the facts regarding a $225,000 personal LLC guaranty they made to my ex-husband Mark F. Hassman, and keep concealing the Federal defined contribution 401K Profit Sharing Plan omitted from the divorce; because this is the “Soviet Psyche.” None of them care about MY legal rights to receive MY savings, retirement and a legal divorce as I am entitled to pursuant to the laws in the US. They think they are “entitled” to make their own laws.

But the most blatant example is the one of Phillip G. Seastrom, the Senior Partner of Seastrom & Seastrom who represented my ex-husband during the divorce and also for post-judgment proceedings. He is “the man” who thought his strategies would save everyone and even has a personal declaration as part of the court record. 
He clearly has the “Soviet Psyche” as many documents show. Now both he and the law firm his law firm hired Nemecek & Cole will have to explain why my lawsuit is in his words “baseless” and I do not have any legal rights to a legal divorce and to not have “baseless” restraining orders issued against me so I can’t go to my Children’s graduations etc. if my ex-husband is there even though I have been a law-abiding citizen for my entire life of over 50 years.

It is getting very interesting.

I will continue to update you with more FACTS as they become part of public record. 
I am thrilled with my progress as I continue to fight for equal rights for all to have a legal divorce without the planned strategy of Parental Alienation so those sick people with the “Soviet Psyche” can all profit.
Like Stalin and the KGB; they destroyed themselves and as we know, history repeats itself. You just have to be strong and enforce your rights and the rights of others who are unable to enforce their own rights.
Have a wonderful weekend.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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