The Strategy of Using Restraining Orders which should not be issued to Separate Loving Parents and Children

Today is another Judgment day in Criminal Court since OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE has become a new hobby for my ex-husband, MARK F. HASSMAN who is a DELUSIONAL, POWER CRAZY Certified Public Accountant, Chief Financial Officer and Harvard Business School grad.
***I really think he has gone crazy.

He will try for the THIRD TIME to Obstruct Justice by deliberately telling the District Attorney false and misleading allegations. I am not joking. (you can read prior FB post for details)
He already lost both of those cases; one against me which was SO RIDICULOUS the judge expunged it from the record.

The other one was against a Private Investigator who discovered Companies in Pennsylvania, Delaware and California that my ex- husband had concealed from the divorce but were still active. My ex-husband said the State of Pennsylvania was wrong and he was right; he did not say anything about the concealed Companies in the other two states though. All on public records.

The Private Investigator also confirmed many times that my ex-husband was still employed even though he swore he was not and is “insolvent.”
My ex-husband is so delusional, he does not even know if he is employed or not but was repeatedly in the office answering business phone calls and making potential business agreements. Maybe, even though MARK F. HASSMAN is a CPA he doesn’t call that work just like he thinks being able to pay over $12,000 of monthly expenses means he is “insolvent.”

He is very DELUSIONAL and this is on public records too. It is truly pathetic and frightening that his new wife has not gotten him the help he needs. She must be just as delusional.
Well, this second case was thrown out also.

I am reasonably trying to rectify our fraudulent divorce because I really want to be legally divorced; WOULDN’T YOU?
Well, he encouraged the District Attorney to file a criminal lawsuit saying I have no right to contact his business associates, companies, the 401k profit sharing administrator, joint venture partners, religious organizations and others to gather the financial information he never disclosed but needs to be disclosed so our divorce can be LEGALLY completed. He say I am harassing them. Really? My emails are very polite and to the point.

I guess he does not want me to receive the millions of dollars worth of assets he has been concealing from me and also reunite with our Children.
***This is very sad because a parent should encourage the children to have independent relationships with both of their divorced parents; not try to use and control them.
You saw those photos I posted of how he forced our youngest to sleep outside on a bare mattress without sheets or a blanket.
I get so upset thinking about it and all my children are wonderful, kind, caring, smart people.
No one deserves to be treated that way; especially by their own father and new step mother who approved. (you know, the one who is a Born Again Christian who I called the high priced call girl on the Dr. Phil show because she refuses to give me my money too. Did I tell you it is believed some of the $12,000 of monthly expenses is for her breast implants and other plastic surgery. But, my ex refused to verify this but swears he is “insolvent” and can’t pay my spousal support).
Can you believe this is my life and the life of millions suffering from Parental Alienation.
*** It is so horrible what these sick, irresponsible, power crazy, delusional parents do who have lost their soul; especially when they have millions of dollars. It is really so sad.

*** They just want to destroy their ex-spouse and their children and move forward with their new family and try to make the loving Mother who is the ex-spouse emotionally sick so she can’t figure things out and help the Children. That way, he can keep controlling the Children and keep the millions of dollars too. What a plan; it is so evil and sick.

***I am so grateful I recovered in many ways and have figured things out and will never stop helping my children and others like them and their loving parents.

Well, I will let you know how this hearing goes and what his allegations are this time.
He really thinks I do not have rights and the Constitution and other laws don’t apply to me and I just have to follow HIS rules.
The Jewish Leaders and Organizations think the same thing; especially those at Sinai Temple in Los Angeles and Rabbi Julie Schonfeld of the Rabbinical Assembly in NY. It is really such a sad state since this is what living under a totalitarianism government is like and in many ways it is similar to communism. It is definitely not a democratic republic.
***No wonder I got seizures and needed time to recover from his emotional abuse and other problems my ex caused me and still causes me and my wonderful children.

So, don’t feel alone; this is what these sick, alienating, power crazy parents do with the help of other sick, power crazy people who help them do corrupt things like the Jews and other Religious leaders who refuse to help reunite loving divorced parents with their children due to their 501(c)(3) or similar agreements.

***They PROFIT from making the loving Mother and Children suffer and they don’t care.
***They call this religion and politics when it is terrorism and abuse.

***The Jews and other religious leaders are delusional and have lost their soul and their ability to reason since they refuse to discuss parental alienation and reunite loving parents with their Children. Instead they choose to continue to make MORE loving parents and Children SUFFER. Sounds like ISIS, Hitler, Stalin and many other dictators and terrorists who are very sick and evil.

***I am glad the truth is coming out now so all of us can be empowered and help ourselves and our children of all ages.
Stay strong and keep doing good things as I do. Never give up on your Children.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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