The Sun is Always There

The Sun is always there.

Sometimes in life, before you are able to see the Sun and realize how you have been placed in a situation to help you grow and develop a strong, beautiful character and live a wonderful life; you have to first understand the darkness.

To understand the darkness you have to understand why you feel uncomfortable about important matters; objectively see if your feelings are reasonable and look back into your past and realize why you have this uncomfortable feeling and when it developed.
Did someone teach you this unreasonable, negative thought and behavior? Why? For their benefit or to harm another?

Did someone punish you and even place you in a situation of slavery or forced labor if you refused to adopt their unreasonable, irrational and even abusive thoughts and behaviors? (this is abuse)

***Did they teach you to initiate violence like threatening, harassing, bullying and cheating others instead of trying to be collaborative and reasonably discuss your differences and come to a fair and honest resolution?
If so, you must realize that it is important to begin THINKING about discussing your differences and coming to a fair and honest resolution and then DOING this. Your thoughts dictate your behaviors.
You must repeat this new thought and behavior until it becomes your new habit and you no longer think about your old, destructive way of thinking and acting.
This will also help you realize that YOU own your mind, heart and soul. Therefore, YOU must stand up to anyone who tries to take them away from you by CONTROLLING you by demanding how you must think and the things you must do.
This is taking away your mind, heart and soul and making you their slave.

***You have a RIGHT to believe and do what YOU reasonably want and not be forced to adopt someone else’s thoughts and behaviors; especially if they are harmful to you or others; like alienating your loving Mother (Father).

Also, become emotionally and financially independent from this person who is trying to control you because then they lose their control over you because you can exist very well without them.

Just move on and do not “brag” to them how well you are doing because you know they have a propensity to initiate violence and you do not want them to start to harass or bully you again. (Like defaming your character both on line and off line; making up lies about you). They have a sick need to be the best in everything.

By adopting these new positive thoughts and behaviors you will also get rid of any SHAME you have inside of you because you are eliminating all of your habits and behaviors that have threatened, harassed, bullied, cheated and harmed people.
You are becoming a better person.

***This will also allow you to be proud of others and not always have to compete to be the best.
You will learn to understand the importance of “pulling your resources” and RESPECTING each others’ talents, skills, expertise, knowledge and experiences. Then you will no longer have a need to control others or threaten, bully and harass to get what you want.

Be diligent and consistent so these positive behavior changes become a sustainable habit and Way of Life.
It is helpful if you have someone to hold you accountable like a therapist or friend. They will also help you realize if you begin to revert to your old harmful ways and how you have progressed too.

I hope this helps many realize the importance of standing up for your rights and living the life YOU want to live not the one someone DEMANDS you live.
Don’t be afraid to stand up to an evil, alienating terror parent like millions in this world right now are doing who also do not want to become slaves to an evil dictator or a terrorist Government who uses and abuses its people especially women and children like ISIS, Hamas, those in Iran, Iraq, Russia, South Africa.

All of us are protecting our own Freedom and also our Way of Life for ourselves, our children and future generations by stopping the evil terrorists who consist of alienating parents and other types of terrorists including government leaders and other leaders who have problems of power lust and think it is acceptable and they are “entitled” to use and abuse others.

Until these terrorists are challenged, they will not stop terrorizing. So stand up to them and protect your rights and those of your precious children who you love dearly.

If not I, then who? Remember, the Sun is behind the darkness.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder,



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