The super bowl commercial for Carl’s Jr; the 70th anniversary of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp emancipation; my Daughter’s reasonable comments about my Son’s photos hanging in his dorm room and how all of this relates to Parental Alienation.

The super bowl commercial for Carl’s Jr. is only going to air on the West Coast because it is very controversial. It shows a beautiful, nude woman model and a lot of subliminal objects, movements and words being used to advertise their new all natural, no hormone burger. I am sure you can imagine.

This super bowl commercial reminds me of a discussion I had with my Daughter and Son when they were in high school.
My Son was a senior at Cate School, a boarding high school near Santa Barbara and he put up all these x-rated photos of women from magazines in his dorm room. My Daughter very reasonably asked me to get him to take them down. I told her I couldn’t make him take them down but that I would try to make him UNDERSTAND that taking them down was the reasonable and wise thing to do. Remember?

So, I explained to my Son that women (who are worth your time) are to be treated with KINDNESS AND RESPECT just like guys (who are worth your time) and that they are not to be used and abused or thought of as sex objects or toys or guy’s property as those photos you put up in your dorm room show.
I told him he was being very disrespectful by viewing women as those photos portray them. I also told him that unless he UNDERSTANDS that women should be treated with RESPECT and KINDNESS he will bring many problems upon himself in life.

***I told my Son that just as HE wants to be treated with respect and kindness, so does a woman (at least one worth his while) and SHE IS NOT his toy or his property just as HE IS NOT her toy or her property.
I also told my son that if he were living at home and not attending a boarding high school, I would NEVER allow these types of photos to be put up in his room. What reasonable, moral Mother would who tries to teach her Children including an adolescent Son moral attitudes and behaviors and right from wrong?

I also talked to the head of the dormitory at Cate School boarding high school and told him the same thing. I also asked him why the school does not do a better job teaching respect for ALL which includes women and also discussing what is appropriate to hang in your dorm room and why.

This was around the time of the divorce and as expected, my ex-husband ridiculed ME when I asked for his help in discussing this with my Son and the school and the UNDERLYING THOUGHT PROCESS to even want to put these inappropriate photos up in his room. Teen and young adults SHOULD BE TAUGHT RESPECT AND KINDNESS TOWARDS WOMEN just like they should be taught respect and kindness towards men.

I do not know what transpired because around this time which was when the divorce began, my Children suddenly alienated me from their life for some unexplained reason but what experts have determined is characteristic of Parental Alienation. All of us showed and continue to show the characteristics of those suffering from the emotional abuse of Parental Alienation and my ex-husband showed and continues to show the characteristics of a father who creates and perpetuates Parental Alienation. My website explains some of these characteristics. [][]

Part of my mission of bringing awareness to parental alienation and end it is also to change the laws so those who continue to commit this form of emotional abuse will get the help they need while society is PROTECTED from them so they are unable to harm others. This is reasonable and at the same time being HONEST about a serious problem and ADDRESSING IT in a responsible manner. To IGNORE their problems and the problems they are causing others by their sickness and abuse is ALLOWING parental alienation to continue.

It is horrible and sick beyond words to DESTROY the relationship a Mother (father) has with her Children of all ages at the time of divorce which is destroying FUTURE GENERATIONS as experts have shown. These abused Children are being part of the CYCLE of abuse and corruption because they are repeating abusive thought processes and behaviors they are being TAUGHT as experts have proven. []

On that note of reason and responsibility:
Experts and authors have shown that PEOPLE WHO DO NOT WANT TO ACCEPT REASONABLE THOUGHTS and CHANGE their HARMFUL, UNREASONABLE WAYS commonly try to HARM and SILENCE those trying to stop the abuse and corruption they are causing.

Those who try to HARM AND SILENCE someone trying to end corruption and abuse, which includes alienating fathers (mothers) and those who aid them are AFRAID to DO things they have never done before and BECOME someone they NEVER WERE like an honest, kind, caring, moral and happy individual with a positive not destructive business plan and new positive, moral way of life.

They don’t WANT TO LEARN how to be honest, moral and positive and instead want to continue to lie, cheat, steal and manipulate others while trying to maintain their FALSE IMAGE. This is why so many alienating parents and those who AID AND ABET them in destroying the Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son relationship are PSYCHOLOGICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY SICK and need help so they can stop destroying others and future generations. They CAN’T STOP their abusive behaviors.

***Many alienating fathers and those aiding them need to start trying to UNDERSTAND women instead of trying to destroy them by abusing them when they feel threatened by their knowledge or in other ways like their reasonable attitude to WORK TOGETHER NOT ALLOWING the husband to bark orders and act like a king. (A wise woman sets her boundaries).

Because the ex-wife refused to obey the alienating father (in my case I refused to sign unnecessary student loans having millions of dollars saved for our Children’s education); the alienating father is GETTING EVEN. He doesn’t care about Women and Children and how he is harming them because has misanthropic tendencies.
He only cares about HIMSELF and how he must be worshipped as a God because he also has narcissistic tendencies, control and power problems too as many experts have shown.

In addition, many men today view divorce as a BUSINESS DECISION. When an alienating father then gets Rabbis, Pastors and Religious Organizations involved; they DO their BUSINESS of using 501c3 and other agreements to steal the Mother’s property and income from the marriage by using their network of corrupt Judges, Law Firms, Therapists, 401k Administrators, Executives and others OR convince these individuals to go along with their corrupt scheme. The Mother and her Children MUST BE alienated from each other so they remain in a state of emotional abuse so they can’t figure out this scheme which has been going on for decades. [ ]

This is the entire picture of Parental Alienation and the many parts and those involved.

Like I have said, it is a MIRACLE I survived and have figure all of this out and have the facts and documents to PROVE it too.
My goal is to change the world in POSITIVE WAYS not in negative ways like these sick alienating fathers (mothers) and those aiding them have been doing. That is corruption and abuse and I will NEVER be part of that.

Silence and inaction helps the Abusers not those Being Abused as author, political activist and Concentration Camp Survivor ELIE WIESEL said.

Today marks the 70th ANNIVERSARY OF THE EMANCIPATION of the AUSCHWITZ CONCENTRATION CAMP. Among the 1.3 million prisoners at Auschwitz, about 1.1 million were killed and the remaining prisoners at the camp were liberated on January 27th, 1945.


***Who needs Adolf Hitler when we have RABBI DAVID WOLPE, PASTOR RICK WARREN, Jewish Leaders, Jewish Organizations and other Religious Organizations and their Congregants who PROMOTE Parental Alienation.

My own Mother who is in her 70’s and should remember the Emancipation of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp especially since my wonder Grandfather Ben was a proud and honest, compassionate Jew; she refuses to help me help my Children and so do all my cousins and they are all ACTIVE in their synagogues so their synagogues can carry on the PROFITABLE BUSINESS of Parental Alienation. I am GRATEFUL I used my free will and got away from ALL OF THEM. They are all a disgrace to Judaism and Humanity.

The BUSINESS OF PARENTAL ALIENATION is not what Judaism teaches or promotes; it is what these evil and sick Jews and other evil and sick religious leaders have concocted as “religious” because THEY ARE JUST LIKE ADOLF HITLER who destroyed the relationships of millions of Jewish Mothers and their Children, Teens and Young Adults and destroyed Humanity in many ways.

So what have many Jews LEARNED in 70 years since the emancipation of Auschwitz Concentration Camp?

*** How to IMPROVE what HITLER DID to millions of women and children by making a thriving business from destroying them FOR A PROFIT but keeping it a SECRET.

No wonder so many Jewish Leaders and Organizations and Saddleback Church and many others on their “team” want to SILENCE ME. I have the facts to destroy their SECRET “concentration camp” which has been destroying millions of Mothers and their Children, Teens and Young Adults and Future Generations for decades with their acts of emotional abuse called Parental Alienation as author Stephen Fried explains.

With a Judge like the fair and honest Judge I clerked for and with a jury of honest, reasonable people who are tired of corruption and abuse; all of them will be held accountable as many of Hitler’s henchmen have been since the emancipation of Auschwitz Concentration Camp and other Concentration Camps.

Like Adolf Hitler, Jewish Leaders, Jewish Organizations, many Jews and many Religious Organizations just want to keep destroying the Loving Mother and her Children and keep PROFITING from this.

With the deepest regret and disdain and a very, very heavy heart; I have the PROOF to show that in the 70 years since the emancipation of Auschwitz Concentration Camp; Jewish Leaders, Jewish Organizations and many Jewish people, including alienating fathers have become just like Adolf Hitler but WORSE.

***What type of Jewish father would enlist the help of other Jews and a Pastor to help get a “team” together to DESTROY the relationship between a Loving Mother and her Daughter and Sons and make agreements to STEAL her property and other interests she should have received at the time of the divorce, which they all plan to SHARE?

To make it even more evil and immoral, the Loving Mother was suffering from seizures and emotional abuse due to the sudden loss of her companionships with her Daughter and Sons along with other divorce issues.

These are acts Adolf Hitler and other Terrorists committed and commit today; harming Women and Children while PROFITING.

Would you expect the Jews whose relatives were in Adolf Hitler’s Concentration Camps including Auschwitz to commit these acts of Parental Alienation as the Rabbis and Jewish Organizations PRETEND they feel remorse for the Mothers and Children who were separated and abused by Hitler and his Henchmen?

There is not moral and honest behavior and compassion for Women and Children, Teens and Young Adults in the Jewish Community today or in many other religious communities either; for example in the community of Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church; in the community of ISIS.

The Jewish Leaders, Jewish Organizations, many Jewish people and other Religious Leaders are all like Adolf Hitler or his Henchmen as my situation of Parental Alienation and those of MILLIONS of others proves. Parental Alienation has occurred in the past 70 years since the emancipation of Auschwitz Concentration Camp.

I will put an end to this horrible, horrible abuse called Parental Alienation and hold these Jews who act like Hitler and his Henchmen accountable because I AM A JEW and this is what a JEW WOULD DO. They would NOT TOLERATE abuse especially the destruction of the Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son relationship at the time of divorce or at any other time. To make it even more corrupt and evil, these Jews are profiting from this destruction of humanity.

I am truly sickened which empowers me even more to bring out the truth and bring about Justice.

Please “Remember Not to Forget,” which is the title of a book about the Holocaust I used to read to my Children. Remember? It was written for Children so they could begin to understand the horror of Adolf Hitler, his Henchmen and the Holocaust.

So, please, REMEMBER NOT TO FORGET the love a Mother has for her Daughter and Sons and the love and strength of God and the Truth.

I will prevail against these modern day Jewish Hitlers and others because I have God, Truth and Love on my side and it is a MIRACLE I have survived and figured all of this out and can prove it too.

With a very heavy heart, Sara Hassman

As always, none of this is advice of any kind, it is just based on my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder; www.PAlienation .org



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