The world today has an INTER-GENERATIONAL problem of creating human beings who do not UNDERSTAND LOVE and what it means to LIVE IN FREEDOM with PEACE OF MIND while exemplifying behaviors of COMPASSION and EMPATHY.

The majority of human beings today in many countries are repeating the abusive behaviors they were taught either because: 1) they have NEVER EXPERIENCED love and do not know this beautiful feeling and way of life exists; 2) they DO NOT KNOW HOW TO CHANGE their thought processes which drive their abusive behaviors; 3) they ARE AFRAID to go against the establishment or those in control so they go along with the abusive collective majority and/or because 4) they RATIONALIZE their abusive behaviors as BUSINESS, POLITICS and RELIGION instead of ADDRESSING their PAST EMOTIONAL TRAUMA which IS DRIVING their CURRENT ABUSIVE BEHAVIORS.

What I have stated above I have PROVEN in the courts of law in America beginning with California case #09D002792 where my divorce judgment alone proves that without any tests or other reliable proof of incompetence and unfitness; I was DENIED MY CONSTITUTIONAL AND FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS to have custody, visitation and receive the fruits of my labor from my marriage of over twenty years which legally has not been dissolved and is still intact.

It is an EPIDEMIC PROBLEM WORLDWIDE for loving, law-abiding Mothers and Fathers at the time of divorce and thereafter to be denied their rights to custody, visitation and to receiving the fruits of their labor they rightfully deserve since slavery has been abolished in America and in most countries today.

What I just described is the epidemic problem called PARENTAL ALIENATION in America, and in Israel called NIKI URI. I was denied these legal rights at the request of my JEWISH husband, through his JEWISH lawyers, with the help of the JEWISH court-appointed therapist, while my JEWISH lawyer stood by and did not even object and my subsequent JEWISH lawyers never rectified this and just went along. But it gets even more incriminating because then JEWISH organizations, RABBIS and other religious leaders, JEWISH people in influential positions and my JEWISH relatives too ALL refused and to this day ALL continue to refuse to RECTIFY this horror and corruption.

In addition, over the past eleven (11) years since the well-documented Parental Alienation began, JEWISH and also NON-JEWISH judges and lawyers continued this abuse while I was trying to arrange therapy and reunite with my three children. 
My traumatic situation is very TYPICAL FOR MILLIONS of Parents and their Children of all ages who are suffering from Parental Alienation. THE EFFECTS of this trauma brought on by the sudden alienation of the parent by their children at the time of divorce called PARENTAL ALIENATION is similar to THE EFFECTS of the HOLOCAUST upon survivors, their children and even their grandchildren and also THE EFFECTS of the SEPARATION OF HISPANIC IMMIGRANTS at the Mexican border in America where the Parent(s) have been separated from their children.

Any reasonable and compassionate person knows these situations are acts of terror and horror beyond any words. However, WHY are LEADERS in America, Israel and other countries CHOOSING TO ALLOW this terror to continue while claiming they are religious, honest, support equal rights and democracy and love women, mothers and children as all of my defendants have done including my JEWISH defendant UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT JUSTICE RUTH BADER GINSBURG. 
Not only has she intentionally and maliciously given misleading lectures on the purposes of charitable nonprofit organizations [501(c)(3)] which are used by JEWISH and other so-called nonprofits to hide and launder the assets and income stolen from the alienated Mother or Father. JEWISH U.S. SUPREME COURT JUSTICE RUTH BADER GINSBURG along with all the other U.S. Supreme Court Justices refused to hear my case regarding the deprivation of my Constitutional and Fundamental rights to Custody, Visitation and Receiving my assets and income (fruits of my labor) from my marriage which they all know is an EPIDEMIC PROBLEM in America today and they have a legal obligation and responsibility to address and resolve as Officers of the highest court in America. [In legal terms; they denied my writ of certiorari].

I can now also prove with SCIENTIFIC AND EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE that all of my defendants and all those aiding them in carrying out acts of Parental Alienation which include those who REMAIN SILENT especially when they have the resources to help end this terror and trauma have emotional issues which they have NEVER RESOLVED themselves. As a result, they have in layman’s term some blockage which is preventing them from expressing Love, Compassion and Empathy. Accordingly, as my lawsuits prove, they have collectively agreed to classify Parental Alienation as a political issue, a business issue and even a religious issue which is deemed permissible in American courts. I CAN ALSO NOW HELP THEM RESOLVE THESE ISSUES.

A reasonable person would logically think that ALL OF THESE AMERICAN JEWISH LEADERS along with ISRAELI JEWISH LEADERS would have learned from the HOLOCAUST that there are very traumatic effects for the survivors, their children and even grandchildren due to the forceful separation by Adolph Hitler of Mothers and Fathers from their Children. Since being in Israel, I have had discussions with some Germans and they clearly understand the horrors of separating Mothers and Fathers from their Children and are very apologetic for the Holocaust.

***However, to my great disgust, not one AMERICAN JEWISH LEADER and not one ISRAELI JEWISH LEADER will acknowledge and try to END the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation [called Niki Uri in Israel].

As my legal documents in public records state; my husband was awarded SOLE LEGAL AND PHYSICAL CUSTODY of our children without any evidence proving that I am a danger or unfit to share in this custody. Again, this is COMMON in Parental Alienation situations. Physical custody involves providing for the physical (financial) and emotional needs of the children. 
But I ask all of you reading this; how can a parent provide for the EMOTIONAL NEEDS of the children if they themselves have unresolved emotional needs which they unreasonably have been refusing to address. ANY PERSON who agrees to SEPARATE CHILDREN FROM THEIR LOVING, LAW-ABIDING MOTHER OR FATHER OBVIOUSLY HAS UNRESOLVED EMOTIONAL ISSUES as I can prove and also help resolve.

***What is the ROOT of these unresolved emotional issues?

I know in my still legal husband’s situation, he experienced Parental Alienation when his parents divorced and also became obsessed with money since his parents were often unable to provide for his financial needs. I respected him for educating himself and learning to become a successful professional. However, he became greedy and wanted to carry out criminal tax schemes so our family could have more money. This is what started the divorce. 
Obviously at this time, my still legal husband’s embedded unresolved emotional issues triggered. We had a collaborative divorce agreement where were each had SHARED CUSTODY but when I refused to give him my legal share of the assets from our marriage; he terminated the collaborative divorce process, got a new JEWISH lawyer, started requesting restraining orders against me so I could not see and communicate with our children with the malicious intent to make me so upset that I could not see straight. This happened and I was be forced to rely on my JEWISH lawyer and the Judge who both advised me to sign away all of my Constitutional and Fundamental rights on the divorce judgment knowing that they had a fiduciary duty to act on my behalf. 

Thus, OUR CHILDREN were used as PAWNS so that my still legal husband could steal my assets and income and this is called business and is legal according to my lawsuits in public records in America.

So how do we determine who makes a fit parent so our children and future generations will experience Love and Compassion?
How can we encourage people to WILLINGLY seek therapy at times of major changes like a divorce so they can address and cope with the trauma?

Raising children should not be run by a BUREAUCRACY but parents and potential parents MUST BE AWARE of the SEVERE CONSEQUENCES of raising children when they themselves are NOT EMOTIONALLY HEALED from the trauma from their past.

All I am asking is that all of MY DEFENDANTS, any member of APIAC which is an organization comprised of U.S. citizens committed solely to strengthening, protecting and promoting the U.S.-Israel relationship; any JEWISH member of Congress like religious BEN CARDIN OF MARYLAND, any leader of ISRAEL come to SEE the SCIENTIFIC AND EMPIRICAL PROOF that people who behave WITHOUT having compassion and empathy for those in traumatic situations like Parental Alienation and separating Hispanic families at the Mexican border, have emotional issues which they have never addressed. 

***If you engage, you will FREE YOURSELF and learn new habits which promote LOVE, not trauma. You will feel so much better about yourself and you will be able to replace harmful behaviors with very worthwhile and positive ones.

Please organize a group, and plan a trip to ZMAN MIDBAR ECO SPIRIT LODGE FOR PEACE IN ARAD, ISRAEL which may be considered a business, medical or religious expense [check with an accountant]. Zman Midbar in Hebrew means “desert time.” The website is

I promise you that you will be very impressed with this evidence and will FERVENTLY and REASONABLY want to replace your current ways of profiting with Parental Alienation and other similar ways to honest ways while LIVING A LIFE EXPERIENCING LOVE, FREEDOM AND PEACE OF MIND. You will also SET A BEAUTIFUL EXAMPLE for others to follow including future generations.

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder, www.PAlienation.orgBOOKING.COMZman Midbar Eco Spirit Lodge for Peace, Arad, IsraelZman Midbar is located in the Judaean Desert, 5 km from the centre of Arad. Free WiFi access is available.



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