There are no Jewish Leaders left in the US because they have all become Terrorists because…

FACE REALITY; there are no Jewish Leaders left in the United States because they have all chosen to support TERRORISTS Agreements and Business Models like the Iran Nuclear Deal when Iran clearly supports the destruction of Israel 
Parental Alienation 
Jewish Organizations support using their “Charitable”Agreements to hide and steal a wife’s community property at the time of Divorce and keep her and her Children alienated from each other so they are so emotionally and physically distraught that they are much less likely to be able to file a lawsuit to enforce their contract, property, civil and other legal rights so these Jewish Organizations can keep the millions of dollars from the divorce.

***This is not Democracy or Judaism it is Terrorism.

In addition, now UC Schools; (University of California Schools) plan to pass a new ordinance on September 17 where discussions about Israel not having a right to exist will NOT be considered 

WHERE ARE THE JEWISH LEADERS to strongly and fervently come out in opposition to these terrorists agreements and business models which are eroding what Judaism stands for which is peace and democracy for all.

Well, I am a Jew and I continue to fight very fervently against all of these terrorists agreements and business models especially parental alienation because I have the facts to prove it is alive and well in the Jewish Community and in our entire Society.

As always, none of this is legal or other advice, just based on my very wise and reasonable mind and experiences.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

 Do you think the Jewish Leaders are trying to lead people to HATE one another so they get divorced and then lead the Children of all ages to HATE their loving Mother so all off them can PROFIT FROM DIVORCE at the Mother’s expense?

They steal her millions of dollars from the divorce which she should have received but was too distressed due to the parental alienation.

She also trusted the lawyers, the judge and ex- husband to follow the law and not steal her property and money by HIDING it with the synagogue and church in their “Charitable ” Agreements until they later distribute among themselves leaving the Mother with financial and emotional problems due to the HATE they have created. This is not Judaism, this is ABUSE, CORRUPTION and TERRORISM.

It is NOT leading others to HATE in the name of God because God does not promote hate; God promotes peace and love.

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