There exists a secret, sophisticated GENOCIDE against loving, law-abiding WOMEN, MOTHERS and their CHILDREN being carried out by today’s JEWISH LEADERS, RABBIS, JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS, JEWISH JOURNALISTS and their Supporters and Members. These so-called JEWS HAVE TAKEN HITLER’S PLACE.

What Easier Way is there to RAISE CASH to line the pockets of JEWISH LEADERS and their SUPPORTERS than to STEAL IT from a loving, law-abiding Wife/Mother at the time of divorce WHILE terrorizing her with acts of Parental Alienation and WHILE forcing her Children, who they helped alienate from her, to commit criminal and immoral acts in the name of JUDAISM?

The THIRD REICH did this to line the pockets of Nazi Leaders and their Supporters and Members in the name of NAZISM and the NAZI YOUTH MOVEMENT. 
The THIRD REICH did not use CHARITABLE NONPROFITS to steal the money and assets like these so-called JEWS do today. However, the THIRD REICH did SELL THE CHILDREN into the SEX TRADE and use them to commit other illegal and immoral acts like these SO-CALLED JEWS are doing today.

This secret, sophisticated GENOCIDE is being waged against all those Loving, Law-Abiding Women, Mothers and their Children who refuse at the time of divorce to allow themselves to be terrorized, tortured, INDOCTRINATED and MANIPULATED by these SO-CALLED JEWISH LEADERS, RABBIS, JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS, JEWISH JOURNALISTS and their Supporters and Members who want to PROFIT at their expense. 
This is SLAVERY for the Women, Mothers and their Children and is grand theft, terror, abuse, torture, oppression and other criminal acts being carried out by these SO-CALLED JEWS.

*******NAZISM WAS A POLITICAL RELIGION in the 1930’s and 1940’s JUST LIKE JUDAISM HAS BECOME TODAY in 2017. Hitler enjoyed being the Leader back then.

Today reprehensible JEWS HAVE TAKEN HITLER’S PLACE by HAVING UPDATED POLICIES TO PROFIT from terrorizing and torturing Loving, Law-Abiding JEWISH WOMEN, MOTHERS and THEIR CHILDREN in the name of JUDAISM instead of NAZISM.

What do you call it when JEWISH LEADERS, RABBIS, JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS, JEWISH JOURNALISTS and their Supporters and Members UNITE with the purpose of TERRORIZING, TORTURING, ABUSING and OPPRESSING Loving, Law-Abiding JEWISH WOMEN, MOTHERS and THEIR CHILDREN in the name of JUDAISM so they can all PROFIT.
• Should this be considered Anti-Semitism against fellow Jews?
• Is this Criminal? 
• Should their policies be a Legal and Acceptable way to PROFIT or should these SO-CALLED JEWS be held liable for their heinous destruction to society?

A journalist wrote in the 1940’s that to turn human predatory instincts, which are normally directed against animals, against MEMBERS OF THEIR OWN SPECIES, making a WHOLE NATION into a pack of hunting hounds, raises the very serious THREAT of the DOWNFALL OF HUMANITY.

Very sadly, overwhelming evidence in my State and Federal lawsuits show today’s SO-CALLED JEWS have and continue to terrorize, torture and oppress honest, loving, law-abiding Women, Mothers and their Children in ways much worse than normally directed at animals, so they can all PROFIT.

• This includes very prominent and well educated RABBI MARVIN HIER, his nonprofit organization named the SIMON WIESENTHAL CENTER (after a Nazi hunter) and


These SO-CALLED JEWS have and continue to want to PROFIT FROM THEIR POLICIES WHICH PROMOTE SLAVERY; not independence, freedom and other rights we hold sacred in the United States which are based upon DEMOCRACY FOR ALL.

The Rigged Legal System tries to destroy these Women, Mothers and their Children even more as millions know who have tried to exercise their LEGAL RIGHT to reasonably defend themselves, their values and Democracy.
For example, crooked Judges and Law Firms work together with the crooked husband/father (MARK F. HASSMAN) to draft, sign and file a fraudulent, invalid divorce judgment where the loving, LAW-ABIDING Mother is deprived of her property, retirement, savings, and other assets as well as custody and visitation.

Unlawful restraining orders are commonly issued so then the crooked husband/ father (MARK F. HASSMAN) can make false and misleading allegations on police reports about acts the loving, law-abiding Mother did NOT do but with the very, very malicious, evil intent to make her more tortured and terrorized and to try to have her declared a FELON. Then, he does not have to give her any of the assets he STOLE from her with the aid of Judges, Law Firms, BANK OF AMERICA, JEWISH Nonprofits, JEWISH leaders and Executives who are hiding the Mother’s stolen assets.

If the loving, law-abiding Mother files lawsuits to defend her legal and constitutional rights; a crooked Judge declares her vexatious so she needs “permission” before she can file any lawsuits.

******This is all very similar to NAZISM.

THE NUREMBERG LAWS excluded the Jews from German life and also took away some of their rights.

In AMERICA TODAY the crooked, despicable, evil court-appointed therapist ALAN D. LIBERMAN wrote a false report WITHOUT any tests, clinical evaluations or second opinions and mostly comprised of hearsay from my crooked husband MARK F. HASSMAN and my brainwashed son.
Crooked JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR used this REPORT OF LIES from HER crooked court-appointed therapist to deny me, a law-abiding Mother of my legal and constitutional rights to custody and visitation. 
Thus, after raising my children with a lot of love and teaching them many important lessons, values and behaviors which helped them thrive; I was SUDDENLY denied custody and visitation WITHOUT ANY CREDIBLE EVIDENCE.

Thus, I was suddenly, no longer SUITABLE to be a Mother according to Judge Claudia Silbar and many of my other Defendants and also most recently by JUDGE LINDA L. MILLER who after over 8 years THINKS it is still lawful for my crooked husband MARK F. HASSMAN to have a restraining order against me so I cannot attend our children’s graduations, celebrations and other events because he is present. 
 Also, my very experienced court-appointed attorney BETTINA YANEZ never objected and appears to have been working with my crooked husband as many facts show. (I filed an appeal of this horrendous, unlawful, unreasonable judgment. I will keep you posted.). 
 My very experienced court-appointed attorney BETTINA YANEZ definitely was not acting in my best interest but what do you expect, she was appointed by crooked JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR.
It is a very sad state of affairs because NO REASONABLE PERSON would WANT to have a restraining order in effect for over 8 years now, against a loving, honest, law-abiding Mother so she cannot attend her children’s graduations and other celebrations and events because the father, crooked MARK F. HASSMAN is present. This is evil and clearly show the horrible values my husband and these legal professionals have.

The Nazis also had laws similar to this.

Before couples were married they had to receive from the Third Reich a CERTIFICATE OF SUITABILITY.

The Nazis also had “CLEANSING” for those they thought were a problem for their regime. These “problem people” were not obedient because they used their mind and refused to be indoctrinated and accept the immoral, criminal Nazi policies; like I have and continue to do with these so-called JEWS regarding their policies allowing them to profit from Parental Alienation and the illegal an immoral use of their Charitable Nonprofits and SELLING THE CHILDREN into criminal activities.

These so-called JEWS want to be able to control an OBEDIENT society and will destroy those who refuse to be obedient JUST LIKE HITLER and the NAZI REGIME did.

How can loving, law-abiding Women, Mothers and their Children AVOID THIS FATE WITHOUT GIVING UP THEIR HONEST VALUES AND CHARACTER thereby becoming part of this terror and torture?
           As my wise, compassionate and honest beloved GRANDFATHER BEN taught me, always fight for your rights and defend your good character because without those, you have nothing. 
He also used to say how Hitler showed the world that crooked people and organizations will destroy themselves so just keep doing what you know is moral and just by yourself and also in the company of those who have your same values and character. He was so very wise and kind too.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).



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