There is a secret, systematic enterprise of destroying love and the human spirit of a Mother and her Children so mentally and emotionally sick leaders and organizations can profit from their sufferings.

Doesn’t this sound like I am describing Hitler? 
Well, we have another HOLOCAUST created by our leaders currently going on in the US and other countries called Parental Alienation.

We write the future by what we as INDIVIDUALS choose to do with our time, skills and energy. As my life has shown, I have proudly and successfully stood up to those who try to destroy equal rights, human rights, free speech, democracy and love.

I do not care to become part of some collective group which harms others and instead will stand up to them especially when I have been personally harmed and have standing to sue in court.

Do you realize how horrible a person must be to INTENTIONALLY DESTROY the LOVE between a Mother and her Children at the time of divorce so they can profit? Not only is this a violation of the Constitution but it is also immoral and unconscionable behavior.

Then to SECRETLY destroy this loving bond REPEATEDLY and SYSTEMATICALLY at the time of divorce, when love and support are greatly needed by a Mother and her Children, so that organizations and their leaders can profit is contemptible.

I will not stand by or turn my cheek to this contemptible behavior of MAKING A PROFITABLE BUSINESS by destroying LOVE and the HUMAN SPIRIT because of some SYSTEMATIC SECRET ENTERPRISE. 
Isn’t this what Hitler did to millions; destroying their loving bonds and their spirit?

I have great hope that I will continue to expose more and more truth; restore the love that has been destroyed; and change the law so any individual or organization which engages in such contemptible behavior will be seriously punished.

I am not concerned if my acts using the legal system to civilly stand up to this abuse and corruption are viewed as “acceptable” or “politically correct” because my behavior is REASONABLE BEHAVIOR for those who live in a democratic republic, have compassion and have high moral standards.

Any individual or organization which does not believe RESTORING LOVE between a loving, law-abiding Mother and her children is reasonable behavior needs professional help.

Any individual or organization which does not believe a loving, law-abiding Wife/Mother does not deserve to have her 50% interest from her marriage and her legally calculated spousal support also needs professional help. She is entitled to the fruits of her labor as the US Constitution mandates.


Since my husband (we are still married due to our fraudulent divorce judgment), religious organizations, law firms, judges, private schools and universities, the court-appointed therapist, executives, business partners and others have and continue to SUPPRESS THE TRUTH as overwhelming objective evidence shows; do you think they view my divorce as a WAR and think they have a RIGHT to suppress the truth so they can deprive me of my legal rights and destroy my loving bonds because this is patriotism? 
What are they being patriotic of, this secret, systematic enterprise of destroying love and the human spirit? 
It is sick to think they are being PATRIOTIC by depriving millions of us suffering from Parental Alienation of our legal rights and destroying our loving bonds with our Children so they can profit?

However, they continue to create this PROPAGANDA that due to their professional titles, their acting abilities, lies and schemes that they are honest, kind and compassionate people.

Let me be the symbol of hope for those suffering from Parental Alienation because I have the skills and experience necessary to end this form of abuse and these secret enterprises to profit.

***I refuse to sit back and allow Mothers, Children and some fathers too and future generations to remain in harm’s way while these very sick and disgraceful leaders and organizations PROFIT FROM OUR SUFFERINGS.

I will bring about a MUTINY in this country because our leaders, unfortunately, think they do not have to follow the law or be responsible for their abusive and corrupt acts. This is not democracy and I support democracy and equal rights for all. 
It is just shameful that our leaders RESIST BEING REASONABLE, LAWFUL and MORAL. Do you think they will willfully change or they will have to be forced by the law? 
Regardless, truth will prevail and so will Love and God. Just watch!

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;




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