There is an Invisible Corrupt Empire Secretly Existing in our Democratic Republic where its Secret Members Abuse Mothers and Hold Their Children Hostage so they and their Secret Empire can Profit and Control Humanity.

The secret members of this Invisible Corrupt Empire consist of Judges, Lawyers, Rabbis, other Religious Leaders and Organizations, the Court-Appointed Therapist, Executives, Joint Venture Partners, Non-Profit Schools, the Husband, his Mistress and others who are all very sick and delusional.

Despite the degrees, certifications and prestigious titles held by many of these members; they are very sick and delusional for several reasons:

1. They think they will and they WANT to succeed in depriving a compassionate, law-abiding Wife/Mother of her Legal and Constitutional Rights which includes her companionship with her children and her legal right to Due Process of Law;

2. They see themselves threatened by their mistakes since they are no longer able to circumvent them. However, they unreasonably and irrationally refuse to make positive changes which include leaving this Invisible Corrupt Empire and using their skills and education to help humanity;

3. They can no longer separate all their lies from reality and thus, have become very vulnerable themselves;

4. They rightfully suspect all kinds of plots against them and are beginning to realize they are not indispensable as they once believed they were;

5. They can’t admit their fears and nothing can save them but truth and honesty which they believe they have a “duty” and “an oath of loyalty” to conceal forever.

First and foremost, the members of this Invisible Corrupt Empire FEAR THE LAW. 
Thus, they fervently try to “influence” others to prevent an honest, law-abiding Plaintiff (someone who files a case) like myself from having my day in court to present the facts and the law and argue the case on its merits. This is called Due Process.

The members of this Invisible Corrupt Empire know if I receive my legal right to Due Process that they will be sanctioned monetarily and also criminally. 
This is what Judge John Fader explained to my mother, father, sister and their lawyer when I filed my case against them in 1985; (see yesterday’s post for more details). 
Judge Fader so wisely and compassionately used his judicial power and forced to my mother, father, sister and their lawyer to settle the case instead of receiving monetary sanctions and going to jail.

Consequently, the members of this Invisible Corrupt Empire keep trying to stop my case from PROCEEDING by filing unlawful motions and also using their “influence” to bribe Officials who have the power to temporarily stop my case from proceeding.

However, in a state of sickness and delusion, these members of this Invisible Corrupt Empire think they are SUPERIOR to Plaintiffs like me who are trying to enforce the law and make our world a better place. In reality, these members are INFERIOR as any reasonable and sane person knows.

Believing they are superior; these sick and delusional members of this Invisible Corrupt Empire treat everyone who is not part of their corrupt collective group as their subordinate UNLESS the person stands up to them and CHALLENGES their corrupt and immoral beliefs, decisions and actions like I am doing peacefully with my lawsuits.

The members of this Invisible Corrupt Empire who are clearly sick and delusional think they can: 


Accordingly, they try to abuse, intimidate, terrorize, torture and manipulate those who are trying to expose the TRUTH because they incorrectly believe it is beneficial for their Invisible Corrupt Empire in three important ways:

1. It makes it less likely the Plaintiff will be able to continue to defend her legal rights;

2. It shows that they are carrying out their “duty” they were given by this Invisible Corrupt Empire and;

3. It shows their “loyalty” and “devotion” to this Invisible Corrupt Empire or Collective Group; like a cult.

People like me who file cases to PROTECT our legal rights do so with our own FREE WILL. In other words, this is what we have clearly CHOSEN to do and pursue.

On the other hand, Judges, Lawyers, Rabbis, other Religious Leaders and Organizations, the Court-Appointed Therapist, Executives, Joint Venture Partners, Non-Profit Schools, the Husband, his Mistress and other members of this Invisible Corrupt Empire are BOUND to their position and office.

Accordingly they must fulfill their duty of CONSTANT VIGILENCE and CONSTANT LIES, SCHEMES, MANIPULATIONS, HACKING, STALKING and carrying out other criminal acts. 
They CANNOT ESCAPE…unless they choose to use their free will and change their philosophies and behaviors with the intent of helping humanity instead of taking advantage of those who are vulnerable so they can profit at their expense.

A member’s “service” to this Invisible Corrupt Empire is shown by their OBEDIENCE.

***They must obey the orders they are given and tell Children, Teens, Young Adults LIKE MY CHILDREN and others that THEY TOO must “sacrifice” for the greater good of this Invisible Corrupt Empire. 
***This is clearly abuse, torture and terrorism as any reasonable, sane person knows and experts have proven.

Thus, obeying orders is very inferior and subordinate to those like me who have chosen to be honest and compassionate and therefore still have our free will.

In addition, the members’ falsely believe their “service” to this Invisible Corrupt Empire must continue until they DESTROY me and others like me so we will be unable to defend our legal rights. 
But even then, their “service” will have to continue because others will have standing to proceed with my case to enforce the Legal and Constitutional Rights of millions suffering just like me. My facts apply to their cases too.

***Plus, if MY CHILDREN CHOOSE, they have standing to defend their own Legal and Constitutional Rights using the facts of MY case.
With that being said; the members of this Invisible Corrupt Empire can NEVER stop being vigilant and looking over their shoulders worried about others besting their efforts and scheming against them. 
***Thus, they have deceived themselves and each other and can’t determine reality.

Further, the members of this Invisible Corrupt Empire are all living in DARKNESS amidst their lies, manipulations, schemes, abuse, brainwashing and other acts of corruption. They refuse to try to help themselves so they can see reality and find their way out of the darkness because they view this as being “disloyal” to the Invisible Corrupt Empire.

So they choose to continue to hate, use and abuse vulnerable people which is unreasonable and also shows a lack of common sense, compassion and morality.

Is their resistance futile or would they become heroes by standing up against this Invisible Corrupt Empire by fervently helping to end the CONSPIRACIES of promoting Parental Alienation and Fraudulent Divorce Contracts? 
Would they also restore their own self-confidence, pride and other emotions like compassion and empathy by replacing them with their emotions of hate, greed, jealousy, and their insatiable need to control and abuse?

***These senseless creatures of this Invisible Corrupt Empire THINK THEY HAVE BECOME THE LAW. Thus, they think I, and others like me who are defending our legal rights, will not be able to enforce them so they keep incriminating themselves more and more each day with their acts of NONFEASANCE and also acts showing their IMMORALITY.

Not one member of this Invisible Corrupt Empire will help me obtain my legal rights which would also be helping humanity. Regardless, I continue to fervently fight for JUSTICE with my lawsuits as I live with FREEDOM and HONESTY in my world of LOVE. 
***Their shame, guilt and the pressure from this Invisible Corrupt Empire has made the members walking mindless and heartless people and will eventually actually kill them too; just like it did my father and millions of others like him, like Hitler.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions. Founder;

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:





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