There is just ONE WORD THAT WILL TELL YOU if it is LOVE or just a bunch of LIES.

That one word is REASONABLE.

For example, if someone tells you how influential they are and how they are so important and have made great accomplishments but can’t even explain why they refuse to help YOU realize the truth and reunite with your loving, fit, honest, law-abiding Mother (father) which you alienated at the time of divorce; do you REALLY think they love you because this is NOT REASONABLE?

***They should WANT to do things that are REASONABLE and are in your BEST INTEREST and would also MAKE YOU HAPPY( even if you are in denial and deny that you would be happy because experts have PROVEN you would be and would greatly benefit in many ways by reunification.)

Many experts have PROVEN; it is not only reasonable but it is in the BEST INTEREST of children, teens and adults to be REUNITED with their loving, law-abiding Mother (father) who they were alienated from at the time of divorce.

*** Unless there have been many psychological tests and evaluations to PROVE that your Mother (father) is unfit, and dangerous; YOU KNOW OR SHOULD KNOW, you should REUNITE with them and GET AWAY from those who keep you alienated because this is harming you psychologically, emotionally and physically as you should also realize. 
SEEING THE TRUTH IS REASONABLE. Continuing to listen to liars and abusers is not.

Thus, if someone REALLY LOVES YOU, especially if they keep telling you how influential and important they are; they will help you reunite with your Mother (father); NO EXCUSES!!!
If not, they have many problems themselves like all the ones I sued who have intentionally violated many laws so they can PROFIT from my divorce in many ways.

***Abuse and stealing a loving Mother’s money and property are very serious CRIMES which people go to JAIL for. As each day goes by they are more and more likely to go to jail because they intentionally keep abusing and stealing.

***So, don’t expect abusers and thieves to LOVE. 
They just use and manipulate people because they refuse to change their criminal ways.

CRIME has become their livelihood and their way of life. Don’t think you will make them change. Usually they will only change when they are FORCED TO.

They have to be forced to stop drinking, lying, cheating and abusing others because they are in JAIL or because their false “influential” reputation has been EXPOSED.

All of the documents from my case in Los Angeles County Superior Court case‪#‎BC580980‬ clearly show the abuse, lies, cheating and corruption of many “influential” people and the organizations they control.

But remember; it takes a STRONG PERSON filled with LOVE to;
–admit the truth,
–so DIVORCE IS PROFITABLE in POSITIVE WAYS, like giving sermons, writing, having classes, discussion groups and other events to HELP children of all ages and their loving Mother (father) learn to COPE with life after divorce; NOT to perpetuate Parental Alienation so the Children of all ages and their alienated Parent suffer in many ways.

***Building a better business model instead of perpetuating Parental Alienation is an ACT OF LOVE and also being REASONABLE. 
It is giving up ruling with your authority thinking you are so influential that you will not fall and end up in jail like many other corrupt people.

Love is wanting EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL; not continuing to PROFIT at the expense of vulnerable Mothers, Fathers and their Children at the time of divorce.

So, look at a person’s actions…If they SHOW YOU, not tell you, they LOVE YOU, see if they are REASONABLE; and then you will know the TRUTH…whether they really love you as they tell you.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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