Things are getting very exciting as expected!!! Now, it appears I may also have a criminal jury trial along with my $70 million dollar civil trial for my fraudulent divorce involving parental alienation

 Now, it appears I may also have a criminal jury trial along with my $70 million dollar civil trial for my fraudulent divorce involving parental alienation by a judge, law firms, religious organizations, court-appointed therapist and many other organizations and individuals.

Some of those I sued filed false and misleading criminal allegations against me AGAIN, trying to accuse me of violating my civil restraining order AGAIN when I responded to PASTOR RICK WARREN’s emails, as my attorney Gabriel Dorman told me and I gave him a copy of the emails. All their other cases were dismissed.

FROM THE FACE of these emails, you can see that I never emailed my ex-husband or his current wife; but somehow I am accused of violating my civil restraining order by emailing PASTOR RICK WARREN and also sending his emails to others as my attorney Gabriel told me and as I have a legal right. I did not send them to my ex-husband or his current wife.

Somehow, they think I can control who PASTOR RICK WARREN and others send emails to and if they sent them to my ex-husband and his current wife, I violated my (fraudulent) civil restraining order.


PASTOR RICK WARREN’S emails discussed how I have been trying to help others understand this epidemic problem of parental alienation.

PASTOR RICK WARREN emails also discussed how my ex-husband has threatened him with acts of tax fraud and is trying to destroy me with lies.

So, as the court record reflects, my attorney Gabriel Dorman stated that I refused to take the settlement of going to therapy and doing community service and then in 6 months this case will be dismissed. BUT THEY REFUSED TO SHOW ME HOW WITH FACTS, I VIOLATED MY RESTRAINING ORDER and tell me why I (instead of them) should go to therapy and do community service.

THEY JUST MAKE UP FALSE ALLEGATIONS and when you ask them to show FACTS they can’t. Well, it looks like we will see what the jury thinks.

***Think those I sued are trying to harass me and cause me more severe emotional distress so I will drop my $70 million dollar lawsuit or they can try to claim I am unfit to have legal rights to a legal divorce and receive millions of dollars I was deprived of along with my other rights so they can all share my millions?

Stay tuned and as history has proven; the liars, cheaters and abusers commonly destroy themselves and it looks like they are very well on their way with more and more FACTS each day.

Expect those who create and perpetuate parental alienation to behave this way because they are liars, abusers and very, very sick, evil people as experts have proven.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions; Founder;

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