Things are getting very interesting as I continue to fight the Establishment to enforce my legal and Constitutional rights

Things are getting very interesting as I continue to fight the Establishment to enforce my legal and Constitutional rights to have:
1. a lawful and valid divorce contract with the NET WORTH (value) of the community estate of millions of dollars and ITS DISPOSAL completely and accurately disclosed as the law demands; 
2. AND to be compensated for being deprived of my legal and Constitutional right to receive:

A) a legal and valid divorce contract; 

B) legally calculated spousal support initially in the divorce contract and also for post contract modifications requested by my lying, cheating and abusive husband Mark Hassman (we are still married because our divorce contract is fraudulent) ; 

C) for being deprived of my custody and visitation rights;

D) for having illegal restraining orders requested by my lying, cheating and abusive husband Mark Hassman and his lying, cheating and abusive mistress Mikel Sanders-Persky and granted by corrupt Judge Claudia Silbar so I could not and still cannot attend my children’s graduations and other celebrations if they are there; even though I have been a law-abiding woman my entire life of over 50 years and NO tests were ever performed showing that I was anything but a loving, law-abiding, compassionate woman, Mother and wife.

So what do you think my lying, cheating and abusive husband Mark Hassman will do when I apply for social security benefits under HIS social security number as a “divorced spouse?”

Will my lying, cheating and abusive husband finally agree that we are not legally divorced and help me with the cooperation of the other defendants in my lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior court case#BC580980 finally rectify our fraudulent, unlawful and invalid divorce contract? 
(Please note, LASC case# BC580980 will soon have a case number from the Court of Appeals because as the facts clearly and objectively show; Judge Elizabeth White unlawfully dismissed all the defendants. Judge Elizabeth White made many very harmful errors and clearly shows she does not understand the legal interpretation and intent of several reasonable and objective laws. I am consolidating both the appeals; the one I previously filed and the one I am getting ready to file based upon Judge White’s order from February 17, 2016.)

Judge Elizabeth White seems to be part of this very corrupt, immoral and abusive Establishment like her colleague Judge Claudia Silbar who was removed from her position at the Orange County Lamoreaux Justice Courthouse. 
Will Judge White be removed soon too? 
Will these judges be put in jail? 
I know the wise and honest Judge I clerked for; the late Judge James S. Sfekas would have both of these judges thrown off the bench and sanctioned along with all the defendants.

As an Officer of the Court a judge has an obligation to report all judges and defendants who commit criminal, fraudulent and abusive acts to the CRIMINAL DIVISION; which Judge Sfekas would do as a law-abiding Judge in a civil courtroom.

The role of the Government, which clearly includes Judges who are employed by the Government; is to uphold the law and protect its citizens; NOT abuse them and take advantage of them so they can profit and obtain personal satisfaction. This is not democracy and justice but abuse and entitlement.

I am fighting the Establishment and will unite honest, loving, law-abiding Mothers (fathers) who have been deprived of receiving a lawful and valid divorce contract and been alienated from their children of all ages. 

The corrupt Establishment hoped the Parental Alienation would make the Mother (father) so distraught that she would not be able to enforce her legal and Constitutional rights. Then as planned, the Establishment would be able to keep the very emotionally distraught Mother’s 50% community property interest from the divorce so they can Profit at her expense and also use and abuse her Children.

What a deal for the lying, dishonest and abusive Establishment; kill two birds with one stone… torture the loving, law-abiding Mother (father) and keep her 50% community property and also use and abuse her children AND GET TAX WRITE-OFF for this by hiding the her 50% of the community money and property in the Synagogues,’ Churches’ and Private Schools’ charitable agreements. This is characteristic of what VERY MENTALLY SICK PEOPLE DO.

As experts have proven, a reasonable, honest and compassionate person will HELP a Mother rectify her fraudulent divorce contract; 
HELP a Mother understand the reason her Children suddenly alienated her at the time of the divorce; 
HELP a Mother (father) try to reunite with her Children;
and HELP rescind unlawful restraining orders issued against a loving, honest, law-abiding Mother whose Children thrived in many positive ways when she was part of their life.

As experts have proven, a reasonable, honest and compassionate person would not deny these facts and the harms they have caused and continue to cause daily. They certainly would not SECRETLY HIDE the Mother’s money and property in ‘charitable’ agreements and take tax write-off for doing this too.

The CONTENT of my divorce contract shows the net worth of the community estate and its disposal were never established and that I was unlawfully deprived of custody and visitation and other legal and Constitutional rights. Other court documents which are all part of public records show more of the same.

If you follow the money/property trail; you will see that I did not receive my 50% community property interest worth millions of dollars as I should have; instead it is being hidden in “charitable” agreements with SINAI TEMPLE, SADDLEBACK CHURCH and CATE SCHOOL. 
When I told Judge Elizabeth White this in response to her question of why I sued these parties; she just ignored me. I even told her that they do not have a right to my money and property. 
Obviously Judge White doesn’t care and did not try to enforce justice as she is hired by the Government to do.

Judge White clearly showed she is more interested in protecting the corrupt Establishment; not the citizens of the United States. Thus, I am appealing her orders as a reasonable and honest person whose health has come back enough should do.

I am now able to use my skills and legal knowledge to enforce Justice for myself and all the others in a similar position. As experts have proven, Parental Alienation has become an epidemic problem in the US and many other countries. This form of abuse must be ended and those who commit it must be punished. This is reasonable and will make our society a better place for honest, loving, law-abiding Mothers (fathers) and their Children of all ages.

If not I, then who?

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:



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