Think I will have to take my case to the US Supreme Court in order to receive a Legal Divorce?

The hearing in Judge Elizabeth White’s courtroom today could not have gone any better. She even did more than some of us expected to incriminate those I have sued by showing their criminal and civil acts all pertaining to why I cannot receive a legal divorce.

Judge Elizabeth White continued to show how ruling with “authority” and not using “reason” is used by those in powerful positions so they abuse their police power because “this is what they say” even if it contradicts the Law and Moral Standards of Society.

I am so grateful because all these hearings are warming me up for the US Supreme Court which is where I plan to take my case if this is what it takes for me to receive a Legal Divorce as I have a legal right to receive.

Also, I will NOW have:
1) my $70 million dollar civil jury trial in LASC case ‪#‎BC580980‬;

2) a criminal jury trial regarding my ex-husband’s allegations that I “impersonated Pastor Rick Warren” and sent his emails to others and this violated his (unlawful) restraining order that was granted against me by (corrupt) Judge Silbar without any legal or rational basis because this somehow shows I contacted him and upset him. “Poor baby” don’t you agree… my ex-husband can destroy my companionship with my Children whom I haven’t seen in over 7 years and steal millions of dollars from me causing me very serious problems; but sending these emails to others “upsets” him. Really, this is not a joke.

3) I will have an anti- SLAPP motion Appeal because SEASTOM & SEASTROM, which includes the senior partner “the big man” Phil Seastrom and also Judge White did not use this motion properly and as it is intended by the law as today’s hearing shows. There are several grounds for appeal along with other unlawful acts.

As the public record from today’s hearing in Judge White’s public courtroom will show, I stated to Judge White the following:

“I don’t understand how my legal rights to receive a valid divorce where:
a) The net worth of the community estate was never established;
b) Standards were not established regarding why I was deprived of my custody and visitation rights and haven’t seen my children in over 7 years even though I have been a law-abiding citizen; 
how this applies to SEASTROM & SEASTROM’s anti-SLAPP motion.

No wonder Judge White seemed flustered and became angry and just granted Seastrom’s anti-SLAPP motion without giving me any explanation or answers to my questions. Quite typical for those who rule with authority and not reason which violates CLEARLY DEFINED STATUTES and LAWS.

Judge White apparently did not like that I was clear, used reason and stood up for my legal rights because this will incriminate many of the Defendants I have sued including Judge Silbar whom she erroneously dismissed from the lawsuit along with her corrupt court-appointed therapist. I will post more details once my appeal is filed which will make it part of public records.

4) I may have other lawsuits and appeals too. This is getting exciting.

The long term STRATEGY of all the defendants I have sued is to get all the defendants dismissed EXCEPT my ex-husband and his current wife. Then my ex-husband can fraudulently continue to claim he is “struggling” and “insolvent” and there is not money or assets for me to receive so even a judgment in my favor would be worthless. Then my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN will share all of my 50 percent of the assets from our marriage with all the defendants who have helped him hide my assets but have fraudulently been dismissed from the lawsuit by Judge White. Well we shall see.

Do you think my Children who are now adults are also helping to hide my money and assets from the divorce that should have been distributed to me? Is this why they have continued to alienate me from their life? Have they put money ABOVE a Mother’s love?
If so, unless they become reasonable; I cannot have them part of my life because I will get sick again. Respect, love and honesty are much more important than money. So is reason and this is reasonable. Why would someone allow others to make her sick again?

The hearing went even better.
SINAI TEMPLE made a “surprise appearance” since this was supposed to be a private hearing between myself and SEASTROM & SEASTROM. I was not served documents saying the Temple was appearing and why. 
Do I just not exist and do not have any legal rights in the eyes of the Court and all the Defendants?

However, SINAI TEMPLE must not be a “privileged insider” like the law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM because Judge White did not apply the same “absolute privilege” to them but then again; maybe this is her plan on November 17, 2015 at the demurrer hearing for all the remaining defendants.

***Do you REALLY think the law protects people and organizations from their criminal acts because of some “absolute privilege” and “immunity” so they can breach their duties and violate the law? 
Is this a democracy? 
I may have to prove this in the US Supreme Court and I am ready.

I am getting closer and closer because now I will be in an appellant court. 
I just love the comment from my ex-husband’s current wife who stated in her demurrer that even if everything I have said is true, my case will not proceed due to technicalities.
I can’t wait for the appellant court and maybe the US Supreme Court to weigh in on her argument. 
Think she could go to jail with the others or she will have this “absolute privilege” and “immunity” like them too? Remember, she is probably “insolvent” like my ex-husband and Donald Trump.

Like Donald Trump; my ex-husband swore he has been “insolvent for years” and can’t pay my support and now only pays $350 every 2 weeks because this is all he can afford WITHOUT showing the required proof.
(At least Donald Trump divorced his wife legally and did not create the abuse of Parental Alienation which are things MY ex-husband appears to be incapable of doing. Do you think my ex-husband will claim the “insanity” defense because he has become insane due to all of his “mistakes” and perjury?)

Well, I believe Phil Seastrom of SEASTROM & SEASTROM and other defendants and potential defendants realize that it will take a lot more than an improperly used anti-SLAPP motion to “slap” me down.

The defendants’ pattern of behavior is becoming more and more of a problem for each of them as they are “their own worst enemy”. However, due to their “authority” they are too blind to see and to even realize what is happening in many regards and from many perspectives. Oh well.

Remember, Love, Truth and God will always prevail and today was another great day as the truth keeps becoming clearer and clearer. I still have not received a legal divorce and have had other legal rights violated too as many documents clearly show.
Have a great weekend.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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