Think Parental Alienation and Profiting from divorce is a JEWISH CONSPIRACY IN THE UNITED STATES?

Here is an email I sent to a Rabbi on the East Coast who married me which also discusses Jewish values which do not include promoting Parental Alienation.

This email is only the beginning of revealing this Jewish Conspiracy and all the synagogue members, board members, rabbis and wealthy Jews involved in promoting Parental Alienation so they can PROFIT. I hope those I have contacted prove me wrong and really do help end this abuse, terror and torture but I have my doubts. Here is the email:

Dear Rabbi Wohlberg,

I am contacting you because you married me in 1985 and you seem to be an honest, compassionate Jewish leader who can make a positive difference to Jews and others in our world if you want to and as Jews are commanded to do.

Parental Alienation is a form of abuse, terror and torture that destroys the sacred bond between a loving, law-abiding Mother (father) and their child, teen or young adult at the time of divorce so the father and others helping him can PROFIT as many therapists and other experts have proven. (

This form of abuse, terror and torture is affecting millions of families today and has been going on in the JEWISH COMMUNITY since the 1970’s. (…/Chapter-2-for-WEBPAGEThe-New-R…)

As any reasonable, compassionate person knows; it is in the best interest of children to be loved by BOTH of their parents at the time of divorce and thereafter.

It is sick, immoral and unconscionable for the father to use and abuse the children and their loving Mother so he does not have to pay alimony, can steal her marital assets and can obtain other monetary and other benefits by telling the children lies, having schemes and manipulating them so they alienate their Mother.

As result both the children and their loving Mother suffer emotionally, psychologically, physically and in many other ways as experts have proven.(

I have found JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS refuse to acknowledge this epidemic form of abuse, terror and torture called Parental Alienation commonly created at the time of divorce and REFUSE to help the Children and their loving Mother (father) reunite because they are PROFITING using their 501(c)(3) agreements to hide and steal the loving, law-abiding Mother’s assets, savings, income.

This is not what Judaism teaches but repudiates and does not represent Jewish values. Parental Alienation promotes abuse, terror and torture and is a CRIME. Is this the way Jewish Congregations practice Judaism today and therefore have become terrorist organizations?

Is this what Beth Tfiloh promotes too or is your synagogue different and really does promote Jewish values?

Since you married me in 1985 and I have been a compassionate, honest, law-abiding woman my entire life and have stood up for truth and justice, will you Rabbi Wohlberg help me reunite with my three children? This is all I ask. Would you be willing to do this?

THE HORROR OF THE EXTINCTION OF YOUR CHILD’S LIFE, no matter what age, is what Parental Alienation is to the Mother (father) who has been alienated since the time of the divorce.

Parental Alienation is like a death to the loving, law-abiding, Mother (father) who raised her Children teaching them important lessons including the importance of good values and character while setting the example herself.

Any loving, law-abiding Parent understands this emotion and understands that taking Children AWAY from their loving Mother (father) can ONLY be carried out by VERY SICK CRIMINALS. It is a CRIME to take Children away from their loving Mother (father) as any reasonable person knows and ALOLPH HILTER showed the world.

This horror at the extinction of life causes “a severance, a spiritual wound, which like a physical wound is sometimes fatal, sometimes heals, but ALWAYS aches.”-Tolstoy

Please Rabbi Wohlberg contact me soon so we can discuss this and hopefully you will fervently agree to help me reunite with my Children. Maybe with your help I can talk to my Children and wish them a Happy Passover. That would be wonderful, don’t you agree?

Rabbi Wohlberg, can you even imagine not seeing and spending time with your Children for eight (8) years? I remember your children. I also remember the hot red firebird sports car you bought from my father Stanley Penn.

Rabbi Wohlberg, I hope you prove that you are the strong and honest Rabbi I remember and truly practice the strong Jewish values you preach by setting the example for others to follow.
Yours truly, 
Sara Hassman


Comment: Thanks Marissa for sharing so we can educate others and end this horror, torture and terror of Parental Alienation and call the Jewish Organizations and leaders what they truly are…Terrorists. I hope the Jewish Organizations and leaders prove me wrong but so far, none of them have. They just ignore me and try to silence me. Disgraceful beyond words.

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:



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