Think the law firms Seastrom, Seastrom & Tuttle and Nemecek &Cole will be criminally liable and their lawyers will go to jail?

The law firms Seastrom, Seastrom & Tuttle and Nemecek &Cole swear that my lawsuits are BASELESS because I DON’T have:

1) a fraudulent and invalid divorce judgment because a law-abiding Wife and Mother is a SLAVE and does not have any legal rights to receive her assets;


2) the right to even see her children anymore since they STRATEGIZED to help their client crooked MARK F. HASSMAN, who is legally STILL my husband, obtain unlawful and unconscionable RESTRAINING ORDERS at the time of divorce.

Also, law firm founders and experienced lawyers:
along with the experienced lawyer

all PERSONALLY swore that my lawsuits are “baseless.” 
 You know that they know with all of their legal education and legal experiences that Perjury and Obstruction of Justice along with Abuse, Terror, Torture and Oppression are very serious CRIMINAL ACTS which they can all be held criminally liable for by going to JAIL and facing other sanctions.

Think their acts show there is an ONGOING CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY TOO? 
Then they can also be held liable under RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) which will put them behind bars probably for the rest of their lives.

So you think they should represent the DEMOCRATS against PRESIDENT TRUMP because the crooked media and others are claiming PRESIDENT TRUMP’S allegations of OBAMA WIRETAPPING are “baseless” and these law firms and lawyers seem to have their LIES AND IMMORAL STRATEGIES to try to SILENCE THE TRUTH down pat.

A reasonable law firm and its lawyers WOULD NEVER try to as 
 PHILIP G. SEASTROM swore under oath on His Personal Declaration,
“Seastrom on behalf of Mr. Hassman [Mark F. Hassman], filed such things as requests to reduce spousal support and restraining orders against Ms. Hassman [Sara Hassman], all of which were granted. “
Thus, PHILIP G. SEASTROM is bragging that all these restraining orders were granted so that Sara Hassman, a loving, law-abiding Mother cannot attend graduations and other events of her children because their client, the crooked MARK F. HASSMAN, is present.

MARSHALL R. COLE swore under oath on His Personal Declaration, that his law firm NEMECEK & COLE:

1) “formulated litigation strategy, engaged in decision-making, prepared and filed numerous pleadings…strictly on behalf of Seastrom [its client].”

2) “has thus far, filed such things as an ex parte application for extension of time and a special motion to strike, both of which were granted.”

Now, MARSHALL R. COLE is bragging that all his law firm’s motions were granted so that Sara Hassman, a loving, law-abiding Mother cannot attend graduations and other events of her children because Seastrom’s client, the crooked MARK F. HASSMAN, is present. 
ALSO, MARSHALL R. COLE is bragging that Sara Hassman has no legal right to receive her assets from her divorce and should just be THROWN OUT ON THE STREET without any financial support from her savings, retirement, property and other assets from her marriage of over 20 years which is still ongoing. 
Also, she has no right to see her children now that she is [unlawfully] divorced.

*******Think these law firms and their founders are involved in SELLING THE CHILDREN and PROFITING from forcing the children to commit criminal and immoral acts?

It gets even worse for these very experienced and prominent law firms and their founders because NEMECEK & COLE’S experienced attorney MARK SCHAEFFER also swore under oath on His Personal Declaration;

” That Nemecek & Cole has never been listed on this court’s docket as a party to Sara’s” [Sara Hassman’s] pending appeal is additional indicia that Sara did not appeal Nemecek & Cole’s anti-SLAPP order or advise the court or Nemecek & Cole that Nemecek & Cole is a party to the appeal.” Really? 
This is ridiculous and also not what many public records show.
Plus, this and his other legal allegations are not credible or supported with credible evidence; just made up and are “baseless.”

This shows a PATTERN of corrupt and immoral behavior too by this lawyer, his law firm and other law firms, judges and other defendants in my state and federal lawsuits too.

Further, experienced attorney MARK SCHAEFFER and ALL OF MY OTHER DEFENDANTS know perjury and obstruction of justice along with abuse, terror, torture and oppression are CRIMINAL ACTS of which all of them can be held criminally responsible for by going to JAIL and facing other sanctions.

Again, think this shows an ONGOING CONSPIRACY where ALL OF THEM can also be held liable under RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) which will put them behind bars probably for the rest of their lives.

Lawyers and Judges have a duty to PROTECT the innocent from INJUSTICE. They also have a duty to PROTECT the weak from oppression; this includes millions of children suffering from Parental Alienation.
Lawyers and Judges and others in the United States also have no legal right and no immunity for SELLING CHILDREN into SLAVERY and profiting from CRIMINAL and IMMORAL ACTS like Obstruction of Justice and Perjury.

***Why would LAWYERS and JUDGES and my crooked husband MARK F. HASSMAN even WANT me to continue to be alienated from my children for over 8 years now and not be allowed to attend graduations and other celebrations and events if he is present? 
Shouldn’t they try to help us reunite and rescind any outstanding restraining orders? 
Remember, I am a law-abiding Woman and Mother who helped her children thrive in my positive and important ways as overwhelming evidence shows.
Also, REASONABLE PEOPLE should ENCOURAGE the reunification of loving, law-abiding Sara Hassman and her children and millions like them suffering from Parental Alienation and fraudulent divorce judgments.

I am thrilled more and more of the truth is being exposed and I am holding all of them accountable for the horrific harms they have caused individuals like myself and society.

***BUT WHERE ARE ALL THE JEWISH LEADERS AND JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS who are taught to defend those who are suffering from corruption?

Many facts show these so-called JEWS are PROFITING from this corruption and are trying to destroy those who are exposing the truth like me. 
They aren’t JEWS; they are corrupt terrorists profiting from these criminal and immoral activities just as HITLER did.

On a lighter note, my birthday was this week and I received many good wishes and had a lot of fun. 
Last night a very special friend of mine and I went to see the famous jazz musician GEORGE BENSON at the beautiful Saban Theater in Beverly Hills.
 The concert was fabulous and we enjoyed a nice “birthday” dinner at the wonderful restaurant inside the theater before the concert. We had shrimp cocktail with our red wine to begin and the shrimp were very large and sweet. Then my friend ordered grilled salmon, I ordered prime rib and we had vegetables too all in the atmosphere of music and the beautiful art deco theater.

Aside from George Benson’s award winning and fabulous music; I also love his attitude and demeanor. His band is amazing and he gave each member time in the spotlight to share their talent. He is not afraid to help other artists become more well-known and promote their career. As my friend said, it is NOT all about him although of course he was in the spotlight for the huge majority of the concert. It takes a strong, confident, kind person to have these qualities. 
I have so much respect for George Benson; not only for his music but also for his beautiful and outstanding character.

I hope all of you are doing fun and worthwhile things like me and always remember as my GRANDFATHER BEN taught me; defend your good values and character because without them you have nothing. Don’t worry what corrupt people do because that is beyond your control. Just know that when you give them enough time and rope; they will hang themselves and each other as history, my past and now my current situation is showing.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).



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