This is how MY BEAUTIFUL, SMART, CONFIDENT TEEN DAUGHTER was able to be BRAINWASHED into being SEXUALLY ABUSED by her evil, sick, manipulative father MARK HASSMAN and others he DEMANDED and how my WONDERFUL SONS were BRAINWASHED to participate.

I don’t know when this sexual abuse began but my sick, evil, manipulative husband MARK HASSMAN, encouraged MY DAUGHTER AND SONS to be disrespectful and disobedient to me. Of course, I became angry and also I developed seizures. Thus, he was STARTING THE PARENTAL ALIENATION.
Further, sick, evil, manipulative MARK HASSMAN unreasonably refused to participate in any family therapy and was UNDERMINING ALL MY EFFORTS to enforce respectful, civil and compassionate behavior and lessons I was teaching MY CHILDREN. At the same time; I was very concerned with my own health because I developed seizures from this terror as my medical records prove.
The teenage and young adult period is a difficult time to begin with so what my evil, sick, manipulative husband MARK HASSMAN did was alienated all my children from me, their loving Mother by BRIBING judges and lawyers to deny me of custody and also visitation WITHOUT any tests or any reasonable or rational basis.
Then sick, evil, manipulative MARK HASSMAN started to AND STILL DOES: 1) SPY ON ALL OF US and 2) HACK ALL OF US so he knows WHAT we are doing; thinking and who we are associating with.
Then he THREATENS THEM, to either disassociate with us or be disrespectful to us.
What this did to MY CHILDREN was DESTROY THEIR CONFIDENCE which I had instilled in them as their full-time, stay-at-home Mother.
For MY DAUGHTER, he destroyed all healthy friendships and potential relationships. Then he came in as the “hero” to “rescue her” and teach her sexual ways. He also encouraged and demanded her to learn from his “friends” who are all part of this JEWISH PARENTAL ALIENATION CONSPIRACY which secretly promotes and profits from this EPIDEMIC problem of TERROR.
For MY ELDEST SON, he encouraged to my shock, pornography. One of the last memories I have before my divorce proceeding started was MY DAUGHTER, who I still had a loving companionship with at that time, told me that my eldest son at CATE SCHOOL, the college preparatory boarding school, had pornographic pictures on his dorm walls and that I must get him to take them down. I AGREED with her and told her that I could not force him but I would talk to him and also the school which I did. I do not know what transpired because I was ILLEGALLY PROHIBITED from coming to the school to see my children due to some ILLEGAL COURT ORDER. But, I can guess that the photos remained.
The point is that my sick, evil, manipulative husband MARK HASSMAN was TEACHING MY ELDEST SON to see women as sex objects; not as beautiful, kind loving people who should be RESPECTED, APPRECIATED and LOVED.
MY YOUNGEST SON I believe refused to go along with this SEXUAL ABUSE which is why the photos I took at CATE SCHOOL, when I made a surprise visit on the advice of a professional, prove he was forced to sleep outside on a bare mattress, without any covers, near a sewage drain and among other hazards. NO RABBI OR ANY JEWISH OR OTHER PERSON or ORGANIZATION CARED and they shamefully STILL DON’T. My therapist was helping me cope and I believe this is when I started my Website and Facebook page.
ALL MY CHILDREN WERE TAKEN FROM MY LOVE. Their SELF-ESTEEM and their reasonable, rational and loving thoughts and behaviors I taught them were being DESTROYED and they were being TAUGHT or RE-PROGRAMMED to allow this SEXUAL, EMOTIONAL and PHYSICAL ABUSE by their sick, evil father MARK HASSMAN. 
Thus, I highly recommend to MY CHILDREN and other alienated children, TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE and start communicating with your loving, law-abiding alienated Mother (or father). RESTORE LOVE in your life.
Remember, my sick, evil, manipulative husband and father of our Children MARK HASSMAN still hires SPIES to spy on us and also HACKS all of us because he still tries to CONTROL all of us and continue this very WELL-DOCUMENTED Parental Alienation and his and others heinous acts of SEXUAL, EMOTIONAL and PHYSICAL ABUSE which are all part of this TERROR of PARENTAL ALIENATION.
I hope this post helps many and please share so other do not fall prey and can begin to help themselves and heal.
As always, none of this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,



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