This is STRAIGHT-UP PAY TO PLAY in all the Jewish Organizations in the United States and with those they have entwined themselves with.

If you want the Jewish leaders to help you PROFIT FROM DIVORCE, sure, why not.

*********You just have to be prepared to “sacrifice” your Children by willingly, intentionally and very maliciously agreeing to destroy their heart, mind and soul while doing the same to their Mother whom you want to DIVORCE FOR A PROFIT. This is the game while pretending to be righteous Jews and professionals.

Think it is a CONFLICT OF INTEREST to have therapy with a Wife/Mother suffering from Parental Alienation and then email her for several years pretending to care about her well-being while AT THE SAME TIME secretly making agreements with her husband, his mistress, judges, law firms, Bank of America, the court-appointed therapist, nonprofit schools like Emory University and Cate School, executives and joint venture partners, the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Times and others to secretly hide the truth and steal her assets so she becomes financially devastated too; along with emotionally devastated from the Parental Alienation as planned?

Think this is being “influential?” 
Apparently the Los Angeles Business Journal does because as the facebook page of RABBI DAVID WOLPE of SINAI TEMPLE states; they named him as one of LA’s 500 most influential. 
This rabbi and others too are paid to create and promote Parental Alienation, fraudulent Divorce Contracts and resulting Marriage Fraud along with hacking and harassing the Wife/Mother so he can try to silence her from exposing this truth about all the Jewish Organizations in the United States, yes all.

The sad part is that RABBI DAVID WOLPE is stupid enough or corrupt and greedy enough to keep this job. His wife divorced him for this reason is the word on the street.
Who would want to be married to a rabbi who is actually a lying, cheating, manipulative, abuser and thief while pretending to be righteous?

Apparently the Los Angeles Business Journal thinks these values and character are deemed “influential.”

The Los Angeles Business Journal must also think it is “influential” to LAUNDER MONEY from illegal activities including stealing the assets of a Wife/Mother at the time of divorce while she is suffering from the abuse and emotional torture of Parental Alienation this “influential” rabbi caused and perpetuates daily.

******So what’s wrong with Parental Alienation if it allows these so-called Jews the father and the other professionals mentioned to profit by secretly stealing the property, income, savings, retirement and other assets of the Wife/Mother at the time of divorce and thereafter?
          If the Wife/Mother refuses go along with this Jewish gang by continuing this cycle of abuse, terror, torture and oppression for a profit; well too bad for her. She deserves to be harmed and alienated from her Children regardless of the law. 
We are the law.

Apparently the Los Angeles Business Journal also thinks it is influential that RABBI DAVID WOLPE has SECRETLY entwined his professional responsibilities with those of other professionals so all of them can profit at the expense of this Wife/Mother and her Children thereby making Parental Alienation and fraudulent Divorce Contracts an epidemic problem in the United States which includes the Jewish Community.

This is viewed as “ethical” and entitles Sinai Temple to sponsor a trip for RABBI DAVID WOLPE with his brother PAUL WOLPE, the Chair of the Ethics Dept. at Emory University.

The stated purpose of the trip was to go all the way to South Africa, not to places in the United States, to teach ethics. This is not a joke, they really went all the way to South Africa which their organizations paid for.

Think RABBI DAVID WOLPE with his brother PAUL WOLPE stopped in Kenya to LAUNDER MONEY and PICK UP SOME DRUGS to bring back to the states to make their “ethics” trip a profitable trip too? 

Think they brought back some SEX SLAVES too? Does their Jewish friend Wall Street executive Jeffrey Epstein need more sex slaves on his island which has not been shut down and he has not been indicted either?

So why do all of these Jews and the professionals entwined with them refuse to discuss Parental Alienation, refuse to reunite law-abiding Mothers with their Children and refuse to end the illegal use of nonprofit agreements to secretly steal the Mothers’ assets?

This is STRAIGHT-UP PAY TO PLAY and since these honest, law-abiding Mothers refuse to pay to play in this game of abuse and corruption; the Jews and the professionals entwined with them will try to silence these Mothers so they can keep playing to illegally and immorally profit. 

Why should they care about harming the heart, mind and soul of the Children and their loving Mother? Either you pay to play or they will use and abuse you. That is it; you have no other choices in their world of corruption.

HOWEVER, TRUTH AND LOVE KNOW NO BOUNDARIES as honest, loving, law-abiding Mothers know.

So, no matter what these so-called Jews do along with those they have entwined themselves with and no matter whom the Los Angeles Business Journal thinks is “influential,” the truth will set them straight; straight to jail.

Maybe crooked Hillary will be there too due to her many secret servers and they can share notes on their pay to play schemes while pretending to be “ethical” and professional.

As always none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences including facts about those in the Establishment.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:




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