This post is a good summary of the TERROR of Parental Alienation and the song describes the mindset of those who SPONSOR THIS TERRORISM. They think they are too smart and powerful to get caught when they are their own worst enemy. They just think they can profit by terrorizing loving, law-abiding people and at the same time be happy and have peace and pride for their accomplishments. Oh well, what a fool believes.

Lawsuits and undeniable facts already in public records prove Corporate Fraud, Public Corruption, Civil Rights Violations and a CONSPIRACY of judges; lawyers, executives; the court-appointed therapist; religious organizations and their religious leaders and members; other nonprofit organizations including nonprofit schools; Bank of America and others BEGINNING at the time the husband, a Harvard Chief Financial Officer, Certified Public Accountant, Investment and Tax Expert wanted a divorce from his twenty (20) year marriage to his Wife and Mother of their three (3) Children and CONTINUING INDEFINITELY so they could PROFIT by STEALING and KEEPING her fifty percent (50%) legal interest in the income and marital assets of the Community Estate worth many, many millions of dollars.

THE INTENT OF SAID CONSPIRACY which is very much alive today is to:
1) NEVER ALLOW said Wife/Mother to REUNITE with her three Children so she is KEPT in a state of Emotional Distress and Terror along with the Children who they have turned into criminals for committing several crimes including but not limited to hiding and stealing their own Mother’s assets as many documents prove; and
2) NEVER GIVE said Wife/Mother any marital income and assets worth many, many millions of dollars, not even retirement or savings and just throw her out on the street like a slave hoping she will die or become so distraught that she will be as good as dead.
Thus, she will not only be emotionally distressed but will also be financially distressed. This is the intent of said Conspiracy.
Said acts of this Conspiracy are also deemed ATTEMPTED MURDER as the Holocaust and Experts have proven. Specifically, at the time of the divorce when said TERROR of Parental Alienation began; said Wife/Mother was very sick with seizures for five (5) years as her medical records prove. Further, the HOLOCAUST and MANY EXPERTS have proven and REASONABLE PEOPLE know that the loss of a Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son companionship is TERROR and DEVASTATION for both the Mother and Children.

In other words, said Harvard Financial and Investment Expert Husband/Father and the others in said Conspiracy of Sponsoring the Terror of Parental Alienation, did not want to give his said Wife/Mother :1) her Constitutional Rights to Custody and Visitation and; 2) her Legal Right to her 50% interest in the Community Estate worth many, many millions of dollars from their marriage of twenty(20) years which legally is still ongoing due to crimes of racketeering, fraud, theft, extortion, intentional infliction of emotional distress, perjury, abuse of process, obstruction of justice, malicious prosecution and others.
Instead, overwhelming documents in public records, including the divorce judgment itself, undeniably prove said Harvard Chief Financial Officer, Certified Public Accountant, Investment and Tax Expert Husband/Father formed a CONSPIRACY with those mentioned above. The clear purposes and intentions of said Conspiracy are to secretly SPONSOR the epidemic problem of TERROR called PARENTAL ALIENATION so they could THEN STEAL and KEEP said Wife/ Mother’s fifty percent (50%) interest in the Community Estate worth many, many millions of dollars as joint tax returns, individual tax returns, trust documents, corporate documents, retirement plans, bank records, financial records, income and expense declarations and many other documents prove including many signed under penalty of perjury.
Said Wife/Mother who is known for her loving, law-abiding character and who even said Husband/Father described in an email in public records as being an “integral part of the positive upbringing of our three children,” was at the time of divorce as maliciously planned by said Conspiracy, so distraught from the sudden loss of her companionships with her three children that she couldn’t focus or see straight and was trying to cope with therapy and medication. She DEVELOPED SEIZURES due to said intentional infliction of emotional distress due to the loss of the companionships of her three children due to these acts of TERROR called Parental Alienation. Thus she reasonably relied on the fiduciary duty and professional oaths of those mentioned above to treat her honestly and fairly and not take advantage of her which they breached.
Our laws in America, which is a country founded upon the Democratic values of truth; honesty; equal rights; family; love; and justice; do not allow anyone to SPONSOR TERRORISM.

Don’t forget this abuse:Sinai Temple’s act of prohibiting Defendant Sara Hassman from attending public and private events, even religious services since October 27, 2012 without any reasonable explanation.

Then Sinai Temple’s acts of blocking said Def
endant’s emails and refusing to return her voice messages made merely to reasonably understand what she could have possibly done to be prohibited from coming to the Temple.

Cate School prohibiting Defendant from suddenly going there to visit her son without first giving notice and then having approval due to their hiding abusive behaviors.
The photographs in EXHIBIT #7 show how said minor son, with his heart condition, was forced to live at said school, which is a college preparatory boarding high school and with the knowledge and approval of Mark F. Hassman, his pretend current wife, Rabbi David Wolpe of Sinai Temple and others. Defendant Sara Hassman’s emails and telephone calls could not remove said minor son from this abusive environment. This is all in public records.

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,

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