This post is about JEWS, RABBIS, SINAI TEMPLE, RABBI DAVID WOLPE and the lies, yes lies, the Jews at the AIPAC convention are protesting about against DONALD TRUMP.

I am writing with a very heavy heart as I am a Jew and so disgusted with all of those I just mentioned along with ALL the Jewish Leaders and Organizations in the United States as I will explain.

ALL the Jewish leaders in the US are not even practicing the basic teachings of Judaism but instead are TERRORIZING, TORTURING, ABUSING and trying to INTIMIDATE and MANIPULATE others including vulnerable children of divorce and their Mother so that they support their sick behaviors including PARENTAL ALIENATION and USING 501(C) (3) AGREEMENTS SO THESE JEWS CAN PROFIT FROM DIVORCE. [Los Angeles County Superior Court ‪#‎BC580980‬]

As the IRREFUTABLE FACTS of my lawsuit show in Los Angeles County Superior Court #BC580980; the net worth (value) of my community estate worth millions of dollars and its disposal from my marriage of over 20 years were never established…All a person has to do is look at the divorce contract signed by the judge, and the law firms, to see this; no witnesses are needed. Tax returns, income and expense declarations and other documents signed under the penalty of perjury clearly show the community estate was worth many millions of dollars.
The community estate was under my husband’s control. My husband MARK HASSMAN is a Certified Public Accountant, graduate of the Harvard business school and a very successful Chief Financial Officer. 
It was reasonable that he, MARK HASSMAN was the spouse to handle the marital finances with all of his education and experience. It was also reasonable that I trusted him since marriage is supposed to be based upon trust and SHARING the family responsibilities. Marriage is not based upon having to go behind each other’s back.

***Further, a husband has a fiduciary duty to treat his wife with the “highest good faith and fair dealing” and not take “advantage” of her. This extends to the time of divorce regarding matters of the community estate, custody and visitation and other divorce issues. [California Family Code Sections 720 and 721]

Accordingly, I am not divorced because my divorce contract is not lawful or valid, despite the FACT that it was signed by the judge and law firms who also have fiduciary and other legal duties to follow the law and obtain a legal divorce contract which they were hired to do.
Please note: I hired my law firm (The law offices of Alan Shifman) to obtain a legal divorce contract so I would be legally divorced. 
I reasonably assumed my husband hired his law firm (Seastrom & Seastrom) for the same purpose. 
Furthermore, lawyers know it is illegal for them to use their practice to help a client violate the law. 
Therefore, if my husband SECRETLY hired his law firm (Seastrom & Seastrom) to hide community property and income and cheat me out of my 50 percent interest worth millions of dollars and NOT obtain a legal but instead a fraudulent divorce contract, this is illegal as any reasonable person knows and the law firm and its lawyers will be held accountable.

In addition, the law firm I hired, (The law offices of Alan Shifman) clearly went along with cheating me and violating the law and will be held accountable too. 
This is Justice.

Thus, do you think the millions of dollars from my community estate from my marriage of over 20 years just disappeared? Remember I am still married and the community estate assets and income are still accruing.

The community assets and income are in 501(c)(3) agreements at SINAI TEMPLE and also at SADDLEBACK VALLEY COMMUNITY CHURCH. However, for the past several years, since I discovered this; not one Jewish Leader, Jewish Organization or Pastor Rick Warren and others from Saddleback Valley Community Church will help me completely and accurately disclose the “contributions” made by my husband or someone or an entity on his behalf.

I even posted a week ago on SINAI TEMPLE’s new facebook page a post asking them:

1) Why they continue to illegally hide community property at the time of divorce and thereafter in their 501(c)(3) agreements INSTEAD of helping to end this illegal practice which is financially and in many other ways harming Mothers. They know that this is not the intended purpose of their non-profit status and the intended purpose of 501(c)(3) agreements. They also know they should not be PROFITING by cheating Mothers out of their property, savings and income. This is not what Judaism or any other reasonable religion condones; this is what is adamantly repudiated.

2) Why they refuse to discuss PARENTAL ALIENATION and help law-abiding Mothers and their Children reunite.

***Parental Alienation is used to make the Mother so distraught, tortured and terrorized that she suffers emotionally and psychologically and is clearly very unlikely to be able to figure out all this abuse and corruption AND defend her legal rights too.

I am just so grateful I did recover enough and also have the legal skills and education to defend my Legal and Constitutional rights and those of millions of others who are unable but are suffering and have suffered.

Anyway, Sinai Temple once again ignored my reasonable questions and refused to even post my questions on their facebook page.

But it gets much worse for SINAI TEMPLE and RABBI DAVID WOLPE their senior rabbi.
I have been asking many at Sinai Temple and national Jewish Organizations for the past several years to:

1) Explain to me why I was suddenly banned from going to Sinai Temple for services and other events like I had been doing and even volunteering when I am an honest, compassionate, law-abiding Jew. They never responded.

2) Explain to me why they refuse to acknowledge the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation which has been a problem in the Jewish community for decades and try to help resolve it.]

3) Explain to me why they refuse to stop RABBI DAVID WOLPE from hacking my computer. 
When I separated from my husband and moved to Los Angeles in 2008, I consulted Rabbi David Wolpe for therapy regarding how to cope with Parental Alienation and asking him to help me reunite with my children and cope with divorce. ***Thus, Rabbi David Wolpe owes me a fiduciary duty as my rabbi and therapist.

Continuing, Rabbi David Wolpe suggested that I come to services and other events at Sinai Temple and get involved in the synagogue since I am new to Los Angeles. 
Rabbi David Wolpe also suggested that I email him regularly so he can help me cope with the Parental Alienation. I listened to him and did. Thus, since 2008, Rabbi David Wolpe and I have emailed each other about various topics including: Parental Alienation; Religion; Literature; Current Events; Social; and we even joked with each other. He has a very keen sense of humor I discovered.

Then several years ago, while I was waiting to enter Sinai Temple for Saturday services, I was suddenly told I could no longer come to Sinai Temple anymore for any events and could no longer volunteer either. I have never been given any explanation by anyone at Sinai Temple or any other Jewish Organizations in Los Angeles or the entire United States. Also, why was I told this information about being banned when I was all dressed up ready to enter for services and not at a more appropriate time?

This situation involving Sinai Temple became much worse: 
Rabbi David Wolpe began HACKING my computer. However, those at Sinai Temple and all across the US whom I contacted refused and still refuse to acknowledge his hacking and help me resolve it.

As just one example, Rabbi David Wolpe has taken over my Pandora and Google sites even as recently as yesterday. 
Rabbi David Wolpe plays songs acting like he is in love with me, wants to dance with me, marry me, that I am his girl, to rescue him and tells me to go his way, be happy and move on. I tell him through Google that he has characteristics of a narcissist, sociopath and psychopath and that if he is interested in a relationship with me, he must change first and to please get the appropriate professional help. He must prove to me he will help end Parental Alienation and the illegal use of 501(c)(3) agreements.

I told Rabbi David Wolpe yesterday that I am not communicating with him and I am just listening to my music so to stay out of my Pandora. Of course he did not listen. He thinks it is fun to harass me but tells me he needs my help and guidance. 
***This is the typical manipulation of a sociopath and psychopath which I have tried to make him realize and to go for help.

***You may ask why I even bother to respond to him and the songs he plays. I do so for several reasons:
First, he has told me he is very “influential” and I would really like him to use his influence as a Rabbi should to help end the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation and the epidemic problem of the illegal use of 501(c)(3) agreements.

Second, as a Jew who follows the basic teachings as I do; you are supposed to help another who you know has gone down an immoral path, regain their footing so they can lead a moral life. 
Rabbi David Wolpe and I both realized over the years that although I was the one who approached him for therapy; we have discovered that he is also one in great need of therapy. We became each other’s guide at different stages of our lives. But, he refuses to be reasonable, honest, and moral and I refuse to compromise my honesty and morality so he harasses me and not one Jewish Leader or Jewish Organization who is also aware of his hacking has stepped forward to help me and also help him get the therapy he needs.

Rabbi David Wolpe also works for the Los Angeles Times as a ghostwriter for the comics, horoscopes, putting headlines together and the single “love is” comic which usually appears in the business section. He has a very sharp sense of humor as I enjoyed in many of our email conversations for years. Thus, he tries to influence me (and I am sure others too) by using the Los Angeles Times. In my situation, specific comics, my horoscope and the single “love is” comic often follow his Pandora and my Google responses. As just one example; when I posted on my facebook post a few days ago that I was going to write this week about ghostwriting, Rabbi David Wolpe responded the next day with the Marmaduke comic strip about being a “traitor.” There are so many more which follow his songs and my Google responses.

Thus, last night as Rabbi David Wolpe’s Pandora songs and my Google responses show; I told him that I really do not like this war we are in, even though I have a very strong legal case. I told him I would be willing to overlook some acts and end my lawsuit if he was willing to use his influence to abolish the illegal use of 501(c)(3) agreements and abolish the use of Parental Alienation and join me in helping to change these laws NOW to PRESERVE HUMANITY from having to continue to suffer from these horrible abuses. 
Rabbi David Wolpe responded showing his improbity, irresponsibility and lack of compassion with the song “Dream on.” Needless to say, I was and continue to be furious and extremely disappointed since this is not the way a rabbi or any religious leader should act.

To make matters worse for SINAI TEMPLE, RABBI DAVID WOLPE and ALL OF THE JEWISH LEADERS; many Jews are protesting today outside the AIPAC convention regarding LIES about DONALD TRUMP.
To begin, it is stated on Rabbi David Wolpe’s facebook page today that; “Each year Sinai Temple is proud to bring the largest delegation to AIPAC.” Thus, Rabbi David Wolpe and Sinai Temple are again involved in more lies.
Donald Trump has clearly stated REPEATEDLY that he does not support the KKK, which is what these Jews claim they are protesting about.

***These Jews are REALLY protesting against Donald Trump because he wants to end the illegal use of 501(c)(3) agreements regarding the superPACs and ALSO how 501(c)(3) agreements are used to LAUNDER MONEY. 
Thus, if Donald Trump becomes President, the Jews (and others in the Establishment and others too) will no longer be able to PROFIT from the illegal use of 501(c)(3) agreements as MY LAWSUIT SHOWS THEY DO. As I have written before, what else are they laundering with their 501(c)(3) agreements; drug money, money from terrorist governments and terrorist organizations; money from other criminal activity?
*** These protests at the AIPAC just involve more lies and secrets by these so-called Jews.

Well I am disgusted as a true Jew who follows the basic teachings of Judaism which is to be honest, kind, compassionate and to treat others as you want to be treated. 
Thus, I continue to fight with pride and dignity for my Legal and Constitutional rights to be able to be legally divorced.

I also continue to fight with pride and dignity to end the form of abuse called Parental Alienation and the illegal use of 501(c)(3) agreements because I AM an honest, kind, compassionate Jew who treats others as I want to be treated myself.

With a very, very heavy heart, as always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences of which I have many because I accept my challenges with pride and dignity and I focus my mind being reasonable, objective and I have love in my heart.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;


If Rabbi David Wolpe, Sinai Temple and other Jews felt so strongly about Israel why didn’t they show their support to Netanyahu when he came to speak about NOT supporting the Iranian deal. All the Jews remained silent and most if not all of the Jews in Congress supported it. Don’t lie just like you lie about your illegal use of your non-profit status and your 501c3 agreements as my lawsuit against Sinai Temple clearly shows. [Los Angeles County Superior Court case #BC580980.


Dear Unfortunately Peanutbutter:

Rabbi David Wolpe communicates with me using those and others as well and yes I have examples. My lawsuit is about how Rabbi David Wolpe and others from Sinai Temple, judges, law firms, the court-appointed therapist, executives, corporate owners, joint venture partners, non-profit schools, Saddleback Valley Community Church, my husband and his mistress and others too terrorize, torture, abuse me and continue to intentionally inflict me with emotional distress as I am sure you can imagine. They lie, cheat, steal, manipulate and use acts of Parental Alienation and the illegal use of 501c3 agreements to hide and steal my community property and income I should have received at the time of divorce and thereafter so all of them can profit. It has been about 8 years since I have spent time with my children and I am a law-abiding. loving Mother and Rabbi David Wolpe and all those others mentioned refuse to even try to help me and my children understand why which is typical behavior of those who encourage the form of abuse, torture and terror called parental alienation and I was illegally denied custody and visitation and civil restraining orders were requested and issued against me without any legal or rational basis so I was prevented from seeing my children and attending their graduations and other celebrations and events. My lawsuit is about other unlawful and criminal acts too like malicious prosecution since fraudulent and misleading criminal lawsuits were filed against me which were all dismissed. Also, I am not legally divorced and all the disposal of millions of dollars in income and assets from my community estate was never established nor was the net worth of the community estate; all which are illegal. I hope this gives you a clear summary of my lawsuit but if you have more questions please post them.

It even appears that National Jewish Organizations, Jewish leaders, Seminaries, Jewish journalists and many other Jews have all been intentionally ignoring parental alienation since the 1970′s because it is profitable for them; they receive…



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