This post is in response to comments I received regarding HOW I KNOW from my experiences since 1985 when evidence proved MY PARENTS WERE PLANNING TO KILL ME; that evil predators will LASH OUT when they realize the EXPOSURE OF MY UNQUESTIONABLE, UNDENIABLE, and REASONABLY INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE PROVES their false, invented reputations and lives along with their criminal acts and evil intentions.

With the continuous exposure of reasonably indisputable evidence of overwhelming acts of Parental Alienation; my defendants and those aiding and abetting them will eventually be forced to realize they will be held liable and suffer very serious sanctions since JUSTICE MUST APPLY TO ALL OF US. 
They also realize that I AM NOT BACKING DOWN, BUT GETTING STRONGER EVERYDAY ALONG WITH MY LEGAL POSITION which proves their criminal minds, intent, acts and malice AND that they have a real legal problem.

In 1985, I was 27 years old and horrifically but reasonably and morally CHOSE, with the advice of the honest, compassionate professionals, JUDGE JAMES S. SKEKAS whom I clerked for and LARRY ROSENTHAL, ESQ my trust and estates law school professor and Senior Manager of the Trust Department of a major bank; to sue my parents, HELENE AND STANLEY PENN, my sister, RUTH PENN CARLINER and their attorney LEONARD KOHLENSTEIN of the law firm KOHLENSTEIN AND GLICK all from Baltimore, Maryland, my hometown SO I WOULD NOT BECOME AN EVIL PREDATOR like them.

My parents, HELENE AND STANLEY PENN, my sister, RUTH PENN CARLINER and their attorney LEONARD KOHLENSTEIN of the law firm KOHLENSTEIN AND GLICK disgracefully as an evil collective conspiracy, cult or gang REPEATEDLY REFUSED TO STOP using my social security number and the fraudulent grantor trust attorney Leonard Kohlenstein set up so that they could illegally and criminally funnel THEIR earned and passive investment income and THEIR assets through MY social security number via this fraudulent trust. 
This VERY SOPHISTICATED criminal and evil tax evasion scheme they secretly concocted allowed these greedy, evil, heartless, criminal, money and control obsessed relatives and their attorney to have more income to spend since I and this fraudulent trust under my name were at a lower tax bracket. 
Accordingly, the IRS would take less out for taxes since it was BETRAYED into believing that the income and assets were really mine.

FIRST, I would never agree to become part of this criminal tax evasion scheme and COLLECTIVE CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY, CULT or GANG. 
SECOND, I would never agree to live my life knowing that I was seriously defrauding the Government and could be held liable at any time.
THIRD, I would never agree to live my life as a SLAVE; knowing that my evil, greedy, heartless parents, sister and their attorney could CONTROL ME by refusing to pay for any reason MY taxes they FRAUDULENTLY CONCOCTED whereby I WOULD THEN BE HELD LIABLE by the IRS for THEIR criminal acts as THEIR STOOGE.

The discovery of this tax evasion scheme occurred around the time I was getting married to my once loving, kind and honest husband MARK HASSMAN in 1985. 
Financially successful and professionally very capable Harvard educated, Chief Financial Officer and Certified Public Accountant MARK HASSMAN KNOWS OR SHOULD KNOW he is (unfortunately) STILL my legal husband pursuant to Family, Contract, Community Property, other Property, Divorce, Constitutional and many other laws. 
Our laws in the United States do not allow him, the spouse who controlled the community estate, to take the entire community estate ALL FOR HIMSELF as the invalid divorce judgment proves he did even though it was signed by JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR; his law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM; him; and my law firm THE LAW OFFICES OF ALAN SHIFMAN who advised me to sign it too knowing I was relying on its fiduciary duty to treat me honestly and fairly especially since I was severely suffering from Parental Alienation and could not see straight. 
Since then this fraudulent divorce judgment has been enforced by evil, criminal judges, law firms, MARK HASSMAN and others.

Evil, crooked and heartless predator MARK HASSMAN even literally threw me out of our family home and onto the street by taking EXCLUSIVE USE of the family home and not paying me for depriving me of the use of my half. 
Crooked, evil and heartless Commissioner and Judge LON HURWITZ granted this criminal order on June 5, 2009 while my crooked, evil and heartless attorney who is also a mother, PAMELA SHAFFER, stood by. Since that time, neither crooked, evil and heartless Commissioner and Judge LON HURWITZ nor attorney PAMELA SHAFFER with over 25 years of experience have tried to RECTIFY this order and other criminal orders granted on June 5, 2009 depriving me of Custody, Visitation and my other Constitutional Rights even though BOTH CLAIM to be honest professionals and righteous human beings and are JEWISH too. So what else is new?

As my lawsuits and legal motions prove; many well-educated and experienced people and organizations, including many JEWISH ones, ALSO KNOW OR SHOULD KNOW MARK HASSMAN is (unfortunately) STILL MY LEGAL HUSBAND, despite HIS lies, perjury and inventions of a “new wife” a.k.a. the high-priced call-girl from the Dr. Phil Show MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY with the breast implant and other plastic surgery my stolen assets have been paying for.
These well-educated and experienced people who KNOW OR SHOULD KNOW MARK HASSMAN is (unfortunately) STILL MY LEGAL HUSBAND include: judges; law firms; religious organizations; executives; professionals; 501(c)(3) and other nonprofits; schools; the court-appointed therapist; and others who are aiding and abetting MARK HASSMAN in acts of Parental Alienation.

Remember, as many experts and also my facts have proven, PARENTAL ALIENATION INCLUDES the crimes of terror; torture; abuse; oppression; fraud; hate; deceit; intentional infliction of emotional distress and financial distress; conspiracy; money laundering; straw purchases; fraudulent transactions; a fraudulent and invalid divorce judgment; fraudulent and invalid restraining orders, fraudulent and invalid stay-away orders; fraudulent and invalid vexatious litigant convictions and other crimes AND aiding and abetting in carrying out these crimes too.

Back to 1985 and how I know evil predators LASH OUT when they know their lies, schemes and fake life are being exposed and they cannot use their “connections,” acts of hacking and other typical criminal acts to emotionally and financially DESTROY AND SILENCE the person reasonably, fearlessly, compassionately and responsibly exposing this truth to end this corruption and evil thereby making our world a better place as GOD intended.

In 1985, the honest, wise lawyer representing me, was one of several recommended by my honest, compassionate and very wise law school professor LARRY ROSENTHAL. This lawyer representing me in 1985 hired the famous, honest, wise, compassionate and very experienced handwriting expert LYNDEL SHANEYFELT who graciously came out of retirement in 1985 to become the handwriting expert for my case against my parents, sister and their attorney. 
LYNDEL SHANEYFELT was part of the John F. Kennedy Warren Commission to help determine the validity, time frame and other factors regarding the handwriting and ballistic evidence of Lee Harvey Oswald’s and others. I met him personally on several occasions at his home in Washington, D.C. and he even allowed me to watch him work on documents from my case. Very wise, compassionate and understanding LYNDEL SHANEYFELT also taught me many important lessons; one being that “truth will always prevail.” 
Specifically, wise, honest, compassionate and experienced LYNDEL SHANEYFELT told me that HE WAS PROUD OF WHAT I WAS DOING because people MUST ALWAYS do what is moral and just because otherwise; they will be miserable and full of shame and anger their entire life and ALSO will most likely be caught for their crime too; even if this is only by a small group. A person can never hide from the truth.
LYNDEL SHANEYFELT’S very important lesson was reinforced to me by wise, honest, compassionate and experienced JUDGE SFEKAS whom I clerked for; my law school professor and attorney LARRY ROSENTHAL and; CONRAD NATHAN, my private therapist from the Jewish Big Brother and Big Sister League in Baltimore.

*****Needless to say, I needed therapy to ACCEPT THE TRUTH that my parents and sister and other relatives too whom I once loved and respected were TRUTHFULLY EVIL PREDATORS and were trying to MAKE ME an evil predator too and also to UNDERSTAND how to peacefully and responsibly defend myself against them and their evil and criminal ways.
Having worked on JFK’S assassination and many other impressive cases during his career, LYNDEL SHANEYFELT’S credibility was iron clad. With regards to MY CASE in 1985; LYNDEL SHANEYFELT discovered and proved that my parents criminally and maliciously had FORGED MY SIGNATURE on checks, stock certificates, tax returns and other documents and that my sister consented and refused to help me end this criminal activity. 
In addition, there is overwhelming evidence in this 1985 sealed case file proving that the crooked, JEWISH and “very religious” elderly and experienced insurance agent MORRIS ABRAMOWITZ from the synagogue BETH TFILOH CONGREGATION, the same synagogue where my parents, sister and other relatives are very active leaders TODAY and where I was educated and grew up; aided and abetted my parents in trying to KILL ME. I am not joking as I would NEVER joke about this. 
Specifically, my honest, wise and brave attorney of my 1985 tax evasion case had discovered 40-50 life insurance policies my parents since 1985 took out on MY LIFE as beneficiaries which had been sold to them by this elderly, experienced and “very religious Jew” MORRIS ABRAMOWITZ from the “very religious Jewish” synagogue BETH TFILOH CONGREGATION. This Jewish insurance agent MORRIS ABRAMOWITZ was very, evil, sly and conniving, while claiming to be a righteous person and Jew. So, what else is new? 
What MORRIS ABRAMOWITZ did was he sold my parents these 40-50 life insurance policies on my life and all of them had a face value of less than $5,000 as I recall because at that time there was this life insurance loophole… if the face value of the life insurance policy was under $5,000 then the insured, which was me, an adult of 27 years, did not have to be notified that all these policies were being taken out in her name by those CLAIMING they had an insurable interest in her life. 
Why would my parents SUDDENLY have an insurable interest in my life since I was an independent adult of 27 years old?
Immediately, my attorney called for an ex parte (emergency) hearing so this evidence could become part of the record so if in fact I was killed, my parents and this insurance agent would become the prime suspects. ALSO, as my attorney wisely advised, I cashed in these policies so my parents could no longer be the beneficiary of any life insurance policies they fraudulently took out on my life.

******Needless to say, this devastated me horrifically but my wonderful private therapist CONRAD NATHAN from the Jewish Big Brothers and Big Sister Legal helped me learn to cope. Think I would ever go back to trusting what evil predators say without any credible proof, regardless of who they are?

******THINK MY DEFENDANTS TODAY and those aiding them, LIKE MY OWN CHILDREN, have done the same and have LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES ON MY LIFE and plan to FINANCIALLY BENEFIT by cashing them in once they secretly try to kill me (and make it look like an accident or suicide) by secretly LASHING OUT against me as the evidence of their evil, criminal and malicious behavior and intentions keeps becoming clearer and clearer?

I am not fearful as I was not fearful in 1985 either because GOD PROTECTS those who are honest and compassionate and follow his commandments AS A WAY OF LIFE, to make his world a better place for those in humanity who are also honest and compassionate and follow his commandments AS A WAY OF LIFE.

Back to 1985; wise, honest, brave and compassionate JUDGE DANA LEVITZ stated on the record with the support of wise, honest, brave and compassionate JUDGE JOHN FADER who had presided over many hearings; that if my parents, sister and their attorney did not reach a settlement with me; that based upon the documents in my case file which he expected I would prove as credible evidence before him in his court; he as an OFFICER OF THE COURT, would have the SERIOUS DUTY to report my parents, sister and their attorney to the CRIMINAL DIVISION and they would very likely go to jail for many years for all the criminal and malicious acts they committed.
All of this evidence is part of the sealed filed of my 1985 case in the Circuit Court of Baltimore County in Towson, Maryland.
Accordingly, my crooked and evil predator parents demanded that as part of the settlement; I had to agree to seal the case file which can only be opened with a court order because obviously they were so ashamed AND my parents, sister and their JEWISH attorney and insurance agent all wanted to CONTINUE LEADING THEIR PRETEND AND INVENTED LIFE of honest, righteous JEWS. They are currently or are belated active leaders at the synagogue BETH TFILOH CONGREGATION, which is one of my defendants TODAY because it supports the terror, torture and criminal activities of PARENTAL ALIENATION. No surprise as evil predators rarely willingly change. 
          Overwhelming facts prove this Jewish Organization (along with all others in the United States), its leaders and members have REPEATED REFUSED to stop, repent and rectify the harms they have caused as JEWS are commanded to do. They refuse to: 
1. ACKNOWLEDGE the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation;
2. HAVE sermons, lectures, forums, classes, and other educational events on the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation; 
3. PUBLISH articles or books on the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation and; 
4. REUNITE ME and OTHER ALIENATED MOTHERS AND FATHERS WITH THEIR CHILDREN. This is not Judaism but terrorism and these people are EVIL PREDATORS, NOT JEWS as any reasonable person knows. So what else is new?

Also, as part of the 1985 settlement, I am not allowed to disclose the dollar figure I settled for which is very nominal but I freed my social security number and my case helped set the legal precedent to abolish the “kiddie trust” tax laws being used to harm innocent children of all ages. I was thrilled.
I wanted to move on with my life with my STILL legal husband MARK HASSMAN who was not an evil predator at that time. We wanted to start a family but agreed not to until the lawsuit was over and I could “sequence” or resign from my job and become the full-time stay-at-home Mother as we both desired and knew would be an asset to our children. I worked up until the night our first child was born.

Thus, since the post is longer than I expected, I will write more highlights on future posts but know that I am happy and proud of being the voice of OUR REVOLUTION and very grateful for being given this wonderful OPPORTUNITY to change the lives of millions of us suffering from the epidemic problem of PARENTAL ALIENATION and also for Future Generations by using my education, skills and experiences to make GOD’S world a better place for honest, loving people. It is a MIRACLE OF GOD I have survived all this terror from evil predators since 1985 and I CONTINUE to stand strong against them refusing to become one of them and encouraging others to do the same; AS GOD’S MIRACLE.
Remember AS MY LIFE PROVES; GOD provides for and protects those who help make his world a better place for humanity, as he intended. He never intended for evil predators to destroy love, family, truth, freedom, equal rights and justice so they can profit and benefit in other ways.
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and adult children)

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