Those who promote Parental Alienation are very tortured and troubled cowards and evil predators who not only direct their anger and frustration upon vulnerable children and their alienated Mother or Father by harming them; they also live life harming themselves.

Parental Alienation is the destruction of the sacred, special loving bond between a Mother (or Father) and her children commonly at the time of divorce so the tortured, troubled cowardly Father can use and abuse his own Children and also cheat the loving, law-abiding Mother out of child support, her community assets and her other legal rights.

So the obvious question is; HOW AND WHY did these once kind, honest, compassionate people TRANSFORM themselves into hateful, angry, authoritative evil fools and cowards due to their greed and hateful desire to destroy love? This is an epidemic travesty and we must get to the ROOT OF THE CAUSE of Parental Alienation so we can effectively end it.

From my understanding due to years of therapy as a young adult dealing with horrible parents, a sister and other family members who used and/or supported using my social security number and a fraudulent grantor trust to cheat the IRS by evading taxes. Since I was at a lower tax bracket using my social security number to claim THEIR income gave them more disposable income since there were less taxes paid. They thought they were ENTITLED to use and abuse me and hold me liable to the IRS for their tax scheme.

Then again, at the time of my divorce and since then, having therapy to cope with my horrible still legal husband, my brainwashed and/or criminal children and those aiding and abetting them in stealing my assets and denying me of my other legal rights; they too think they are ENTITLED to use and abuse me emotionally and financial and cause me very severe harm.

From all this therapy, experiences, books and other resources; I have learned that evil, greedy people became and REMAIN that way because they REFUSE to face their problems and instead BLAME OTHERS for them. They refuse to seek professional help so they can focus their mind and be held accountable for their progress in analyzing their thoughts which drive their habits and behavior. 
For example, it is very convenient for MY CHILDREN and MY STILL LEGAL HUSBAND to make up lies about me and blame me for all of their problems and failures. However, they know deep down that their beliefs about me are baseless and unfounded but it is easier for them to believe the lies than to EVALUATE THEIR OWN thoughts and behaviors. However, what happens to them and others like them is that their subconscious KNOWS THE TRUTH and eventually they become filled with shame, anger, grief and a lack of self-respect due to all of the criminal, immoral and illegal acts they have committed. It gets worse as time goes by regardless of how much money and power they have, even if they have a professional title, which they also know is undeserved. If only people knew the truth but they make it their mission in life to keep the truth hidden. However, their subconscious did not get that memo and never will.

Consequently, these evil cowards live a life of self-mutilation. They are their own worst enemy because they develop obsessions as a means to escape their pain from all their criminal, immoral and illegal acts they have committed which is more self-mutilating which makes them more troubled and tortured. 
To reasonably address this serious problem takes real dedication and most think it is easier to continue to live life as a miserable soul filled with hate, evil and greed; never understanding the beauty of love. Accordingly, this enables them to be better OBEDIENT SOLDIERS and MORE EFFECTIVE KILLING MACHINES. 

Parental Alienation is a form of terror and also murder because the heart, soul and mind of innocent Children and their alienated Mother or Father are destroyed as many experts have proven and any reasonable person knows. Often the children are turned into SLAVES and forced to carry out criminal and immoral acts. This then becomes THEIR way of life. This is the purpose of these evil predators; to create more evil predators so they can be one very, very miserable collective terrorist group while having a life filled with REGRETS.

Often, as my court transcripts prove; these terrorists pretend to be innocent and naïve and try to get others to feel sorry for THEM which makes them look even more malicious, evil and fatuous.

As human nature proves; when a person’s own interests are involved and his desires aroused, he can RATIONALIZE ANYTHING in his favor; whether or not it is reasonable or baseless. 
Thus, they become very delusional because they believe their own lies and are their own worst enemy. They are blinded by their greed and false sense of entitlement that they can do as they please and get away with it. 
Therefore they are not a threat to me or anyone else promoting the Truth because the Truth destroys them along with their OWN destructive ways. Thus, know that they will destroy themselves and we have nothing to fear especially since GOD is by our side as we make his world a better place for loving, honest, law-abiding people; not evil predators, fools and cowards.

So have a great evening knowing that OUR REVOLUTION is thriving as these evil predators keep destroying themselves as we keep spreading the Truth about them.
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).





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