Tim Burton’s movie Big Eyes is extremely powerful and shows many of the same issues Women and their Children face, Still Exist Today

Tim Burton’s movie Big Eyes is  extremely powerful with many important messages.
For young adults and anyone who is unfamiliar with what the 1950’s and 1960’s were like before the Women’s Liberation Movement, this movie shows it quite clearly.
Unfortunately, many of these issues still exist today due to the unjust execution of our laws by some judges and unjust policies of organizations in the United States being carried out by unscrupulous executives and other leaders. They act as though a woman has no existence outside of her husband and that children are to be manipulated.

As the movie Big Eyes poignantly shows, a woman can expect to be taken advantage of by her husband, religious leaders and many others.
The movie also shows how a manipulative, lying and cheating husband uses his “charm” to control his wife, the children and others with lies about his wife, the loving Mother. He even tries to destroy the Mother/Daughter relationship like my ex-husband did and continues to do along with millions of other alienating fathers like him.

If a woman gets divorced the unfair treatment and lies continue because as the movie shows; she cannot expect to have a fair settlement or have credibility even though our laws in the United States are founded on truth and justice. Pathetic.

Unfortunately, many of the same issues still exist today in 2014, almost 2015 as looking at the judgment from my divorce which is invalid on its face shows.

Talk to my Children and you will become aware that they have characteristics of those suffering from Parental Alienation too. Pathetic.

While I was in therapy and coping with the emotional abuse my ex-husband caused and still causes; I was unjustly taken advantage of by a Judge and the Law Firms that signed the judgment and advised me to sign it. They all knew or should have known I was relying on them and also that it was legally impossible for there to be a lawful settlement and a “meeting of the minds.”

In the movie, the wife was viewed as a FACTORY for producing paintings.
In my life I was viewed as a FACTORY for having children, raising the children with strong values, wonderful attitudes and a beautiful potential.
Then the children were and continue to be used as a FACTORY for acquiring student loans from very expensive and prestigious schools so my ex-husband can carry out what appears to be his student loan Ponzi scheme.

Our marriage fell apart because I refused to sign student loans knowing we had millions saved for our Children’s education and also my ex-husband refused to give me an accounting of all our savings and investments. How dare I request information from him and disobey him by refusing to sign student loans!!!
No equal rights here.

Tim Burton does a superb job in capturing the emotions of the divorced loving Mother and the social mores of the 1950’s and 1960’s and the challenges they presented. He also shows how a narcissistic, egocentric, controlling man alienates the wife and daughter from outsiders AND EACH OTHER so he can better control them. Quite typical.

I applaud Tim Burton for addressing so many important issues in such an honest way, bringing forth an understanding of many social injustices that still exist in our society today for many women especially at a time of divorce.

I continue to forge forward addressing some of these social injustices; including the immoral and evil practice of Parental Alienation.
If not I, then who?

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder; www.PAlienation.org



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