Time for another episode of the Hassman divorce mini-soap opera series. Today we will focus on the perjury and other malicious and criminal acts of crooked and evil JUDGE CLAUDIA SILBAR and one of her many partners in crime; my evil and idiot but (still) legal turned criminal husband MARK HASSMAN.

I love this quote by crooked and evil JUDGE SILBAR which is from her order regarding my request to disqualify her as the presiding judge in the Hassman case 09D002792 due to the fraudulent, invalid and criminal divorce judgment she reviewed, signed and then filed. 

Specifically, the law requires that in order for a divorce judgment to be valid and enforceable the net worth of the community estate; its division and its distribution must be completely and accurately disclosed and agreed upon by each spouse with informed consent. 
These required disclosures were missing from my divorce judgment which makes it fraudulent and invalid. 
Accordingly there could not have been any informed consent by any of the parties and their attorneys and the judge who signed the judgment.
Ridiculously, outrageously, unreasonably and baselessly JUDGE SILBAR stated:

“A statement of disqualification cannot be based on information and belief, hearsay, or other inadmissible evidence.”

Is JUDGE SILBAR so stupid, yes stupid OR is she so delusional that she thinks a divorce judgment which she reviewed, signed and then filed which lacks the legally required net worth of the community estate; its division and its distribution is “information and belief, hearsay or inadmissible evidence” and not credible evidence? 
But it gets worse for her because she then said:

“Here, the statement of Disqualification…fails to set forth facts showing any grounds for the Court’s disqualification.”

This is not a joke; this is what JUDGE SILBAR unreasonably and baselessly wrote. Thus, it appears that this alone shows grounds for her REMOVAL FROM THE BENCH as a judge and not just a disqualification from my case.

JUDGE SILBAR ridiculously and unreasonably again says in her conclusion;
“Because the Statement of Disqualification discloses no legal ground for disqualification, it is ordered stricken.” 
But she claimed she signed this order having “good cause.” Really?

***In other words, a Woman and a Mother is not allowed to know these legally required factors and is not afforded equal rights under the law?
This is EXACTLY what her order proves.

But JUDGE SILBAR incriminated herself even more because she then said:
“All statements made, all actions taken, all of my rulings in this proceeding have been based on MY UNDERSTANDING of the facts and law, and have been in furtherance of what I believe to be my judicial duties.”

If JUDGE SILBAR thinks that depriving a loving, law-abiding Woman and Mother of Equal Rights under the law is her understanding of the facts and the law and what her judicial duties require then SHE MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE BENCH as any reasonable person knows. 
Judges are required to PROMOTE Justice not to make a MOCKERY of Justice.

Now, my evil but (still) legal turned criminal idiot husband MARK HASSMAN agrees that I should NOT be provided with Equal Rights under the law because he also believes that I should NOT know the value of the net worth of the community estate under his control; how it was divided and; how it was distributed, even though the law says that I must not only know but must also agree to these factors. [see CA Family Code sections 2102-2120]

Accordingly, my evil but (still) legal turned criminal idiot husband MARK HASSMAN is angry that I am exercising my First Amendment rights to obtain Equal Rights under the law by reasonably and peacefully filing lawsuits to obtain a legal and valid divorce judgment which COMPLIES with the laws.
“The divorce judgment is valid.” 
“She spends every waking hour fabricating her conspiracy stories about how she has been wronged, she’s a victim & going to send everyone to jail.”

Well, IF THIS WAS TRUE why doesn’t he just end this and TELL ME; the net worth of the community estate, how it was divided and how it was distributed? He knows he stole it all and has been PROMISING PAY-OUTS to those aiding and abetting him in this CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY and RACKETEERING ENTERPRISE.

I filed a motion to Set Aside the Judgment due to 14 Undisclosed Assets and Concealed Income. 
JUDGE SILBAR was very vague and not specific as the law requires her to be when she stated and ruled the following in response:
“Now you have been here twice before on previous motions to set aside prior stipulations, alleging all kinds of fraud and concealment by Mr. Hassman. I have denied those twice.”

JUDGE SILBAR HAS YET TO ACKNOWLEDGE the 14 Undisclosed Assets and Concealed Income and thinks her ambiguous and unreasonable ruling will protect her from her PATTERN of criminal behavior of ignoring the law thereby making a Mockery of Justice and harming me and millions of others suffering from the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation. She has the power to set a PRECEDENT to end this terror. 
I know that the late JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS, whom I had the honor of clerking for, would have diligently set a precedent prohibiting all acts of Parental Alienation and holding those accountable who have violated the law. He taught me well so I am following his honest, reasonable and compassionate example along with that of my GRANDFATHER BEN.

This next quote is horrific since there was no legal or rational basis for this order by crooked and evil JUDGE SILBAR, responding to my reasonable request to obtain Custody and Visitation:
“The current custodial orders shall remain in effect until further order of the court, namely Husband shall have sole legal and sole physical custody of minor child. Visitation shall be at his discretion.”

Then my evil, (still) legal but turned criminal idiot husband MARK HASSMAN had the nerve and arrogance to file a motion asking the Court to: “end this frivolous litigation by designating me, Sara Hassman, as a vexatious litigant.” Can you believe he had the arrogance to do this since I am trying to rectify the abusive divorce judgment and obtain my legal and constitutional rights to have Custody and Visitation so my children and I can reunite?

As wise and compassionate JUDGE SFEKAS taught me: Ispo Facto- let the facts speak for themselves and they clearly are. These evil predators want to silence me but truth, love, justice, equal rights and of course GOD will prevail. 
I will post more soon. 
I may joke about this being a “mini-soap opera” but it is a very painful one and this truth must be told so others do not fall prey and we can obtain Justice for All as we Make America Great Again while evil religious leaders, executives, lawyers, judges and many others standby thinking all of this will go away and they can continue to abuse and terrorize innocent people so they can profit and have fun. 
It is a shame they do not care to change their evil ways and understand the meaning of Love. Our choices determine our destiny.
As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experience.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;www.PAlienation.org
Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).

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