To: 1) MY THREE CHILDREN; 2) RUTH BADER GINSBURG and the OTHER U.S. Supreme Court Justices; and 3) EVERYONE who does not want continue to: suffer from and/or remain part of the FAILED CULT or CONSPIRACY of PARENTAL ALIENATION created by MARK HASSMAN, who still Legally and Constitutionally remains my husband. Here is your EXIT PATH so you can enjoy FREEDOM and the WORLD OF LOVE.

First and foremost, MY THREE now adult CHILDREN and all teen and adult children suffering from the EPIDEMIC PROBLEM of TERROR called PARENTAL ALIENATION:
CHOOSE to STOP being OBEDIENT and instead use your OWN Mind, Heart and Soul to make wise choices as an Honest, Kind and Caring INDIVIDUAL. This is what being an adult means; to think for YOURSELF and ACT in honest and positive ways to help Yourself AND Humanity;
• NOT help yourself “financially” by HARMING HUMANITY and especially NOT BY stealing assets and income from your own Mother at the time of divorce and thereafter.
• YOU KNOW BETTER THEN TO LISTEN TO ANYONE WHO TELLS YOU TO DO THESE THINGS because they are criminal, malicious, illegal, immoral and heartless acts. You will always live with the FEAR OF BEING CAUGHT; with SHAME AND GRIEF and will BE UNABLE TO LOVE and HAVE PEACE OF MIND; unless you RECONCILE these harms you have caused. This is all part of Justice and YOU HAVE CHOICES.
MY CHILDREN and Everyone:
This LEGALLY UNDENIABLE CULT or CONSPIRACY of PARENTAL ALIENATION of MARK HASSMAN, your father has FAILED MISERABLY because its paramount purpose was to DESTROY ME, SARA HASSMAN your loving, law-abiding Mother by:
2) Whereby then I would become VERY EMOTIONALLY AND PHYSICALLY SICK and JUST DIE from a broken heart.
As any reasonable person knows and experts have proven; the sudden destruction of the Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son companionships due to acts of TERROR like Parental Alienation will make a loving, law-abiding Mother like me, SARA HASSMAN emotionally and physically sick which is exactly what happened as public records prove along with Adolph Hitler and other Terrorists.
For about five (5) years; INDISPUTABLY, I was not able to focus my mind because I developed seizures. I needed medication and therapy and was unable to use my legal education, skills and experiences to hold your father MARK HASSMAN and all the others liable for doing these hateful, illegal, maliciously, criminal and unconstitutional acts to me, you and others. They include but are not limited to: Judges; Lawyers; the court-appointed Therapist; Bank of America; Jewish and other Religious Organizations and their Leaders and Members; Jewish and other so-called nonprofit organizations, Jewish and other Press; Jewish and other Executives and Professionals. I, SARA HASSMAN, was also unable to focus my mind so I could CHANGE LEGAL PRECEDENT to END this TERROR as other countries have already done showing they are reasonable, compassionate countries which support the Democratic values of Family, Love, Equal Rights, Freedom and Justice. But NOT AMERICA OR ISRAEL; they ignore this EPIDEMIC PROBLEM OF TERROR called Parental Alienation including those shamefully beyond words, who claim to support JUDAISM.
Why be part of a Cult or Conspiracy with the purpose of fighting for a cause of “Hate and to Destroy Love, Family, Freedom and other Democratic values?”
For money?
Look at my very merely Monetarily ONLY Wealthy family I was born into and my childhood friends. They have so much money but are so unhappy and unsettled, troubled people full of shame and hate for all the harm they have caused others, including You and Me. One example is their refusal since 2008 when our Parental Alienation began, to help us reunite. Instead their actions undeniably prove that they are continuing to SPONSOR the TERROR of Parental Alienation BECAUSE ANY ONE OF THEM could have and STILL CAN help us begin to communicate and work through the sudden Parental Alienation and help end it for all of us. But no; they have to continue to PROFIT from it. Specifically…
1) My merely Monetarily only Wealthy mother and sister and their Orthodox rabbi won’t even help Me, SARA HASSMAN order my birth certificate and have the apostille affixed in America and also send me the original letter of this so-called Orthodox rabbi stating that “I am born to a Jewish mother.” These documents were all repeatedly requested and are needed by the State of Israel so I can accomplish the sacred act of returning to Israel to live. I can’t get them myself from Israel since I do not have an American credit card and cannot get an Israeli credit card until I am a citizen. Money grams and money orders won’t work either because in Israel, they can only be sent to an individual, not a company. A wire transfer won’t work because these agencies cannot give me the information needed.
2) Your father MARK HASSMAN, after stealing millions of dollars from me as the Criminal, Unconstitutional, Illegal, Immoral and Unenforceable Divorce Judgment proves; will not even spend $24 to obtain my Birth Certificate with the Apostille Affixed and send it to me.
Your father MARK HASSMAN, also refuses send me our Divorce Judgment also with an Apostille Affixed.
The State of Israel also needs these documents so I can accomplish the sacred act of returning to Israel to live and I can’t get them myself from Israel for the same reasons stated above.
If Mark Hassman felt some need to have restraining and stay-away orders against me; he should be happy that I want to live in Israel and not America where he lives. Therefore, Mark Hassman should fervently help me gather the documents the State of Israel needs for this sacred purpose.
About thirty (30) years ago, after my lawsuit against my parents, sister and their attorney for secretly using my social security number and a fraudulent grantor trust to evade taxes, cheat the American Government and try to Control Me; I REASONABLY chose to get away from them because otherwise THEY WOULD ONLY CONTINUE TO HARM ME WITH THEIR LIES, BETRAYAL and IMMORAL, CRIMINAL, ILLEGAL SCHEMES for money.
****There is no love in any one of their hearts OR in the hearts of the rest of my family and in any of my childhood friends because if there was; they would have shown REMORSE for how they are SPONSORING and/or PROFITING from the TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION.
In other words, they would have wanted to help us restore our companionships since 2008. It only takes a few phone calls or emails AND what can be more fulfilling and worthwhile than to RESTORE LOVE and FAMILY? Watching t.v.; shopping online; playing video games, going out partying?
IS MY REQUEST for Jewish Organizations and others too to help us and others reunite by ACKNOWLEDGING the EPIDEMIC PROBLEM OF PARENTAL ALIENATION by: sponsoring lectures; discussions; classes; and other events to help END this TERROR a bad or shameful request? Is what I am requesting a worthwhile clarion call? Instead, should Jews and other people in America and Israel continue SPONSORING THE TERRORISM OF PARENTAL ALIENATION?
The State of Israel is NOW involved in my case of Parental Alienation due to the aforementioned documents needed and also due to how my very clean record of my entire life was suddenly tarnished by invalid, unconstitutional, criminal and illegal restraining and stay-away orders Requested and then Granted against me without any reason or rational basis AND THEN perjury and lies where used to rule that I violated them. Thus, unless, those in this Parental Alienation Conspiracy or Cult get together and EXPUNGE these orders and lies from my record AND also provide me with said aforementioned documents; Israel can hold them accountable, (along with America as my lawsuits explain) for intentionally, maliciously and criminally violating the SACRED LAW OF RETURN. This law gives Jews a Legal Right to return to Israel “their homeland” to live providing they are not criminals and can prove they are Jews.
Aside from proving Racketeering and Extortion and other crimes, MY DIVORCE JUDGMENT proves the existence of this PARENTAL ALIENATION CONSPIRACY or CULT. The situation becomes even more incriminating when other public records are taken into account.
****Thus, TYPICALLY when those who prey upon innocent Mothers and their Children REALIZE they have lost their fight; they refuse to be reasonable and learn to change their destructive ways. OFTEN THEY COMMIT SUICIDE TO RELIEVE THEMSELVES OF THEIR PAIN and THEY TAKE THE CHILDREN, EVEN ADULT CHILDREN, SO THEY CAN “WIN.” Remember, they are cowards because only a coward would try to harm a loving, law-abiding Mother and her children, especially at a time of divorce when they need each other’s love and companionship.
In other words….
As history and experts have proven; they COMMIT SUICIDE and TAKE THE CHILDREN WITH THEM BECAUSE they do not want the loving, law-abiding Mother to be able to restore the love and have fun again with her children.
THEY ARE SO FULL OF HATE, because the loving, law-abiding Mother refused to be OBEDIENT and CONTROLLED. Thus, if they don’t take the children, even adult children, to their death too; this loving, law-abiding Mother will “WIN” this Parental Alienation Divorce Fight. THIS IS HOW THOSE WHO CREATE AND SPONSOR PARENTAL ALIENATION THINK. They have no love in their heart because if they did they would have NEVER created the Terror of Parental Alienation to begin with and/or SPONSORED IT. This is why we see a Parent kill the children and then himself.
****Thus, to my Children and others; be careful. DON’T drink the wine, eat the food or partake in any celebration of your father MARK HASSMAN who appears to be at the end of his rope since: 1) he and; 2) the many Politically Connected; Influential; merely Monetarily only Wealthy People and Organizations which he convinced at the time of the divorce in 2008 and also since then to “join him” in SPONSORING the TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION between EACH ONE OF YOU and ME as overwhelming facts in public records prove… HAS FAILED MISERABLY.
**** EXPECT YOUR FATHER TO CONTINUE TO TRY TO BETRAY, LIE AND DECEIVE YOU. HOWEVER, at the same time, know that if you do choose to commit suicide as commonly happens to such unstable people who feel they have nowhere to run and hide anymore; PLEASE KNOW THAT, I hope you find peace knowing that I did everything possible using my education, skills and experiences to help you and millions of others by ending this terror. I know I will succeed eventually; I just hope we are able to restore our once beautiful companionships IF YOU HAVE HONEST INTENTIONS TO DO SO.
If however, you do not have honest intentions and just want to take advantage of me, like the family I was born into; then know that I am better off living my life without all of you because this is reasonable and rational. I do not want to get sick again by those who are supposed to want to have a Mother/Daughter or Mother/Son companionship based on truth, kindness, love and compassion. I am not interested in “winning,” I am interested in LIVING a LIFE of LOVE, PEACE AND HAPPINESS with others who share my values because they ALSO live accordingly; not just “pretend” that they do.
Now I want to mention why RUTH BADER GINSBURG and the entire U.S. Supreme Court erred when they denied my Writ of Certiorari to hold those accountable for SPONSORING THE TERRORISM of PARENTAL ALIENATION as my lawsuits and many documents in public records prove.
The U.S. Supreme Court, as a Court of Law was established to promote NOT IMPEDE Democracy for ALL. Accordingly, it is reasonable and common sense that the U.S. Supreme Court has an OBLIGATION to resolve the EPIDEMIC PROBLEMS OF TERROR IN AMERICA AND NOT IGNORE THEM. This includes the serious judicial obligation to resolve PARENTAL ALIENATION and the many crimes which comprise this TERROR ON BEHAVE OF MILLIONS OF AMERICAN PARENTS AND THEIR AMERICAN CHILDREN who are suffering and also ON BEHALF OF FUTURE AMERICAN GENERATIONS, so they will not suffer.
The U.S. Supreme Court was NOT established TO IGNORE EPIDEMIC PROBLEMS OF TERROR in America by DENYING THE WRIT OF CERTIORARI of the American Mother, Sara Hassman, who uses the court system as it is intended to redress NOT ONLY her grievances BUT ALSO those of MILLIONS of others including those of future generations.
In other words, this redress of grievances is ENCOURAGED by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution so that DEMOCRACY WILL BE MAINTAINED.
Accordingly, the U.S. Supreme Court is NOT entitled TO IGNORE THE U.S. CONSTITUTION including the First Amendment when a case involves an EPIDEMIC PROBLEM in America; especially one of TERROR which Parental Alienation is as any reasonable, compassionate person knows. Further, experts have proven that separating a loving, law-abiding Mother from her Children at the time of divorce is TERROR.
Further it is SPONSORING TERRORISM to: 1) separate them; 2) throw said innocent Mother in jail; 3) tell Her Children lies so they think their loving, law-abiding Mother no longer loves them; 4) request and grant baseless restraining and stay-away orders against said Mother; 5) deny her of Custody and Visitation so she cannot see and communicate with Her Children whom she raised with a lot of love and care;6) deny her of Freedom to attend Her Children’s celebrations and other events and;7) deny her of receiving her marital assets and income including her savings and retirement.
AS OFFICERS OF THE COURT, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and all the other U.S. Supreme Court Justices know or should know they:
2) Absolutely are prohibited from PROFITING from these said crimes of TERROR and/or ALLOWING OTHERS TO PROFIT from them;
3) Disgracefully have shown they have NO REMORSE because they REFUSE TO STOP THIS TERROR when they have the AUTHORITY, RESOURCES and LEGAL and ETHICAL OBLIGATIONS to do so.
*****An important function of the U.S. Supreme Court is to ABOLISH TERRORISM IN AMERICA and Parental Alienation is a form of TERRORISM as any reasonable person knows and many experts have proven.*****
In stark contrast, in 1985, as the record reflects, beloved Judge Dana Levitz of the Baltimore County Circuit Court in Towson, Maryland stated in Sara Hassman v. Stanley and Helene Penn, Ruth Penn Carliner and Attorney Leonard Kohlenstein, that as an OFFICER OF THE COURT, if he hears the evidence in the files which he expects will be presented, then he, as an Officer of the Court, will have a legal and ethical obligation to report all of the defendants to the Criminal Division and they will likely go to JAIL FOR A LONG TIME. Then very wise, honest and well-respected Judge Levitz encouraged said defendants to make a reasonable settlement with Plaintiff Sara Hassman which they did and part of the settlement was to seal this case file which can only be opened with a court order to verify what I just stated. Said defendants wanted said case file sealed so they could hide their criminal and immoral acts from the public and pretend to be honest, righteous Jews when they are truthfully liars, cheats and a disgrace to Judaism.
Eventually, this case was one of the cases used to abolish the “kiddie trust tax laws” so wealthy parents and a sister with the guidance of their lawyer could no longer devise a sophisticated scheme using their child’s/sister’s social security number and a fraudulent grantor trust for the criminal and malicious intentions of evading taxes and controlling their child/sister.
However, in great disgust, my said cases today regarding the TERROR OF PARENTAL ALIENATION have proven that our legal system has changed drastically in 30 years because JUDGES ARE NOW BECOMING PART OF THE CORRUPTION.
I, SARA HASSMAN, am thrilled so much of the truth is being exposed in America, Israel and Worldwide because with exposure comes change.
Here is a very popular song from a famous band which explains why any relationship when one or more of the people involved have unreasonable, irrational and harmful intentions is not worth the relationship because you will only be hurt repeatedly and your beautiful, special character will be destroyed. THIS IS WHAT MY LIFE HAS PROVEN TO BE TRUE ALONG WITH WHAT MANY EXPERTS AND HISTORY HAVE ALSO PROVEN.
As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.
-by Sara Hassman, Founder,
Simon & Garfunkel – Scarborough Fair (Full Version) Lyric



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