To American JEWISH Evil predators and all those aiding and abetting them in creating and/or promoting the terror of Parental Alienation; Go Ahead, have your REVENGE by using your influence to TRY TO STOP THE STATE OF ISRAEL, which is known as a “peace loving country,” from following its LAW OF RETURN.

THE LAW OF RETURN (Hebrew: חֹוק הַשְׁבוּת, ḥok ha-shvūt) is an Israeli law, passed on July 5, 1950, which gives Jews the right to come and live in Israel and to gain Israeli citizenship. Section 1 of the Law of Return declares: “every Jew has the right to come to this country as an oleh [immigrant].”

THE LAW OF RETURN helps build a society with SHARED SPIRITUAL and ETHICAL VALUES which is why I chose to return to my Jewish homeland of Israel. THE LAW OF RETURN also reflects the proven fact that societies are stronger and healthier when they gravitate around a SHARED VALUE SYSTEM. Again, this is why I chose to return to my Jewish homeland of Israel. Many experts have proven that healthy societies are more likely to flourish if newcomers ALREADY SHARE THE VALUES AND OUTLOOK of their host nation.

***Thus, do you think THE STATE OF ISRAEL will graciously admit to supporting those who rip families apart, destroy love and destroy freedom just as ADOLPH HITLER did? Today’s American JEWISH evil predators and those aiding and abetting them are using the form of terror and torture called Parental Alienation, not gas chambers as HITLER did. However, the horrific result is the same; millions of lives have been destroyed as children of all ages have been ripped from the loving arms of their alienated Mother or Father at the time of divorce so these American JEWISH evil predators and those aiding and abetting them can steal and redistribute to themselves her/his property, income and other assets AND abuse the children and turn them into criminals.

In addition, THE RIGHT OF RETURN is a principle in INTERNATIONAL LAW which GUARANTEES everyone’s right of voluntary return to their country of origin or of citizenship.
Do you think these influential American JEWISH evil predators who for decades have intentionally created and/or promoted the epidemic problem of terror, torture, abuse, oppression, coercion and racketeering called Parental Alienation will NOW try to destroy my legal right to live in ISRAEL? 
Will these American JEWISH evil predators and those aiding and abetting them NOW use their influence to PREVENT ME from carrying out the sacred JEWISH MITZVAH or deed of returning to live in my Jewish homeland when they know or should know that overwhelming evidence proves I am a loving, honest, law-abiding Jewish Woman who LIVES HER LIFE PRACTICING TIKKUN OLAM and other essential Jewish teachings?

Do you think these influential American JEWISH and other evil predators who FOR DECADES have intentionally created and/or promoted Parental Alienation which has destroyed millions of lives, families, love, freedom and other fundamental values which America and Judaism were founded upon like equal rights and justice for all, will NOW use their influence so the State of Israel, without any legal or rational basis but as part of this evil “Conspiracy of Silence,” will refuse to allow me to live there?

Then, due to these influential American JEWISH and other evil predators’ lies and schemes; if I am denied my LEGAL RIGHT OF RETURN TO MY JEWISH HOMELAND ISRAEL TO LIVE; I will be forced to return to America. If I am forced to return to America, these evil predators will then have an opportunity to SEEK THEIR REVENGE UPON ME for finding freedom, love and happiness in Israel, UNDEFEATED by their evil, criminal and immoral acts IN AMERICA which are very well documented in public records beginning with the divorce lawsuit MARK F. HASSMAN v. SARA HASSMAN in the Superior Court of California, County of Orange case #09D002792.

*** Please take particular note of the June 5, 2009 Ex Parte (emergency) Restraining Order with an attached Child Custody and Visitation Order issued by JEWISH JUDGE LON HURWITZ which denied me of custody and visitation without ANY tests or other credible evidence of being a danger and unfit while my JEWISH ATTORNEY PAMELA SHAFFER stood by and remained silent despite her fiducial, legal and ethical duties she owed me, her client as well as the State of California and the Country of the United States. She is truly evil as she is a mother herself. There have never been any tests or other credible evidence presented proving I have been my entire life ANYTHING BUT a loving, honest, law-abiding Person, then Woman and then Mother who helped her children and others thrive in many positive and enriching ways, because no such evidence exists.

Thus by using more lies, schemes and their influence, these American JEWISH and other evil predators can try to seek revenge against me so I am denied MY JEWISH BIRTHRIGHT as a loving, honest, law-abiding Woman and Mother to live in Israel . Then once I am forced to return to American; they can throw me in jail for life, put me before a firing squad, in the electric chair, burn me at the stake or order some other evil, illegal “punishment” for refusing to succumb to their evil ways. ADOLPH HITLER destroyed family, lives, love and many important principles of Judaism and Democracy too.
As overwhelming facts prove; American JEWISH leaders, nonprofit organizations, schools, journalists, professionals, their followers, members and others have become the MODERN DAY HITLERS.

Will THE STATE OF ISRAEL go along by believing these American JEWISH predators’ lies and schemes? Will THE STATE OF ISRAEL ignore the facts proven by many experts that Parental Alienation is being suffered by millions of us in America and all over the world, including in Israel? 
OR will THE STATE OF ISRAEL bring Love, Freedom, Equal Rights and Justice to all those in HUMANITY who are suffering from the epidemic problem of terror called Parental Alienation? 
Is there no place on Earth for the salvation of honest, loving, law-abiding American JEWISH Mothers and Fathers and others suffering from the terror of Parental Alienation? 
OR is ISRAEL still a country which sees beyond the evil machinations of evil predators, JEWISH and all others, who shamefully use the teachings of Judaism to destroy their prey and GOD’S world with acts of Parental Alienation? 
Will THE STATE OF ISRAEL help end this epidemic problem of Parental Alienation for JEWS and others all over the world thereby employing the wisdom and foresight of Her founding fathers in enacting the Law of Return?

I am thrilled so much of the truth is being exposed including how evil these American JEWISH predators and those aiding and abetting them are… they refuse to change by practicing the teachings of Judaism and Democracy and instead continue to secretly profit from the terror of Parental Alienation. 
Attached, if I am not hacked again, is the beautiful national anthem of Israel with English translations.

As always, none is this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States and all over the World.-by Sara Hassman, Founder, www.PAlienation.orgYOUTUBE.COMISRAEL’S National Anthem – HATIKVAH with English and Hebrew lyrics ( Longer version )Check out also HATIKVAH with English & Hebrew…



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