To Children of all ages who have Alienated their Loving Mother for a Profit; EQUAL RIGHTS?

A special note to Children of all ages who have alienated their Mother from their life FOR A PROFIT since the time of the divorce and have CONTINUED this alienation instead of REASONABLY just picking up the phone to send a text, email or call to try to resolve the alienation. 
You know your Mother has tried to help you do what is in YOUR best interest which is to embrace LOVE and TRUTH and not eliminate these important values which you NEED to have a happy, satisfying, moral life and feel confident about yourself.

WHY have YOU CHOSEN to behave this way ALL OF A SUDDEN around the time of the divorce BY ELIMINATING YOUR MOTHER FROM YOUR LIFE?

1) Do you believe your Mother who taught you valuable lessons of being truthful, moral and kind and the importance of having good, honest character even when no one is looking, is harmful?

2) Do you believe your Mother who taught you kindness, compassion, honesty, being responsible and how to LOVE life, your hobbies you choose, your job you choose, your siblings and your parents is crazy and should be eliminated from your life?

3) Do you believe your Mother who taught you the importance of taking care of yourself, your health issues and helping others that are not as fortunate by donating your clothes that no longer fit you and toys you no longer play with, is a horrible person?

4) Do you believe your Mother who had healthy and delicious dinners waiting for you after she picked you up and you came home from your sports games, religious school and other activities and packed your lunches with loving, motivational notes inside should be eliminated from your life?

5) Do you believe your Mother who did your laundry and made sure you had clean clothes to wear, took you shopping when you needed new clothes is terrible and should be eliminated from your life and not receive any property, savings and retirement?

So after all these years of devoting her time and energy to you and your father she should just disappear and try to update her employment skills and try to survive somehow?

6) Do you believe your Mother who took the time and effort to have many holiday celebrations and taught you how to cook and bake, make special holiday candies, special holiday cards and gifts for the family should be eliminated from your life and you should steal her property, savings and retirement?

7) Do you believe your Mother who made sure you were exposed to many different hobbies and interests so you could enrich yourself and decide what hobbies you want to have for yourself; should be hated and that you have a RIGHT to steal her property, savings and retirement?

8) Do you believe your Mother who read to you many books and encouraged you to read many books with important lessons and morals is horrible and you have a RIGHT to steal her property, savings and retirement?
Do you think it is in YOUR best interest to eliminate her from your life?

9) Do you believe your Mother, who as you grew older was still very interested in your school work, your sports, your projects and just being with you to share fun times together is a horrible person and does not deserve to have any property, savings and retirement for all of these years of love and devotion and selflessly putting her career and her own hobbies aside so she could help enrich you and help you reach your potential?

Do you think stealing her property, savings and retirement is FAIR and shows JUSTICE? 
Would YOU want to be treated this way?

10) Should others be allowed to take her property, savings and retirement like your father, lawyers, a judge, religious organizations, a school, a new wife, other relatives, a court appointed therapist, business executives, business partners and other immoral people? 
Do they deserve to have it? Why? 
Does your Mother not have EQUAL RIGHTS to receive her property, savings and retirement and only your father should receive his share?

11) Do you think your Mother just should be divorced and try to survive however she can as your father and these others who have stolen your Mother’s property, savings and retirement keep trying to harm her so she is unable to reveal and prove the truth of how they have stolen her property, savings and retirement and seek JUSTICE?

Do you think this CORRUPTION and ABUSE should go on and on and harm other Loving, Devoted Mothers and Wives and harm Children who live in a world where only money and corrupt power is valued and LOVE, TRUST and KINDNESS are not allowed in that world? 
Are these the values YOU WANT to perpetuate for future generations or do you want future Children to be able to be happy which entails learning how to love and trust others and receive love and trust in return not Abuse.

Boys, do you think you have a RIGHT to treat a woman this way when she disagrees with you; even disagreeing to go along with a fraudulent student loan fraud scheme or other illegal and immoral acts?

To my favorite girl in the whole wide world, do you want to be a vehicle for men to treat women this way or do you want to promote Motherhood as we discussed many times involving the importance of teaching children valuable lessons of love and honesty as your box I am saving for you shows?

The SILVER LINING to the Parental Alienation which your father has created and others have gone along with so they too can PROFIT from our divorce, is that all of us are FORCED to SHOW what we STAND FOR.

This is a wonderful OPPORTUNITY!!! Be very grateful we were given this opportunity and make the most of it!!!

Specifically to MY CHILDREN: In the coming months, your actions will be scrutinized and you will have to defend why you have and continue to alienate me, your loving Mother from your life. 
This is a wonderful opportunity to show YOURSELF and the 
WORLD what YOU stand for and the values YOU represent.

Each one of you is a very bright capable individual but, the question is; are you honest and believe in LOVE and EQUAL RIGHTS for ALL or do you support CORRUPTION, and think you are ENTITLED to abuse others including your OWN loving Mother and you have a RIGHT to steal her property, savings and retirement?
As Judge Sfekas and my Grandfather Ben taught me along with many of my lifetime experiences; the law is objective and truth, love and God will always prevail.
Please remember; I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become-Carl Jung
Love always,

As always, none of this is legal advice or any other advice it is just based on my vast knowledge and experiences in life I have been very grateful for receiving.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions; Founder;

Rabbi David Wolpe- Please stop posting comments to my page using different aliases. You are a disgrace and your time would be better spent helping MILLIONS of loving mothers and their Children of all ages whose relationships you, your father also a rabbi, Sinai Temple your employer and many other Jewish organizations have INTENTIONALLY destroyed so you can PROFIT from divorce by using agreements to steal the Mother’s property and destroy her companionship of her Children. You and your comments and your aliases are not welcome on my page because my page is for those who promote ENDING parental alienation; not perpetuating it as many facts show you and the organizations and people you associate with show you perpetuate so YOU CAN PROFIT at the EXPENSE of Loving Mothers and their Children. Try facing the truth and not hiding it so you can profit. Thank you.

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