To feel great just stand up for your rights. You should never be anyone’s puppet or slave

I feel so great and you can too. Just stand up for your rights which will bring you self-esteem since you know what you are doing is right and what freedom stands for. This is also what capitalism is based upon; freedom for all.

Believe in YOURSELF, IF and only IF you are reasonable, honest and kind.
Also, this is love; love for yourself for standing up for your rights and love for others who don’t have the knowledge, strength or maturity to stand up for their own rights. You are helping them too.

Expect those who are liars, cheaters and abusers to try to intimidate you but know they are cowards and and are afraid of the Truth so they will bully and harass others to try to intimidate them. But, they don’t understand love or self-esteem and many other important emotions so they will come up short handed and short sighted. So, keep exposing the truth in your community as I do and don’t pay attention to the liars and their corrupt ways. Stay focused on bringing forth the truth.

Just believe in Yourself and the wonderful changes you can create for yourself and others in your situation. Also, you will learn many important lessons and grow in many positive ways. This will make you feel great as I do.

***You don’t have to be your father’s puppet or anyone’s puppet. You have your own free will and can CHOOSE what you want to do and the values YOU have. Only you can make these choices…will you be a slave or puppet or will you have freedom by using your freewill.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; just based on my experiences and CHOICES which have made me feel great.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions; Founder; www.PAlienation .org.

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