To Help Yourself Relax and Figure Things Out, Do Positive and Worthwhile Things

When you do positive and worthwhile things you enjoy it helps you to relax and figure things out.
Even focusing on your job or an important assignment can give you new perspectives and challenges so you see things differently, regardless of your age.

As long as you are open minded and willing to learn new positive things with those who are REASONABLE, RESPECTFUL and COLLABORATE, not with those who try to control others or insist that their way is the only way; you will learn and grow in many positive ways.

People can teach you what NOT to do as well as what TO do.

***You know SLAVERY is illegal and if you have been sold into slavery or forced labor; contact your loving Mother (Father) and do NOT be afraid even though they try to make you feel afraid. Unfortunately this is reality today and has become a terrible problem.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste so don’t let anyone ever tell you that you must “obey” them.
You have FREE WILL and a right to choose what YOU want to think and do providing you are not harming anyone.

***You will never please everyone so expect others to disagree; that is their prerogative so just keep doing what YOU know is moral, just and reasonable and you enjoy.

It is your life.

It is fun learning and doing many wonderful things and being resourceful too. Then you will see how much you have grown and be proud of yourself.

***Also, don’t worry and instead focus your mind and change what you are worried about. If it is not in your control to change then just be reasonable and avoid what you are worried about.

But if it is in your control to change, then by all means, change what concerns you.

Do not ignore harmful things THAT ARE IN YOUR CONTROL TO CHANGE. For example,you can get a new job or a new place to live instead of enduring abuse.

Ignoring abuse is unreasonable and harmful to you. So FACE this challenge and change your situation quickly.

Do not wait either because as each day goes by, you are harmed more and more.

Stop CHOOSING to allow yourself to be abused, harmed and manipulated.

Facing our challenges can make us nervous but; that is a good nervous feeling and will turn into pride and strength too when you see how much you have accomplished.

Remember alienating parents and those who aid them have to resort to terror and corruption because they are sick, insecure cowards who are afraid they won’t succeed if they do things without cheating or manipulating. T

his has become their WAY OF LIFE.

***So just expect them to lie, cheat, abuse and manipulate; this is what they do.

When you are open minded great things happen.

I saw a woman where I work out who looked very toned and in great shape. I asked how she became so toned and she turned out to be an instructor. Well I took her class and it was great. It is a combination of cardio, with muscle toning and great music and great motivation. She is from Finland and her expressions and comments are very funny so the class is very entertaining too.

You never know what can happen if you are open minded. If anyone lives in LA and wants to try this great class, just let me know.

I just love Los Angeles with so many interesting people and activities.

So don’t hesitate; enjoy meeting great people and doing fun activities in your area so you grow in many positive ways and have fun too. In a year when you look back; you will be amazed at how much you have grown and all the positive accomplishments you have made.

So don’t hesitate.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;



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