To my Children and millions of others who have alienated your loving Mother (father) since the time of divorce

and unreasonably believe the lies and false stories and refuse to look at the FACTS…

Understand as Martin Luther King, Jr. and other well-respected advocates for equal rights have said:

When you remain SILENT and REFUSE to help those fighting for equal rights YOU yes, YOU are helping those who are destroying equal rights because you are ENABLING them to continue their evil ways. 
Stand up to them by helping your loving, honest alienated parent, IF YOU ARE KIND, COMPASSIONATE and ALSO BELIEVE IN EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL. YOUR CHOICES DEFINE YOUR DESTINY.

As Martin Luther King, Jr. also said: Our lives begin to END the day we become silent about things that matter. 
Thus, if YOU, yes YOU remain silent about the YOUR alienation of your loving, honest, Mother (father), that means YOU must NOT care about her. ***You are adults now and are responsible for your actions or if you refuse to act and remain silent.

Love, Mom

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my vast knowledge and experiences from facing my challenges with reason, love and truth and not succumbing to evil or their acts of cowardly intimidation and standing up for GOODNESS, KINDNESS AND EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL.

– By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;




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