To My Children and Others and my upcoming Criminal Lawsuit

To my Children and Other Children suffers of Parental Alienation whether;
• in denial, 
• have faced the clear, horrific facts that you have been intentionally deprived of a companionship and the love from your Mother (father) ,
• have faced the truth and want to escape from your alienating father(mother) but are afraid,
• or have escaped and been reunited with your loving, alienated parent. 

I have a criminal court hearing coming up on Thursday, August 27, 2015, in Orange County, the Harbor-Newport Court, case#14HM07681.

Please do not worry for many reasons.

First, you know I have been a law-abiding citizen my entire life as public records show.

Second, the District Attorney and my own Criminal Attorney who I hired have yet to tell me what I have done and show me evidence.

As I understand, keeping the reason for the criminal law suit and the evidence a secret is a violation of the law. A person who has been accused of a crime has a right to Due Process because there cannot be “trial by ambush.” 
In other words, a person must be aware of what they are being accused of with reasonable time to prepare a defense. Don’t you reasonably think I have a right to know what I have done that they say is a crime? I don’t even know which is ridiculous and the hearing is in a few days. Think this is DEMOCRACY and JUSTICE?

Think this criminal law firm I hired has breached their fiduciary duties and committed other causes of action like the other law firms who represented me for the divorce and for a post judgment support modification did? Think they are all SECRETLY profiting from the divorce at my expense and causing me harms?

Are they GREEDY AND EXPLOITING ME like the your father, other law firms, the judge, the religious organizations, the court-appointed therapist, Cate School, business executives and your father’s new wife as LASC case # BC580980 explains in great detail which a REASONABLE and OBJECTIVE person with a SOUND MIND can clearly understand?

Thus, this criminal court situation leads me to reasonably believe that like the prior criminal case the District Attorney filed against me in the same court which was DISMISSED due to FALSE AND MISLEADING ALLEGATIONS, again there will be false and misleading allegations. (The previous dismissed case was case ‪#‎11HM10952‬ with the 18 responsive emails. )

***We will see if those involved in the civil law suit will be using this criminal case to try to evade the law as an unlawful excuse. A court of law can’t use criminal allegations, especially false and misleading ones, to take away my legal rights to have:
1- a lawful divorce
2- support calculated lawfully
3- and custody and visitation.

This is what those who are involved in this criminal lawsuit are trying to do, I believe. ***They have to MAKE UP FALSE EVIDENCE, because I am a law-abiding person. Plus, why do they keep refusing to tell me what I have done? That is not reasonable. So do you think the judge will be objective and reasonable too?

Well, this should be an exciting week as I forge forward promoting truth and justice as many want to silence me so they can continue to PROFIT FROM DIVORCE with their GREED and UNLAWFUL EXPLOITATIONS.

So my Children, I want you to know I have given you a BEAUTIFUL GIFT of an outstanding legacy. I hope you realize this or one day soon will.

The legacy is to be strong and always defend your good character, values and right to freedom. That includes the right to think your OWN thoughts and do what YOU want to do, within the confines of the law.

***YOU OWN YOUR MIND and BODY, remember that. You are an INDIVIDUAL and have a RIGHT and I also believe an obligation to defend yourself against corrupt, collective groups which impinge upon your FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS. (like a right to have a lawful divorce, lawful spousal support and a companionship with your children and not cause parental alienation).

Also, as history has shown, Good ultimately overcomes Evil because Evil will destroy itself. 
I know you are learning many important lessons and I hope my website and posts are helpful since I have been alienated from you for over 7 years now without any rational basis or sound reasoning. Parental alienation is evil beyond words and unconscionable; so is making false and misleading allegations.
Love always,

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, just based upon my knowledge and experiences.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

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