TO MY CHILDREN, WHOM I LOVE DEARLY and MILLIONS worldwide also suffering from PARENTAL ALIENATION; the DR. PHIL SHOW; YOUR FATHER’S PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR CASE; MY UNJUST JAIL SENTENCE and other examples proving abuse and terror, but; a VERY PROMINENT JEWISH BUSINESSMAN with his love for JEWS and power WILL HOPEFULLY SUPPORT MY LOVING EFFORTS to End this Terror still being perpetuated as CORONAVIRUS DEATHS CLIMB and during PASSOVER which celebrates Love, Freedom, Family and Truth.

MY CHILDREN, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and will never stop using my strength to End this Terror because I KNOW, yes I know that none of you would ever CHOOSE to alienate me from your life; ESPECIALLY FOR TWELVE (12) YEARS NOW.

Specifically, TO MY SMART, KIND, COMPASSIONATE, BEAUTIFUL AND ATHLETIC DAUGHTER: I know you would have never WILLINGLY told me not to come to your high school graduation, which was right when the Parental Alienation began in our family. Not being there to see you graduate extremely devastated me particularly since my therapist and others couldn’t explain why you would reasonably want to exclude me. I was told that this was clearly another example of the Terror of Parental Alienation in our family which your father created and encourages.


I requested that our family appear on the DR PHIL SHOW to end the well-documented Parental Alienation and was SHOCKED when I heard you talk about your secret cutting problem.  I AM SO SORRY I didn’t notice your cutting problem but; PLEASE TELL ME why you think it also wasn’t noticed by your DOCTORS during your annual check-ups and during other appointments; by your TEACHERS and COACHES since you often wore short-sleeved shirts and bathing suits in southern California and were also on swim teams; also not noticed by your FATHER; by your BROTHERS; and by your FRIENDS?

WHY DIDN’T ANY OF US NOTICE this terrible cutting problem you had?

Also, My Daughter; WHY DID YOU REFUSE the free therapy DR PHIL so graciously offered so this terrible problem you said I caused could be resolved?

Now as an adult who is nearing thirty (30) years of age; WHY HAVEN’T YOU SOUGHT THERAPY AND OTHER PROFESSIONAL HELP to resolve this horrible cutting problem which you said I caused?

PLEASE TELL ME: What did I do that was so terrible to cause you to secretly cut yourself? YOUR FATHER’S DOCUMENT in the divorce file shows he swore that I was “an integral part of the positive upbringing of our three children?”

****** MY SMART, KIND, COMPASSIONATE, BEAUTIFUL AND ATHLETIC DAUGHTER, none of us are perfect and PLEASE if I did something that hurt you; PLEASE let’s discuss it, learn from it and MOVE FORWARD AS ADULT WOMEN NOW including using these lessons to help others which is what I hoped the therapy DR PHIL graciously offered would accomplish. However; you refused to attend this free therapy. Why? PLEASE TELL ME. I am truly sorry if I hurt you in any way which caused you to “cut yourself.” It was and still is not MY INTENTION to ever hurt you.

           *****Why not NOW discuss this cutting problem, the parental alienation and any other issues instead of CHOOSING to keep the well-documented parental alienation going?

DON’T WORRY MY DAUGHTER: If you have forgotten our wonderful times together or BLOCKED OUT THESE MEMORIES which can happen in Parental Alienation situations; I have years of photos, cards, notes, school reports and awards showing your happy disposition, your kindness, compassion, responsible and beautiful character which I can show you. It will be fun too.

TO ALL OF MY THREE CHILDREN, as adults now do you realize that COURT RECORDS prove your father and I had a SHARED CUSTODY AGREEMENT which by the way, I can send you?

Your father surprisingly wanted a divorce after twenty (20) years of marriage and refused to engage in any divorce therapy and ALSO refused to see my therapist. (Money was not the issue because these sessions were covered by our insurance).

Your father told me he wanted a divorce because I refused to “obey him” and ILLEGALLY take out STUDENT LOANS so he could have FAST CASH at LOW interest rates WHEN I KNEW we had college accounts set up for years to pay for your college education. These college fund accounts were part of our MARITAL FINANCIAL PLAN which is commonly done by parents who can afford to do this.

Subsequently, many court documents from our divorce show that ALL OF YOU, MY CHILDREN took out at least twenty (27) student loans.

Why did you do this since the joint tax returns of mine and your father’s from just the last six (6) years of our marriage show on line 22 for EARNED income only that there was over $2.5 MILLION DOLLARS EARNED; (not including any passive investment income, trust income, corporate and partnership income, capital gains, pensions, profit sharing, dividends, delayed tax refunds and other income sources) AND that we had VERY FEW DEBTS AND no one was paying any of our expenses AND we never declared bankruptcy AND these tax returns were even during the 2008 recession. Thus, student loans were not needed.

Again there was over $2.5 million dollars in earned income only; WITH few debts; no one was paying our expenses; we never declared bankruptcy AND this was during the years which included the 2008 recession!!!

You don’t need have the financial education and experiences of your father who has years of experience as a Chief Financial Officer who graduated from Harvard business school and also has a Certified Public Accountant license in order to understand that it was UNNECESSARY to request student loans.

In addition, what happened to the $1.5 MILLION DOLLARS your FATHER RECEIVED WHILE THE DIVORCE PROCEEDINGS WERE GOING ON which is all part of the court records?


Your father received $1.5 MILLION DOLLARS on behalf of the community estate because he was the spouse who reasonably managed our finances due to his Harvard business school education, Certified Public Accountant license and his experience as a Chief Financial Officer which began around the time we were married. TOGETHER we built our community estate as a husband and wife for twenty years and I TRUSTED HIM as a wife should be able to do.

My education and experiences were focused more in law and in raising all of you with a lot of love and care than on our financial matters. I also don’t have your father’s extensive and sophisticated financial knowledge and expertise so he was the spouse who reasonably managed our marital finances.

I still do not know what happened to our Federal defined contribution 401K profit sharing plan with the health savings account attached; our LLCs (Limited Liability Corporations); our Annuities; our Trust Assets and other Assets which are on tax returns and many other legal and even notarized documents?

I can email you a copy of our SHARED PARENTING AGREEMENT and ANY OF THESE OTHER DOCUMENTS you want so you can PLEASE START SEEING THE TRUTH and STOP BELIEVING THE LIES you have apparently been told.

*****Like I said; I KNOW none of you would WILLINGLY alienate me from your life and treat me like I am dead especially for twelve years now.

SO MY BEAUTIFUL, SMART, LOVING, COMPASSIONATE, ATHLETIC and RESPONSIBLE DAUGHTER; WOULD YOU PLEASE JUST SEND ME AN EMAIL EXPLAINING to me either:  1) Why you STILL refuse to want to communicate and renew our once beautiful companionship now that you are an ADULT WOMAN or BETTER YET;   

2) That you have RECONSIDERED and NOW willingly and honestly want to START communicating with me here in Israel. Here is my email and I can send you my phone number too.

MY DAUGHTER, don’t you agree that EXPLAINING your feelings and actions regarding the cutting problem and the very well-documented Parental Alienation going on for twelve years now is the reasonable, compassionate, respectful and responsible thing to do? Not only will this help both of us; it will help others Worldwide understand this Epidemic Terror of Parental Alienation.

Now, TO MY SMART, KIND, COMPASSIONATE, HANDSOME AND ATHLETIC YOUNGEST SON:  I know you ALSO would have never WILLINGLY told me not to come to your high school graduation, which was the year after your sister’s graduation.

Unfortunately, I still didn’t have the strength and health to come anyway; knowing I would be rudely treated and verbally abused by you, your sister and brother in the company of your father and his mistress as I had been before which caused my seizures. Requesting me to not be present at your high school graduation terribly devastated me again and again my therapist and in addition the court-appointed therapist, rabbis and others couldn’t explain why you would reasonably want to exclude me. I was told this was clearly another example of the Terror of Parental Alienation in our family created and encouraged by your father.

Also, why didn’t YOU come with YOUR SISTER on the DR PHIL SHOW to tell the TRUTH?

Like I said to your sister, DON’T WORRY: If you have forgotten our wonderful times together or BLOCKED OUT THESE MEMORIES which can happen in Parental Alienation situations; I can show you years of photos, cards, notes, school reports and awards showing your happy disposition, your kindness, compassion, responsible and outstanding character and enriching companionship we shared up until the time your father requested a divorce in 2008 and the well-documented Parental Alienation began.

SO MY SMART, LOVING, RESPONSIBLE, HANDSOME AND ATHLETIC YOUNGEST SON; as I requested of your sister, WOULD YOU PLEASE JUST SEND ME AN EMAIL EXPLAINING to me either:  1) Why you STILL refuse to want to communicate and renew our once beautiful companionship now that you are an ADULT MAN or BETTER YET;

2) That you have RECONSIDERED and NOW willingly and honestly want to START communicating with me here in Israel. Here is my email and I can send you my phone number too.

Now, TO MY ELDEST SON, I know you would have never refused to see me when you came home from your first year of college if you too weren’t brainwashed, threatened and abused.

Also, why didn’t YOU too come with YOUR SISTER on the DR PHIL SHOW to tell the TRUTH and ENCOURAGE YOUR YOUNGER BROTHER to join you?


I also know you would have never CO-SIGNED ON SOME DOCUMENTS to cover some of the fraudulent and criminal acts and I believe you are aware that your father STILL TODAY orchestrates the HACKING of my computer and phone and even pays “spies” to track me.  But, DON’T WORRY because you can redeem yourself.


JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS whom I clerked for, for many years and you met many times, even attending some of his celebrations; allowed people to REDEEM THEMSELVES. He encouraged people to CHOOSE to change the course of their life and live with Peace, Love, Happiness and Freedom by becoming STRONG, PROUD AND MORAL because they helped PROMOTE JUSTICE for ALL as he did and ALSO set the example for others to follow.

Although I am not a judge; I am very GRATEFUL that I was CHOSEN to be mentored by JUDGE SFEKAS and also by my wise and compassionate GRANDFATHER BEN who taught me that if you give up your values of Love, Truth, Peace and Happiness you will never live with Freedom and never be Happy and able to Love either.

I believe these extremely important lessons taught by these two very wise and compassionate men along with the lives they lived EXEMPLIFYING THESE LESSONS have been playing out over the past twelve years during our family’s very well-documented Parental Alienation. Do you?

About six (6) years ago when I could not find your contact information and could afford to hire a private investigator who found your contact information, when I called you; each one of you hung up on me. Why did you do this?

To make matters worse, THIS PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR WAS SUED BY YOUR FATHER FOR SOME MADE-UP REASON and THE CASE WAS EVENTUALLY DISMISSED. However, your father’s lies and fraudulent case caused this honest and hard-working private investigator unnecessary aggravation as I am sure you can understand.

WHY DOES YOUR FATHER WANT TO KEEP US ALIENATED FROM EACH OTHER? Are you hiding information for him? Does your father want to “punish me” for refusing to obey him because I refused to violate the law by taking out unnecessary student loans so he could have “fast, low interest cash?”

***As many therapists, doctors and other professionals have proven and reasonable people understand; A PERSON WHO CREATES AND/OR ENCOURAGES PARENTAL ALIENATION, especially a father (or mother) DOES NOT LOVE THE CHILDREN.

In accordance with these lessons especially those I was taught by my wise and compassionate GRANDFATHER BEN and wise and compassionate JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS; I want to make sure you are AWARE that I WAS SENT TO JAIL for fourteen (14) days. YES JAIL.

I PROUDLY tried to reunite with each one of you by PEACEFULLY sending an email to your father requesting that he give me your contact information so we can start communicating SINCE he was ILLEGALLY given full custody and denied me of my legal right to visitation too. (There have never been any tests or other evidence proving that I was anything but a loving, honest, law-abiding Mother who as your father swore was an “integral part of your positive upbringing”).

This email was sent two (2) years ago around PASSOVER in hopes that we could reunite and then celebrate THE JEWISH HIGH HOLIDAYS TOGETHER in the fall. Your father took my email to the same judge who signed the fraudulent divorce judgment whom I could not get removed from hearing my legal matters.

  At the email hearing I was told that there was some restraining order which prohibited me from peacefully emailing your father TO REASONABLY TRY TO REUNITE WITH MY CHILDREN, EACH ONE OF YOU. Why would there be such a restraining order which PROHIBITS FAMILY, LOVE AND PEACE? Even more corrupt and immoral, as an extremely unjust punishment this judge sent me to JAIL FOR FOURTEEN (14) DAYS.  This is not a joke; this ABUSE and TERROR is in California Superior Court of Orange County public court files in the case entitled Sara Hassman v. Mark F. Hassman et. al. case #09D002792.

Disgracefully beyond words; I was suddenly and in shock handcuffed in court and hauled off to jail for fourteen days.

MY CHILDREN, I guess your father, this judge and many others probably thought I would just die there which would end my efforts to End this Worldwide Epidemic of Terror called Parental Alienation which they are promoting and profiting from.

Well, I was made much stronger as GOD undeniably walks by my side, otherwise; I probably would have died in jail from all this TERROR.

WHILE IN JAIL one of the inmates asked me a very interesting question which I still cannot answer but; I hope you MY CHILDREN will now help me answer it. This is what she asked me:


She and other inmates also told me that I MUST REALLY LOVE MY CHILDREN TO HAVE DONE ALL THAT I HAVE DONE.

As JUDGE SFEKAS used to say; “Let the facts speak for themselves,” and they clearly are. PLEASE MY CHILDREN, LOOK AT THEM and DON’T IGNORE THEM. Then I KNOW you will PROUDLY end this horrible well-documented Parental Alienation because I KNOW each one of you have beautiful, honest values and character since I raised you as your loving, honest, law-abiding, responsible Mother.

NOW on a lighter note, every time I go to Jerusalem I usually say a few prayers in JERUSALEM’S JEWISH QUARTER. I can’t help but notice the large, beautiful plaque which says that this Jewish Quarter was made possible by the generous donation of MARTIN and THALIA RESNICK of BALTIMORE, MARYLAND.

It thrills me to see this plaque because I went to school with their son who arranged for our senior prom to be held at one of their company’s beautiful catering facilities.

I then emailed their son as a fellow Jew and old classmate. I asked him if he and his parents would be interested in helping me End this Epidemic problem of Terror called Parental Alienation in America, Israel and Worldwide in the Jewish communities since obviously they feel strongly about the Jewish commandments and the Jewish way of life which PROHIBITS the Terror of Parental Alienation.

Here my email sent the other night during Passover in which I refer to the response I so far received in pertinent part:

Shalom from my new home in Israel and during this unbelievable holiday season,

Your colleague was so kind to inform me that Marty Resnick’s son, whom I went to High School with and organized our senior prom at Martin’s West, is no longer working at the company. As your colleague requested; I have stopped sending emails to him regarding my efforts to end the epidemic problem of Terror in America, Israel and Worldwide.

I asked your colleague if Marty (and also maybe Thalia too), would be interested in helping me end this Terror especially since they have that beautiful plaque in Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter. Thus; I know  they must be very passionate about the well-being of honest, loving Jewish Mothers like me; our Jewish Children; and Jewish Communities Worldwide suffering from this Terror.

Further, your colleague said that Marty’s son is now working for ACME PAPER AND SUPPLY COMPANY. That company is owned by the ATTMAN FAMILY whom I also know. I went to summer camp with the daughter of one of the owners for many years and remember she married a very religious man. MAYBE THEY TOO would be interested in sending an email to help end this Epidemic problem of Terror throughout Jewish Communities around the World.

IN ADDITION, TO HELP COPE WITH THIS CORONAVIRUS PLAGUE; Mothers and their Children who have been alienated from each other since the time of divorce (for me it has been twelve (12) years), would benefit significantly by reuniting and having their loving and enriching companionship restored.

****All this involves is sending an email from the comfort of their home or office to: 1)  ANY religious leader or person and/or;  2) Directly to my ex-husband Mark Hassman at: (He created and perpetuates this alienation for twelve years now).

PLEASE just help my Children by asking them their reasons for alienating me from their life for the past twelve (12) years when countless documents and other evidence prove I raised them with a lot of LOVE and helped them THRIVE in many positive ways.

The same can be done for others you know who are suffering from this TERROR, please.

THEN, these alienated Children along with the alienated Mother (and some Fathers too) and hopefully those who have been promoting this TERROR can JOIN TOGETHER to help end this TERROR throughout the WORLD.

The Jewish holiday of Passover which we are now celebrating honors Love, Freedom, Truth, Family, Equal Rights and Justice for ALL.

Here is a description of this Terror from one of my website and Facebook posts and another description is below my signature on this email. I have sent you this email because your colleague told me that you receive Marty Resnick’s emails on his behalf. PLEASE try to help me and millions of others suffering from this Terror. Here is a description of this Terror:

As one of the most popular books known to mankind called the Bible explains; Moses proved to the world that CHILDREN and their MOTHER (or Father):


2) Which must be PROTECTED BY THEIR BRETHREN through their ACKNOWLEDGMENT followed by their DILIGENT EFFORTS to put an end to lies, abuse, theft and other acts of TERROR brought against them including Parental Alienation;

3) Because BRETHREN and others KNOW such behavior is FORBIDDEN in Judaism, Christianity and all other reasonable religions which COMMAND that Mothers and their Children be PROTECTED from TERROR; not used to PROFIT thereby WILLFULLY BRINGING TERROR UPON THEM or SILENTLY STANDING BY watching this TERROR destroy their LOVING COMPANIONSHIP.

4) In addition, Jewish teachings repeatedly warn Jews from practicing the ways of the Egyptians which they witnessed when they were Slaves in Egypt. In other words, JEWS MUST always help others, including Mothers and their Children, lead a life of FREEDOM AND LOVE not slavery, abuse and TERROR.

[Experts have proven and any reasonable person knows; Parental Alienation is a form of TERRORISM which is one reason HITLER separated loving Mothers and Fathers from their Children. Also, people are not born TERRORISTS; they CHOOSE to become one and so SADLY LIVE A LIFE VOID OF LOVE].

5) Accordingly, it is not only reasonable but also RIGHTEOUS and COMMANDED that: religious and other leaders and their followers and the organizations they control BEGIN NOW using their knowledge; experiences; power; and influence to HELP END the WORLDWIDE EPIDEMIC of TERROR called PARENTAL ALIENATION and STOP claiming that their actions promoting this TERROR are acceptable because they are considered “politics” and “business as usual” since this TERROR has disgracefully been going on for many generations.

6) Simply put; according to the teachings of Judaism, Christianity and all other reasonable religions; the World rests upon Truth, Justice and Love which will bring forth PEACE. Accordingly, a person is respected and considered RIGHTEOUS who BRINGS PEACE among people but is greatly respected if he/she establishes peace among Nations.


Judaism teaches that the greatest of heroes is the one who TURNS AN ENEMY INTO A FRIEND.

I am sure with Marty Resnick’s knowledge, special talents and experiences that he would be a great asset in helping to End this Epidemic Terror throughout Jewish Communities around the World.  I was thrilled to see that beautiful plaque in Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter.

Stay well and if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to email me here in Israel. I have also copied your colleague in on this email.

Very sincerely and thank you,


I am hopeful that my efforts will one day end this epidemic problem of TERROR called Parental Alienation especially as our world is quickly changing due to this Coronavirus Plague. It is going to be imperative to promote Truth, Love, Family, Equal Rights and Justice for ALL in order for Nations and Societies to survive and thrive.

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As always, none of this is legal advice, I am just sharing my experiences to help others as the voice of OUR REVOLUTION to End the epidemic problem of Parental Alienation in the United States, Israel and all over the World.

-by Sara Hassman, Founder,



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