To my estranged mother for Mother’s Day who I sued 30 years ago because I REFUSED TO GO ALONG WITH HER TAX EVASION SCHEME and WHY IT WAS BELIEVED SHE AND MY FATHER WERE PLANNING TO KILL ME. Yes, kill me.

My mother, father and sister with the help of their lawyer SECRETLY used my social security number and set up a fraudulent grantor trust.

*** I CHOSE to sue all of them in 1985 when I discovered this illegal TAX EVASION SCHEME because they refused to close it down and I was not going to her ALLOW them to IMPLICATE ME so I would have potential tax liability.
Any reasonable and moral person would not allow anyone to do this to them; ESPECIALLY THEIR MOTHER who is supposed to LOVE THEM and DO WHAT IS IN THEIR CHILD’S BEST INTEREST.

***A Mother should PROTECT her Children from abuse; not abuse them herself by using them so she can receive tax benefits while controlling them and telling them what they must do. 
If they disobey her; she will disown them like she has done with me for over 30 years now because I refused to be her SLAVE…I refused to sell to her my mind, heart and soul and allow her to take away my beautiful mind, values and character which HER FATHER, MY WISE and COMPASSIONATE GRANDFATHER BEN taught me that I must always defend.

Amazing, My Mother never learned this from her wise and compassionate father who tried to help others with his actions, not false words. My Grandfather Ben was a staunch advocate of ELIMINATING THE JIM CROW LAWS to help his black employees and future generations. My wonderful Grandfather Ben SHOWED ME the importance of Truth, Justice and Compassion.

So I now ask my Mother since Mother’s Day is tomorrow;
Are you still the Queen of Mean and Corruption (as the sealed lawsuit from 1985 shows and your behaviors too) or ARE YOU WILLING to change your ways to help me; my Children; future generations; and millions currently suffering from the form of abuse, terror and torture called Parental Alienation and also from Fraudulent Divorce Contracts?

As my case in the Court of Appeal shows, the tax evasion scheme to deceive me was not using fraudulent grantor trusts as you did since MY CASE AGAINST YOU HELPED CHANGE THOSE LAWS. 
***Mom, now the “popular” tax evasion scheme is coupled with SECRETLY and FRAUDULENTLY profiting by getting a divorce and involves synagogues, churches and other non-profit organizations and schools and their 501(c)(3) agreements; the use of Limited Liability Corporations; Federal 401K profit sharing plans; fraudulent loans, off shore accounts; imputing income to a mistress who pretends to be a spouse; delaying tax refunds which belong to the community estate; a student loan fraud scheme, a real estate scheme using limited liability corporations; and other illegal and immoral schemes.

As this relevant comment states which I received on my facebook page regarding my husband’s mistress who admitted that my Complaint is correct but that I will not obtain Justice due to Legal Technicalities: 
“No decent woman would help alienate a loving Mom’s child, help steal her assets and lie. There is a name for women like them.”

By the way the mistress MIKEL SANDERS-PERSKY and my husband MARK HASSMAN are committing MARRIAGE FRAUD since I am not legally divorced due to the fraudulent divorce contract but they are pretending to be married even though they know or should know this and have not tried to rectify my fraudulent divorce contract and their fraudulent marriage contract.

As the famous author, Holocaust survivor and activist Eli Wiesel advocated; being silent helps the perpetrators not those being abused, manipulated, tortured and terrorized.

So, Mom, why thus far have you continued to remain silent?
***EVEN IF YOU HATE ME FOR OBTAINING JUSTICE BY CHANGING THE LAWS and EXPOSING THE TRUTH about you, my deceased father, my sister and your lawyer; DON’T YOU EVEN CARE about the wellbeing of society and making our world a better place for all? You claim to be a devote Jew and you know or should know Jews are COMMANDED to make our would a better place, not cause more abuse and corruption.

PHIL SEASTROM founder of the law firm SEASTROM & SEASTROM stated in his declaration signed “under the penalty of perjury” and filed with the court; that all my allegations in my complaint are “baseless” however; he has NOT PROVIDED ANY CONFLICTING EVIDENCE, personally or as the founder of his law firm showing why they are “baseless” as he stated.

As any reasonable person knows when an adversary’s allegations are described by a defendant as “baseless;” the defendant must defend his statement by showing WITH EVIDENCE why he believes they are “baseless” allegations and not the truth.
It is FRAUD UPON THE COURT and other fraudulent, misleading and unlawful behavior to make an allegation but not back it up with CREDIBLE EVIDENCE. 

         As just one example of this fraudulently behavior; PHIL SEASTROM knows the LEGALLY REQUIRED net worth (value) of my community estate and its disposal were never established as the divorce contract clearly shows on its face, which his law firm signed. Thus, he knows, as a lawyer and founder of a law firm that I CANNOT LEGALLY BE DIVORCED FROM HIS CLIENT until this information is completely and accurately disclosed AND shows the disposal was carried out by the law firms representing each spouse in ACCORDANCE with the law which is that each spouse receives 50 percent.

 (Please note, as my Complaint states; the law and also legal precedent shown by many cases is when assets and income are intentionally concealed, the spouse who was deprived of receiving them which is me, is legally entitled to receive 100 percent, not 50 percent; plus interest, damages and penalties from the time the fraudulent and invalid divorce contract was signed. This is to compensate the defrauded spouse and also to discourage such illegal and immoral behavior by others in the future.)

Thus, Mom what do you really think were PHIL SEASTROM’S true intentions in stating in his declaration signed “under the penalty of perjury” and filed with the court; that all my allegations in my complaint are “baseless” but INTENTIONALLY NOT PROVIDING ANY CONFLICTING EVIDENCE when he knows or should know from the face of the divorce contract that the LEGALLY REQUIRED FACTS WERE ILLEGALLY CONCEALED? Was PHIL SEASTROM trying to:
• DELAY JUSTICE in hopes that I will “go away” and not be able to continue fighting for my legal and constitutional rights with my lawsuit due to financial or emotional distress, terror and torture?

If that scenario were to occur; PHIL SEASTROM of SEASTROM & SEASTROM and all the other defendants would keep my community property and income worth millions which they have stolen from me UNLESS MY CHILDREN or others who have standing due to suffering from the same illegal acts would continue my lawsuit. 
To make matters worse for all the defendants, JUDGE ELIZABETH WHITE granted the defendants’ motions to receive attorney fees and other expenses FROM ME when she illegally without any legal or rational basis DISMISSED my lawsuit which is now in the Court of Appeal. 

Mom, my lawsuit is expected to end up in front of the US Supreme Court if I cannot receive a legal and valid divorce contract and receive compensation for being deprived of my legal and constitutional rights. This is what continuing to fight for Justice for All means since FUTURE GENERATIONS will be impacted by my lawsuit along with millions of us currently suffering from Parental Alienation and a Fraudulent Divorce Contract like they were with MY CASE AGAINST YOU. That case helped change the “kiddie trust” laws so what YOU DID to me can no longer be done to other children; their parents can no longer use them to commit tax evasion. (I live like a Jew, making our world a better place for all as my case against you shows.)

NOW sick, corrupt and immoral people have found another way of which I am again one of millions taken advantage of. Thus, being true to my values and character, I will again defend my values and character for myself and millions of others which AGAIN will make our world a better place for ALL as I continue to live like a Jew.

It is NOT my fault that I trusted my parents and my husband because they are SUPPOSED TO do what is in the best interest of their child and wife respectively. As my therapist told me and reasonable people know; a healthy marriage is based upon TRUST, not spouses having to go behind each others back and spy on them. ***Spouses SHARE the marital responsibilities and are TRUSTED to carry them out HONESTLY.

Mom, as the devote Jew you claim to be, will you help me fight this abuse, torture and terror going on in the Jewish Community and all over the country?

***MOM, do you remember when I found all those insurance policies in my name taken out by you and my father with a face value of less than $3,000? You took out so many policies for such a small amount because then you could do it SECRETLY because you did not need my consent due to the amount of the face value. 
MORRIS ABRAMOWITZ, the insurance agent from your orthodox synagogue BETH TFILOH issued these policies.

*** My lawyer and my husband MARK HASSMAN and I thought YOU WERE PLANNING TO KILL ME because I was refusing to go along with your tax evasion scheme…remember; we had that emergency meeting in court to put these facts on the record and then I cashed out all the policies?



4. WITHOUT ANY COMPENSATION or BEING HELD LEGALLY AND CRIMINALLY RESPONSIBLE? This is not Justice or acting like a Jew. This is promoting abuse, terror, torture and more corruption.

Mom, do you plan to continue to ignore all of these facts thereby showing you are still the QUEEN OF MEAN AND CORRUPTION. 
***If so which I expect; I am so glad I got away from you because who needs a Mother like you and also who needs relatives who support you and not ME?

Why not start changing by emailing 
and copy me in and ask them to start having sermons about Parental Alienation and start reuniting Children, Teens and Young Adults with their alienated Mother or Father. 
They can start with helping me and my Children begin communicating again. 
IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO START DOING WHAT IS MORAL AND JUST, as Judge Sfekas and others taught me.

On a lighter note Mom, remember we used to sit on the sofa and watch the Tom Jones show on television? You used to say when he threw his handkerchief into the audience and all the women would run after it, (like a baseball at the baseball games), who would want his sweaty handkerchief and we would laugh and I said “I would.”

Well he is coming to the Hollywood Bowl with Van Morrison and my friend and I got tickets. I am so excited and the Hollywood Bowl is a fabulous amphitheater. The show is not until October but if you don’t get your Hollywood Bowl tickets when they go on sale, they are usually hard to get.
Anyway, if Tom Jones, still throws his handkerchief or anything else, I plan to go for it. I am really looking forward to this concert and the entire evening. We will probably have dinner somewhere on Hollywood Boulevard, which is a fun place too and then walk to the Bowl. I just love living in Los Angeles and I have kind, honest and compassionate friends too.

Tom Jones along with Carlos Santana who I have also seen in concert at the Hollywood Bowl and George Benson who I would love to see in concert are all legendary artists who have aged gracefully AND are not afraid to share the stage with up in coming artists to help ENRICH AND PROMOTE their careers; NOT being afraid of competition or trying to control young talent so they, the older talent who know the ropes, remain the most popular artists. I have so much respect for them personally as well as professionally for their beautiful character.

This was also the beautiful character of JUDGE JAMES S. SFEKAS who was the beloved, wise, compassionate, honest, very fair and motivating Judge I had the privilege of clerking for, for many years. Many of his law clerks like me began as his intern while still in law school.

I credit many of my legal skills and knowledge to Judge Sfekas’ incredible training, not only legal book knowledge, but the inside workings of the legal and judicial system IN ADDITION TO HIS VIEW THAT HIS POSITION AS A JUDGE IS VERY SACRED. It is sacred because he was appointed to help God perform his work by making our world a better place for ALL.

JUDGE SFEKAS believed and also behaved showing that
• TO USE HIS POSITION along with 

***By the way, the HEBREW BIBLE also views Judges as agents of God who have a duty to help God make our world a better place for All. So, why aren’t Rabbis and other Jewish leaders and Organizations trying to help me begin communicating with my Children, reuniting with them and rectifying my fraudulent and invalid divorce contract? 
Have they CHOSEN not to follow the Hebrew Bible and instead have replaced it with their own bible or laws but still continue to call themselves Jews and Jewish leaders?

Who do they really think they are deceiving; other vulnerable Jews and people so they incriminate themselves more and more. THIS IS WHAT MY FACTS SHOW IS HAPPENING IN THE JEWISH COMMUNITY NATIONWIDE, AMONG THE ORTHODOX, CONSERVATIVE AND REFORM JEWS.

None of their Rabbis, Leaders or Organizations will even acknowledge my emails and other communications regarding the epidemic problems of Parental Alienation and Fraudulent Divorce Contracts INCLUDING YOU MY MOTHER thus far (and my Sister) who are active in your Orthodox synagogue in Baltimore, Maryland and tout yourselves as “religious and righteous” Jews.

Your Rabbi, RABBI MITCHELL WOHLBERG, was the Rabbi who married me BUT refuses to even acknowledge me now along with RABBI DAVID WOLPE, who had me banned from coming to SINAI TEMPLE without any legal or rational basis. NOT ONE Jewish leader or Jewish Organization will help me figure out why I was banned.
*** Was it to try to kill me with all this financial and emotional abuse, terror and torture?

Have all them taken out insurance policies on my life and PLAN TO KILL ME LIKE YOU DID?

I hope not but I am not intimidated because as MY LIFE SHOWS, truth and love will prevail and choose wisely because there is Guilt by Association and your choices define your destiny. I am thrilled with my choices, values and character as any reasonable, compassionate, and honest person would be.

Mom, I hope I hear from you because you are willing to help me fight this abuse, terror, torture and corruption in the Jewish Community Nationwide and in the entire United States. Then you will be the righteous, kind and honest Jew you currently portray yourself as being.

As always, none of this is legal or any other advice, it is based upon my knowledge and experiences.

-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

Parental Alienation Solutions This is a comment for my old friend GLENN WEINBERG:

Glenn I contacted you years ago and you did not want to help me.

Now you want to “connect with me on Linkedin.” Really now?

What are your TRUE intentions. You know how to contact me.

Are you worried about your “investments” in BETH TFILOH and also your Casino and your other million dollar investments?

Are you carrying out these fraudulent schemes too and harming loving, law-abiding Mothers like me and my Children? Don’t you remember the voicemail I left you several years ago when you refused to help me? I told you I do not want to have anything to do with you anymore. HAVE YOU CHANGED? Do you HONESTLY want to help me. What do you propose? Why do you care about my Linkedin connections? Do you want to defame me online? Are you working with RABBI DAVID WOLPE or some of the other defendants? Just tell me why you want to connect with me now. Thanks.

Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. It is affecting millions of children and families and involves:




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