To those who have taken responsibility to heal themselves; THANK YOU and I hope you are PROUD of YOURSELF!

Thank you everyone for sharing and all of your support. I hope this helps many TAKE RESPONSIBILITY to HEAL THEMSELVES as a REASONABLE and RESPONSIBLE adult should. No one else can heal you but YOU; you have to go through your emotions, the lies and manipulations and realize the truth and make reasonable changes to YOUR habits, routine and get away from those who are lying and deceiving you.
This is REASONABLE and I hope many are too. Remember, there is also GUILT BY ASSOCIATION so if those you associate with have done corrupt things, you could be liable too. So make reasonable changes now, don’t wait.

Also with regards to all of those who have stolen my community property worth millions, if you are a relative, don’t think you will not be held accountable. Justice applies to EVERYONE equally. When the laws apply to some and not others, this is corruption and also a dictatorship. I do not sanction this, nor should I, nor should a REASONABLE, HONEST, CARING person.

Also with regards to all of those who have destroyed and continue to destroy my beautiful companionship I enjoyed with my Children with LIES, SCHEMES and DECEPTION so you could more easily steal my property and money thinking I would never recover from my seizures and other emotional abuse and neither would they as you went along and continue to go along with my ex-husband MARK F. HASSMAN for a PROFIT and OTHER BENEFITS... I highly recommend you rectify what you have done and stop thinking your “prestigious” titles and positions many of you hold like a judge, rabbi, pastor, founder of a law firm, founder of an accounting firm, a corporate executive, a joint venture partner, a 401k profit sharing sponsor, a court appointed therapist who wrote a false report, Cate School who abused my son with the approval of many like my ex-husband, his current wife and a rabbi and many individuals too.

My parents, sister and their lawyer thought their money and prestigious titles and profitable business could protect them too when they used my social security number to set up a fraudulent grantor trust. They were so ashamed of what they did that part of the agreement was to seal the file but; my case was used to change the kiddie trust laws. They still are so sick and full of shame and have a need to control others and keep fighting; not enjoying life and having peace of mind.

Do many of you have cognitive dissonance where you only want to believe what YOU WANT and refuse to SEE the truth. If so, please seek help for this too so you can heal yourself and not destroy yourselves with shame for all you have done as many experts and classic authors explain happens.

Sincerely, Sara



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