Today as in the past, MANY ARTISTS SACRIFICE THEIR ART FOR POLITICS so they can continue writing, acting, singing, painting and composing even if their creativity is stifled because they wrongfully believe they must please the Government and the Establishment. They have agreed to keep creating art and being used as a tool to promote the Party line, even if immoral and corrupt and disguised as religion, education and being intellectual by State journalists, State critics and the bourgeois Establishment.

Thus, these artists have allowed themselves to manipulate the minds of society with the deceptions of the Government and the Establishment.

They have become figureheads of the corrupt and immoral State for the heavy price of INDIVIDUAL freedom and morality. Consequently they have become filled with grief, shame and fear, even if subconsciously.

They think they control humanity, and to some degree they have thus far but many are afraid or unwilling to stop. They enjoy the fame promised by the State and have become used to their slavery and other immoral benefits having developed an attitude of self-importance, vanity

Artists who refuse to use their art to make a POLITICAL STATEMENT as demanded by the Government and the Establishment, will sometimes find their art is repudiated by wealthy patrons, their licenses and club memberships rescinded and their reputations destroyed.

This is what happened to my favorite artist Claude Monet, who refused to keep painting as demanded and instead painted in his new style of “impressionism.” The same happened with another favorite artist of mine, Pablo Picasso. Many writers have had their books banned and composers have had their symphonies and opera banned and producers and choreographers have had their shows and dances banned.

Loyalty does not mean sacrificing one’s mind, heart and freedom so they have lost the essence of their character as these banned, truthful artists showed the world.

Also, there are always patrons who admired independence and true talent and those who refused to become a slave of the corrupt and immoral Government and Establishment.

For example, the Medici family of Italy became very powerful because they were the patrons to many artists who refused to be used to make a Political Statement with their art. Brunelleschi’s famous dome which seemed an impossible project, was financed by the Medici’s and brought both the artist and the family great success and fame for being truthful to themselves and the world of art.

However, at first, just like Monet, Brunelleschi and the Medici family were criticized for their new way of thinking and their new styles of art and expression.

In today’s world, artists need patrons to promote their art but unfortunately, as we are seeing in this Presidential election; the Press promotes the false and deceptive images the Government and the Establishment wants promoted; while leaving many important facts hidden from the public.

Eventually, as history shows, the Government and the Establishment will realize they can PROFIT from new forms of art due to society’s acceptance, not the bourgeois or the wealthy patrons acceptance; but because they are FORCED TO ACCEPT CHANGE.

For example, in 1873 Myra Bradwell, a law-abiding woman was not permitted by the US Supreme Court to attend law school and practice law because she was a woman. As we know, this belief has changed and many women have been allowed to attend law school and allowed to practice law, myself included.

However, now a law-abiding woman cannot receive a legal divorce contract and her legal rights to custody and visitation because the Government and the Establishment are deceiving society by using 501(c)(3) and other nonprofit agreements to steal her assets and judges, the court-appointed therapist, religious organizations, law firms and others in the Establishment refuse to acknowledge the false report by the court-appointed therapist which lacked tests of any kind and any credible evidence showing the Mother was anything but a loving, compassionate Mother who helped her Children thrive in many important ways. 
They also refuse to acknowledge the illegal and immoral use of nonprofit agreements to steal her assets whereby her divorce contract is fraudulent, invalid and legally unenforceable.

Artists, like Rabbis, Priests and Pastors who write and give sermons, also write articles and books and conduct other educational events, have become slaves of the Government and the Establishment because they are profiting from the illegal and immoral use of their nonprofit agreements.
They have CHOSEN, as adults, to sacrifice their morality and talent by ignoring the harm they are causing millions of Mothers and their Children with their immoral and illegal acts of Parental Alienation and their immoral and illegal use of nonprofit agreements.

Nonprofit agreements allow these religious organizations to receive State benefits while they carryout policies approved by the State to harm Mothers and their Children. To make matters worse, many in their congregations are also benefiting from the use of nonprofit agreements to hide their own money and other assets to evade taxes.

Thus, these immoral and corrupt artists have never developed any emotional maturity because IF THEY HAD LEARNED TO LOVE, they could NEVER alienate Mothers and their Children from each other using lies and schemes, so that they, their patrons and the corrupt Government and Establishment could all profit.

However, often these artists’ patrons, the Government and the Establishment discourage the artist from finding INDIVIDUAL LOVE because they view this as a distraction from their work which they are profiting from.

As the bestselling author Julian Barnes so poignantly wrote many confuse Love with Sex: 
“ The act of sex, young know-alls maintained, was just like drinking a glass of water: when you were thirsty, you drank, and when you felt desire, you had sex…But the analogy only took you so far. A glass of water did not engage the heart.”

Accordingly, those who terrorize and never learn to love realize the heady self-satisfaction of sex is quite different from ENTERING THE WORLD OF LOVE and most are afraid to even try. Thus, they continue to exist as sad, defeated, immoral slaves and robots; never using their freewill to obtain happiness, love and freedom.

***They have learned NOT to have a Moral Dilemma of working to aid a system that is the cause of so much unnecessary suffering by merely existing like a slave.

A true artist and an honest person wants FREEDOM to speak the truth, enforce the truth, live in a WORLD OF LOVE AND TRUTH where art, literature, scientific experiments are made as desired by the artist; not void of creativity and just made as demanded to please the Establishment. Thus, in this situation, the artist has SACRIFICED his or her talent and mind and become a robot and slave of the Government and the Establishment whereby their EXISTENCE has been lost.

Even Lenin said there must be integrity in art.

I am an artist in many ways and I continue to have integrity in all of my art as I fight for Equal Rights for Women and Children and Justice for All honest, moral, kind and compassionate people.

As always none of this is legal or any other advice; it is based upon my knowledge and experiences including facts about those in the Establishment.
-By Sara Hassman, Parental Alienation Solutions, Founder;

Parental Alienation is a form of abuse that destroys the sacred bond between a loving parent and their child at the time of a divorce. (Child includes teen and young adult children).




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